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Default Chapter 00 - Read this first =)

Hi Farmers
Welcome to Farm Town!

Since the beginning of Farm Town back in February 2009 the game has grown and expanded and changed over the years.

This Game Guide is a general guide from the very basics of starting to play Farm Town through to the more involved various features in the game and how those work.

It can help when things change and as the game evolves and also when space for information is limited within the game itself.

It can be useful to check how something works before you buy or participate in a feature that you have not tried yet.

It is regularly updated as we get the new releases!

The Game Guide is not intended to be anything but a textbook for farmers.

Thank you to all the moderators past and present for their huge help in translating this guide

Happy Farming to you all!

Farm Town was deactivated on Facebook as expected on Monday July 24th, 2023.
If you registered to play on the Slashkey Website you can play Farm Town there using this link

Click on this link to go to the announcement in the forum if you are not able to log into the Website yet or did not get registered in time:

At this time you will not be able to Create a New Account on the Website.

There is also a WEB Guide. The Web Guide will only show you what the current differences are. You will be redirected to this Game Guide when the information remains the same as it was in the Facebook game.

Both the Web Guide and Game Guide will take time to update, please bear with us while we try to get this done as soon as we can!

The Game Guide currently consists of over 34 Chapters spread across several pages.
To start at the beginning of the Game Guide you can click on this link Game Guide
OR click on the Game Guide green text showing at the top of this page.

For Quick Access to each Chapter in the Game Guide we are listing them in the next posts down with a short description.
Each Chapter Title is a link that you can click on to be taken to that specific Chapter.
Each Chapter can contain many posts and can spread across several pages.
When this is the case, at the top of each Chapter there is a Table of Contents list with links that you can click on to take you to a specific post within that Chapter which can be quicker when you're looking for something specific.

GAME GUIDE Index - Chapters 1 to 12
GAME GUIDE Index - Chapters 13 to 24
GAME GUIDE Index - Chapters 25 to 34


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Game Guide Index!!

Links to click on for Chapters 1 to 12 of the Game Guide!

Chapter 00 Game Guide Index is the Chapter you are currently viewing and contains a total of 4 posts.

Chapter 01 - Let's start AND How to Register for the new website!
  • CLICK HERE for How to Create a new Account
  • The basics after creating your account.
  • How to change my appearance?
  • How to change the name and sex of my avatar?

Chapter 02 Basics
This Chapter is the very basics of playing.
  • what coins are used for and how to earn them, what the lottery is for
  • visiting other peoples' farms and returning home
  • Changing the name of a farm, how to make it private
  • How to move around a farm, plant seeds, plow, harvest, chop and fish
  • what the toolbox is for
  • what the Games Activity Panel (yellow box beneath the game screen) is for
  • what is the Marketplace for, how to use the chat window on your own farms and at market
  • how to use the various search tools in game
  • How to use the Search Tools
  • What is the Eye for when you use a tool.
  • what are the red squares or blocks of red are when you show then hide items.
  • How to Use the Camera in your Toolbox to take picture of your farm.
  • Where are my Farm Pictures?
  • NEW post - What is Farm Stats?

Chapter 03 - Preference Bar
Top right of your game screen you will see a row of cions in small boxes. That is your preferences bar. This chapter tells you what those icons are for and what you can do with them.
  • turning sounds and or music on and off
  • how to show hide items by type like crops, trees, flowers, decorations etc
  • how to change the game bar at the bottom of your game screen for bigger tools or other icons in the toolbox, known as changing Shortcuts.

Chapter 04 - Trophies
Trophies are one of the very first features at the beginning of Farm Town. You will need to earn some of those to be able to do things like:
  • sell from your farm,
  • as a requirement for getting some of the farms,
  • buying ships that bring products when your level is also high enough.

New Chapter 05 - Neighbours and Buddies Farmer Lists
  • What are Neighbours and Buddies for?
  • How to use the Friends List:
  • How to use the Visitor Toolbox includes to send requests to become Neighbours or Buddies.
  • Requesting Neighbours or Buddies Using a received in game message.
  • How to use the Avatar Menu to Send a Neighbour or Buddy Request.
  • How to use the Neighbours Bar at the bottom of my game screen.
  • Tending your Neighbour Farms.

New Chapter 06 - Super Neighbours
  • What is a Super Neighbour?
  • What does a Super Neighbour earn, What do I earn?
  • Whose Tools and Fuel does a Super-Neighbour Use?
  • Permanently Hired for Design
  • Allow Management of Trains
  • Using the Super-Neighbour Manager

Chapter 07 - Blocking In Farm Town.
  • Ignore and Block
  • Report Abuse and Block!
  • How to Unblock a Farmer.
  • Banning

Chapter 08 - Harvesting
  • Basic harvesting, how long a crop takes to be ready, why some crops with be large and some not
  • where they go when you or someone else harvests them
  • how long until crops waste
  • how to sell crops if you're not going to use them in facilities.

Chapter 09 - Hiring
  • Can I hire someone to work my farms?
  • How do I get to the market place?
  • How do I hire someone to work on my farms?
  • What are the colors on the farm selector when I get hired?
  • What are the benefits of hiring somebody to work at your farm?
  • What do I receive for working on someones farm?
  • Can I hire someone to work my Factories or Service Facilities?
  • How do I hire someone to help decorate?
  • What is a Super Neighbor?
  • Returning to finish a job hire after a browser crash

Chapter 10
  • Buying/Selling/Trading
  • Buying and Selling between farmers
  • What is my buying limit?
  • What is the Trading Warehouse?
  • How do I use My Trading Warehouse?
  • Buying Regular/Primary Products in the Trading Warehouse
  • How do I access Someones Trading Warehouse?

Chapter 11 - Flowers
  • How do I water my flowers?
  • Do the flowers die if we do not water them?
  • How long does it take for a flower to become ... a flower?
  • Will I earn points XP for watering the flowers?
  • Why is it that I do not see the flowers on my farm?
  • I have a message that says "The flowers can be watered only once a day"?
  • How much does it cost me to water my flowers?
  • Can I harvest the flowers?
  • Can I water flowers for a "buddy" on my Buddy List?
  • Can we "freeze" flowers?
  • I find it difficult to plow and harvest the fields that are near the flowers. Why?

Chapter 12 - Animals
  • How do I add animals to my farm?
  • My animals are walking in my farm!
  • What are the options that appear when I click on an animal?
  • How do I sell an animal?
  • How do I take care of my animals?
  • Can I place the animals in buildings?
  • Can animals go in the appropriate building if it's on another farm?
  • Can my employees take care of my animals?
  • Animals at work?


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Game Guide Index!!

Links to click on for Chapters 13 to 24 of the Game Guide!

Chapter 13 - Facilities
  • What types of Facilities are there? - Includes the list of Non-Workable Facilities.
  • Includes information about the warning when there are more than one of the same Farm Cash Facilities on the same farm.
  • How do i find out what a Facility needs before I buy it?
  • Includes information on the Ingredient Planner also referred to as the IP
  • How do I use the facilities?
  • Can I produce more with two of the same facilities?
  • Can i produce more with large boxes of crops?
  • Which facilities have a switch view?
  • How do i Produce Faster or Refer Clients?
  • Facility Manager - Includes how to find Diversification information.
  • What is Show Facility Info?
  • My Super Facility - Description and Rules
  • My Super Facility - How to play
  • What are the Non-Workable Facilities?
  • Where do I find the Lists of Production (Regular) Facilities and Service Facilities?

Chapter 13.1 Production Facilities Regular Facilities

Chapter 13.2 List of Service Facilities Service Facilities

Chapter 14 Storage
  • What is Storage for and where is it?
  • Can I store everything in Item Storage?
  • How do I get Items in and out of Item Storage?
  • Item Storage Capacity and Filters
  • Harvests & Products Storage Capacity and Filters
  • Selling from Storage or Gift Box

Chapter 15 - Trees
  • What is the "Send as a gift" option in the tree section?
  • I've accidentally hidden a tree. How can I see it again?
  • When I plant a tree from storage, why is it not ready to harvest?
  • Why are some trees locked in the store?
  • What are the harvest times of the trees?

Chapter 16: Land upgrades
  • How do I expand my farm?
  • I can not find the real estate agency, where is it?
  • I can not buy the 24x24 upgrade, why?
  • How to buy my second farm?
  • I would like to reduce the size of my farm, is it possible?
  • Farm 3
  • How do I navigate farm to farm?
  • Incudes the Show Work Info Information
  • Can i rearrange my farm order?
  • Farms 4 to 44 Upgrades and Costs

Chapter 17 - The messaging system
  • What is the envelope in the game?
  • Why is there this function on my farm?
  • How do I keep messages?
  • Where are my sent messages?
  • How do I know if I have a new message? What is Read All?
  • How do I send messages?
  • What is the little green man and red icons at the bottom of messages?
  • Why some of my neighbours did not receiving my messages?
  • Can I write my messages in full screen mode?
  • I get messages asking me to forward information. What should I do?
  • How to Copy and Paste in chat and messages.

Chapter 18 - Bank and FarmCash
  • CLICK HERE for instructions how to buy Farm Cash on the Website and how to check your purchases.
  • What is FarmCash?
  • I have never purchased FarmCash, but I have it on my account. Why?
  • Do I have to buy FarmCash?
  • What is the difference between coins and FarmCash?
  • I bought an item in FC but when I sell the item I get coins, not FC. Is this normal?
  • How to get a refund if a problem arises?
  • How do I check my Farm Cash purchases in the game?

Chapter 19 - Fishing
  • How do I fish?
  • What kind of water do I need for fish?
  • What kinds of fish are there?
  • I need to know which fish lives where.
  • What can I do with the fish?
  • What is fish bait?

Chapter 20 - Fuel How to get Fuel, Make Fuel, Refuel.

Chapter 21 - Tools
  • What the red and black eye mean when you use a tool
  • Lists of all the tools and what they do

Chapter 22 - Harvesting animals

Chapter 23 - Missing items on the farm
  • My flowers are missing, how do I get them back?
  • My Facilities or Decorative Buildings are missing!
  • My trees are missing, where did they go?
  • My animals are gone!
  • I have missing crops!
  • I can't see a certain type of crop!
  • How to Search for a Missing Item
  • My Ground Covers are Missing!

Chapter 24 - Gifts/Gifting/Accepting/Exchanging/Storing
  • Can I send Farm Cash to a friend?
  • Can I send Farm Cash items to friends?
  • What are Wall Requests?
  • Old Method of Accepting/Exchanging Gifts


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Game Guide Index!!

Links to click on for Chapters 25 to 34 of the Game Guide!

Chapter 25 Levels and Unlocking
  • How many Levels are there and what are the Levels for?
  • How do I level up?
  • How do I publish my level change on my Facebook profile?
  • What Level do I unlock Seeds?
  • What Level do I unlock Trees?
  • What Level do I unlock Flowers?
  • What Level do I unlock Animals?
  • What Level do I unlock Ponds?
  • What Level do I unlock Trains?
  • What Level do I unlock Ships?
  • What Level or requirements do I unlock Tools?
  • What Level do I unlock Facilities?
  • How many XP (experience points) do I need to level up?

Chapter 26 - Seeds
  • How can I organise the Seed list?
  • I want to sell my Crops!
  • My Crops went to waste, what can I do?

Chapter 27 Ingredients of Farm Town
  1. What crops are used where?
  2. What trees are used where?
  3. What fish are used where?
  4. Where can we use the animal produce?
  5. Where can we use the flowers?
  6. Where can we use the products from the Semi-Trailer Truck?
  7. Where can i use the products i get from facilities?
  8. What products can be used in service facilities?
  9. What products aren't used in any facility?

Chapter 28 Quests
  • What are Regular Quests?
  • How do i start a quest?
  • How many quests am i allowed?
  • How do i complete the quest?
  • How much do i get for a quest?
  • How do i claim my prize?
  • What are the lifelines?
  • I did what it said, and there's no checkmark, what now?
  • Quest Farms -how to set a farm as a Quest Farm
    Includes information on the Private Farm Setting and Disable Super-Neighbour Setting.
  • What are Cooperative Quests?

Chapter 29 Freight Trains
  • What are the freight trains?
  • How do i use the trains?
  • What can i get from the trains?
  • How do i collect produce delivered by the trains?
  • What are the benefits of Boosting Trains?
  • Can i have more than 1 train or car?
  • How does the train help with facility work?
  • How do i get my train to go round a corner?
  • What is the Train Manager?

Chapter 30 Belt/Dan Bonuses
  • What are the Belt/Dan Bonuses?
  • What do I get for the Belt bonuses?
  • What do i get for the Dan bonuses?
  • How do I know what belts I have?
  • How often can I post and collect bonuses/ingredients?
  • If I'm getting a bonus, why does my facility still read 100%?
  • I clicked the checkbox so popups don't appear, how do i undo this?

Chapter 31 - Neighbourhood Chain Contest
  • What is the Neighborhood Chain Contest (NCC)?
  • How to Enable and disable the NCC

Chapter 32 - Ships
  • What are the Ships?
  • How do you Prepare a ship?
  • How do i change my ships itinerary?
  • How do I Dispatch my Ship?
  • How do i skip a Port?
  • How do i unload my Ship?
  • What is the Seaport Manager?
  • What do the Ship Containers bring?
  • How do i Opt out of doing the Ships?
  • Can the preparation times on containers be reduced?
  • How Rewards for sending a Ship on is Calculated

Chapter 33 - Facility Chains
  • What are the Facility Chains and Benefits?
  • Facility Chains Rules and how that weeks facilities are offered.
  • How do I Create a Facility Chain? - Add Chains Section
  • How to Check Chain Status and Delete Chains using the My Chains section
  • My Chains - How to Import/Export to Individual Chains
  • Where are my Stored Export Products?
  • Faster Importing/Exporting- Trade Products - This post also contains Information on Show Staging Areas, + Capacity, Check Products, Re-sell.
  • Facility Manager - How to show only the facilities that are part of a chain.

Chapter 34 - Farm Pass
  • What is Farm Pass? - description and level required.
  • How to Open Farm Pass - the basics
  • Animal Harvesting Goals - includes when to know when it's specific animal to harvest or when it can be any animal.
  • Gifts, Ingredients, Send Bonuses Goals - includes examples of the differences when it's sending or receiving them and what Ingredient Packs are.
  • Co-operative, regular Quest, NCC Goals - includes when to know when you need to help others with their Co-operative help notes.
  • Ships & Trains Goals - includes examples of the differences when you are working your own or helping others with theirs.
  • FARM WORK GOALS - There are 2 types of goals!!
  • Farm Work that can be completed on:
    your own farms, hired to work other farmers farms, working as a Super Neighbour
    or a combination of both.
  • Watering flowers with the watering can goals.
  • Facility Goals - includes examples of the differences between goals for making/loading products in your own facilities or when the goal requires you to work friends facilities.
  • Earn Farm Cash and Sending Farm Cash Rewards includes how the Send FC to your top Helpers works.
  • Instant Rewards - types of Instant rewards you could earn.
  • Privileges


If you are not able to find the information you need from the Game Guide
please click on the link below to be taken to the Help & Support section:
  1. Each Thread in that section has a Title.

  2. Look for a Title that is related to your question, click on the title and read the first post on page one and see if those help.

  3. If you still require further help after that you can post a reply at the bottom of that thread.

  4. Once you have posted there, please make sure that you go to the last page of that thread and refresh the browser page every now and then to see any replies to you. The forum is not like Live Chat so you must do that to see new posts in that thread and any replies to you

It's worth you learning how to find your posts on the forum. Posts will be moved into threads grouped by subject matter. For help with how to find your posts please click on this link Where's my post gone??!!

Suggestions for the game can be posted in the Suggestions section of the forum where the developers will see them.
Please do NOT reply to any other suggestions shown there.

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