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Old May 25 2017, 06:06 PM
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A Mother's Love

Farm Link: http://apps.facebook.com/farmtown/pl...453&farm_ix=23

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Old May 26 2017, 09:17 PM
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Old May 29 2017, 02:21 PM
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Default mum playing sport


Here is my farm it the first farm

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Old May 30 2017, 04:56 PM
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Default Dedicated to Mothers


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Old May 31 2017, 02:56 AM
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Default Baby Alex and his flower child Mom

Farm 13 started accidentally. I was planting bushes and thought they formed an angel so I started playing around. This is a fully functional farm with crops made with flowers, bushes and a few decorations for areas I could not get the right effect like her belt. I have to keep her eyelashes chopped for it to look right.

As a child I knew a young mother and her baby Alex. She was a flower child and I wanted to be one as well but by the time I was old enough the hippy movement and flower children were gone.

Old May 31 2017, 06:00 PM
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Hi all

I am now closing our May contest for "Mother". Thank you all for sharing such amazing farms. Please be patient while we judge these entries, results will be posted as soon as we are able.

Good luck to all of you!!

Here is the link to our June competition:




Granjera desde el 29 de Julio 2009

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