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Old Dec 17 2019, 08:05 PM
1wolfie1 1wolfie1 is offline
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here is what is difficult for mee......
I try very hard to manage my Belt Dans because all that is allow for Bonus Claims is 5 per period...

I cycled thru the newer Facilities and got those unchecked until I can bring them along in a manageable manner...

...but I have like 1500 Facilities, and I have no clue if any Bonus Products were added to older Facilities...

...what that means is I can't really use all my fancy Loaders that I paid big FarmTown Cash for if I want to manage the Bonuses sensibly...

...I know I know...the Developers are unwilling to provide any minimum guidance regarding the upgrades when they happen...

...makes it hard for us who try to take an intellectual approach to manage the limited resources we are able to put together...

...jes sayin...


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