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Old Aug 14 2017, 11:30 PM
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Default I skip after or 10 hrs

Originally Posted by ccheney View Post
I haven't gotten to all 30 ports either. I have to skip a lot too.I try to keep in mind that people have lives outside of the game. I try to load my neighbors ships as much as I can but like a lot of people I have a real job which takes precedence loading a fake ship. I can't be there all day loading neighbor's ships nor do I expect others to be there waiting for mine. I get on the game in the evening after work and I send out what ships are waiting for me then. I usually wait 24 hrs and if my ship hasn't been loaded I send it on.
I skip after 8 hrs or if the person is a close friend then 10 hrs. What I find most annoying is when people have a green cicrlce by their name which should mean they are on their farms and they do not send ships on. You choose people to send the ships to on original despatch from the green circles and then the ships aren't sent on.
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Old Aug 14 2017, 11:45 PM
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Join Date: Jul 13 2009
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Default You delete neighbours who don't send ships on.

Originally Posted by dorissau View Post
There needs to be a better system for filling the log for ships. I just launched a ship, but when I went to check the log before I dispatched it, I was astounded to see that it was almost totally filled with people I have skipped or replaced many, many times. I only could exchange five at the top and five at the bottom, but I have serious doubts that the middle ones will send my ship along. There should be some way that we could eliminate people from that roster or have a designated list of "favorites". Most of these non-ship people are otherwise good neighbors so it would not be a good move to unfriend them.
You delete neighbours who don't send ships on and leave them as friends. I have deleted many neighbours this way but of the 60 people doing ships there are only maybe around 10 people I know will send ships on [promptly. In the night when I get up to go to the toilet I always send ships on.
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