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Old Dec 23 2020, 03:20 PM
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Default Game Migration Updates

Game Migration Updates: Latest update released on February 22nd, 8:25PM

En Español AQUI

Details about the migration prior to 26th January are in the following post:

Post Release Updates - January 26th, 11:40PM
  • Super Neighbour Hiring for farm work only, no design work yet
  • Set/Edit Super Neighbours menu option in neighbour bar
  • Super Neighbour Manager for selecting the crops your Super Neighbours can plant on each farm
  • Gifts Box Screen is now available, notice that currently the animals can only be stored in the animal buildings in the current farm.
  • Bugfix: Seeders dissapearing when used as shortcuts
  • Bugfix: Order by Online Status option in neighbour bar not working
  • Several Memory Optimizations: This should allow players to experience less out of memory errors or no memory errors at all, and more players to be able to play the game on low end devices.
  • New Compressed Graphics option in the preference screen: With this option enabled, farms use less memory and load up to 20% faster.

Post Release Updates - February 1st, 8:00PM
  • Activated the Super Neighbour hiring for design
  • Activated the 'Edit Farm Name' and other farm options screen when you click the Farm Name at the top
  • Added the visitor panel when visiting other users at the bottom left of the screen
  • Added the special tooltips for Manure Spreaders and Mobile Sprinklers in the Toolbox showing total manure available and how soon those tools can be used
  • Old valentine items. If we have time we will release a few new valentine items, but this is unlikely.

  • Bugfix: Gift box always shows the buttons inside an item rectangle even when there is only one item in the gift box
  • Bugfix: Multiplanters allowing to plant trees over the edge of the farm
  • Bugfix: Moving items to another place on the farm still showed the item name when mouse over the place it was before the move
  • Bugfix: When visiting other farmers, the Farm Name at the top didn't change to reflect the current farm name
  • Bugfix: Buldozer not working correctly on farms with trees planted over flowers, if the trees were hidden and you deleted flowers, the hidden trees were deleted as well.

Post Release Updates - February 10th, 7:00PM
  • Enabled work in single Regular and Service Facilities. You have to open each facility from your farm, click on them and select the 'Show Facility Details' option. We know that most players use the Facility Manager to interact with facilities but this option was necessary to implement the Facility Manager.
  • Enabled harvest of animals inside a single Animal Building, this is now working for all farms. You have to click the animal building in your farm and select the 'Harvest Animals' option. Once harvested, if you mouse over the animal building, the time to harvest info will be updated.
  • Enabled the Search Tool in the Toolbox
  • Added the 4 missing visibility options to the preference screen: Show Regular Facilities, Show Service Facilities, Show Animal Buildings and Show Ground Covers
  • When mouse over items, the yellow highlight was reinforced with a solid and thicker yellow line to make it more visible
  • Added FarmCash balance to the Store screen
  • Enabled the capability of visiting any players farm via a direct link in your browser address bar by adding ?farm_id=USER_ID&farm_ix=FARM_INDEX_NUMBER to the url

  • Bugfix: Incorrect highlight of fields when plowing and sowing, included layered farms
  • Bugfix: Visibility and slowness issues when loading empty farms and then showing all items at once
  • Bugfix: Missing red LOCKED messages in store for locked items, with extra explanation about what items needs to be bought first
  • Bugfix: Removed 'Buy' button in Store for gift cards
  • Bugfix: When deleting items, the confirmation message was showing the item picture in red color
  • Bugfix: In the 'Set as Super Neighbour' screen, there was not enough space to select farm 1 and 2 when hiring for design

Post Release Updates - February 19th, 5:30PM
  • Facility Manager is now enabled, including its Ingredient Planner
  • Posting Facilities is now enabled, so your neighbours can work on them
  • Buying facilities in the Store is now enabled
  • Bugfix: Random crashes when working on Single Facilities
  • Super Neighbour updates:
    a) Show purple dots for farmers that have you as a Super Neighbour
    b) Show purple dots after red dots when ordering by Super Neighbour
    c) When visiting a Super Neighbour, show a red dot on your own picture
    d) When visiting a Super Neighbour, show all farms in the farm selector in blue and turn them to green as you visit them
    e) Mobile Lookout Tower Tool is now enabled
  • Increased harvest storage capacity by 12%
  • Farm selector display improvements.

Post Release Updates - February 22nd, 8:25PM
  • Bugfix: Seeders not working when planting in Super Neighbour farms
  • Bugfix: When opening facilities from the Facility Manager, some of them had missing the blue buttons to start productions in a product
  • Bugfix: Facility Manager would not finish loading for users with large number of facilities

Moderator Additional Notes:
The developers have asked us to split all the most recent posts into several threads in order for them to be able to find particular issues by category easier, which will help them considerably.

Please bear with us as this does mean that your posts may no longer be where you originally posted.

If you're not familiar with how to find your posts on the forum and you want to find your post, then you will need to click on this link for the instructions. It's worth while you doing this as you will find it much easier not only now but in the future should you require help with the game:

QUICK LIST of what is currently available:

Any feature grayed out in your toolbox is not available to use yet.
For example the majority of the items in the 3 columns on the left of your tool box are grayed out, so things like Facility Chains, Super Facility, Quests, NCC, Train Manager, Seaport, Trading, Show Times, Farm Stats are not available for use yet.

Any tools that you own that are not grayed out in your toolbox. If it's grayed out it's either not available to use yet or may be sitting on on of your farms. If you're not sure if it should be grayed out or not and you own that tool, look in your Item storage to see if the tool is there. If it's there but not showing up for use in the toolbox then that tool hasn't been made available to use yet. If it's in your item storage but not showing in the toolbox search your farms to see if it's on a farm so that you can add it to your storage.

Tooltips for Manure Spreaders and Mobile Sprinklers information about manure stored, fertilization and irrigating now showing when you mouseover that tool in your Toolbox has now been added back.

Shortcuts for tools You can now edit your shortcuts for tools and change them to the tools that are currently available to use.

Fuel Usage temporarily suspended - The Fuel counter will still look like it's using fuel, but it will correct to the original amount again.

No avatars or animation in the game yet.
  • No avatars means you can't interact with another farmer to hire buy or sell yet.
  • No animated Items means you can't see animated animals or put them on your farms yet. Animated decor is showing up and you can place them on your farms, but those are not animated yet.
  • Gift animals that produce products: If you have no room in the animal buildings on your farm, you can not place them on the farm to see them so that you can send them to Item storage yet.

Neighbours and Buddies
  • You can visit their farms and water their flowers.
  • Neighbours profile pictures now show up NOT the avatar pictures yet.
  • When you mouseover the neighbours pictures their first name will now show. You can order the Neighbours bar.
  • Green dot to show which of your neighbours is online is added.

Super Neighbours:
  • SN farming work and designing is now possible, not train management.
  • You can now change your Super Neighbours and the permissions for farm and design work.
  • The Super Neighbour Manager is now enabled allowing you to change what crop to plant per farm.
  • The red dot to show who is your SN and also the Purple dot to show who has made you their SN are added.
  • When when ordering the neighbours bar by Super Neighbour, the red dots show first then the purple dots.
  • When visiting a Super Neighbour, show a red dot on your own picture
  • When visiting a Super Neighbour, show all farms in the farm selector in blue and turn them to green as you visit them
  • Mobile Lookout Tower Tool is now enabled so you can use the Show Work Info as a Super Neighbour. The coloured legend top left of Show Work Info is not yet activated to allow you to show work by specific type yet.

Visitor Panel when visiting another farmer : is working when visiting via the neighbours bar, buddy list, or via a message sent.

Harvest Storage Capacity ONLY Has been Increased capacity by 12%

Farm selector display improvements The grid is now a darker colour.

Markets/Inn Not available to use yet. If you need to sell what is in Storage, you open your Harvest and Products section of Storage, mouse over any item showing and Go To Market to Sell will appear. Click on it and then you will be able to sell. Not all the filters for storage are added yet. You can click on the Items tab and the Gifts tab in with this window open to sell what is showing in your Items storage and Gift box.

Gift box Do not accept any any gift animals that give you products unless you know you have room in your animal buildings for them as you won't be able to put them on a farm to see them or store them until those are added back to the game. You're only option at this time to remove them from the gift box would be to sell them.

Messaging System is working - not the Chat box at the bottom of the game.

Purple Freestyle Designer If you own this tool, you can use it on your own farms, your super neighbours can now use it on your farms.

Shortcuts You can now edit your shortcuts. Only the tools currently available to use will not be grayed out in the shortcut window.

NEW OPTION in your game Preferences called Compressed Graphics -
  • With this option enabled, (check mark added) farms use less memory and load up to 20% faster.
  • Those that have problems with slower loading or low on memory should leave the check mark added for this option.
  • Those without these issues can remove the check mark.

Farm Name: You can now change your Farm Name and the other options showing when clicking on the name of your farm, like, default, quest, private, disabling SN farming.

Facilities - Posting and working friends facilities is enabled.

Facility Manager - Available to use and it's Ingredient Planner.

Preferences - You can now show specific facilities by type again.
  • Show Regular Facilites
  • Show Service Facilites
  • Show Animal Buildings
  • NOTE: Show Coins and XP Animations is disabled.

Search Tool - is enabled

Farm Cash Balance - is now showing in the Store.

You can use a farm link to visit other farmers farms.

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Old Dec 23 2020, 03:34 PM
JNelson JNelson is offline
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clarify - does this mean we will be able to plant and harvest etc... but will not be able to fill/work facilities?

will bonuses be postable?

will we be able to fish?

will we be able to sell in the marketplace?
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Old Dec 23 2020, 03:37 PM
TerriFlynn TerriFlynn is offline
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Thank you for the update, Raul. Merry Christmas to you and your team! Stay safe and well.
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Old Dec 23 2020, 03:42 PM
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bruhelmboldt bruhelmboldt is offline
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Thanks for all your hard work. STAY SAFE and farm on.
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Old Dec 23 2020, 03:44 PM
redjade27 redjade27 is offline
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Thank you! Looking forward to seeing the new version.
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Old Dec 23 2020, 03:45 PM
Walkies Walkies is offline
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thanks for all your long hours of hard work, just so we can sit back and enjoy the game!! Wow!
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Old Dec 23 2020, 03:45 PM
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Originally Posted by JNelson View Post
clarify - does this mean we will be able to plant and harvest etc... but will not be able to fill/work facilities?

will bonuses be postable?

will we be able to fish?

will we be able to sell in the marketplace?
Hi JNelson

You will be able to harvest/plow/plant crops, harvest/chop trees, harvest flowers and fishing.

As Raul stated full facility functionality will come in a few weeks.
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Old Dec 23 2020, 04:06 PM
enelyaa enelyaa is offline
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Thanks for your efforts and hard work. These are Highly appreciated!
Stay safe and happy holidays!
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Old Dec 23 2020, 04:23 PM
Dan H Dan H is offline
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Thank you for the update, Raul.

It's not always an easy process migrating from one software to another, I know what you are going through. But, in time, all will be complete and back to normal. You and your team's dedication and hard work is very much appreciated.

Take time to spend with family and friends during this holiday season - Here's wishing you and the team a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Dan H
Farming since April 19, 2009
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Old Dec 23 2020, 04:27 PM
crich54 crich54 is offline
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Smile Update

thank you to all people working on keeping FT going and the updates to us long time players
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market place, neighbors, ships, trains

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