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Old Jan 24 2018, 12:47 AM
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Default New Release -- January 23rd, 2018

See Known Issues, More Information and Post Release Updates at the end of this post. Last updates released on February 7th, 1:00AM.

Hi there,

We just released a new version of the game with the following new features: En Español AQUI

1. 8 Valentine items: 6 at the top of the Valentine category in the store and 2 at the bottom.

2. Next 5 expansions for Farm 35: See prices below:

24x24 - 25000000000 coins or 25 FarmCash
26x26 - 25500000000 coins or 25 FarmCash
28x28 - 26000000000 coins or 25 FarmCash
30x30 - 26500000000 coins or 25 FarmCash
32x32 - 27000000000 coins or 30 FarmCash

3. Production Increases: Ham - 25%, Hotdog Sausage - 20% and Sausage Pack - 20%.

4. Belts and Dans for the last 11 facilities: Lingerie Factory, Shelf and Cabinets Factory, Music Band Supplies Factory, Arcade Supplies Factory, Golf Supplies Factory, Lawn Games Supplies Factory, Midwest American Restaurant, Colombian Restaurant, Pharmacy Supplies Factory, Buddhist Supplies Factory and French Creperie.

5. Facility Chains Manager improvements:

a) 'Check Products' button in the Export window for each neighbour. This will show you which products will be exported to each neighbour and how many. Also, each product has an 'Export' button that will allow you to export only that product to your neighbour.

b) 'Check Storage' button at the top right of the Export window. This will show you all the (Export) products produced in that chain that you have in storage ready to export.

c) 'Check Products' button in the Import window for each neighbour. This will show you which products that neighbour has exported to you and that are currently stored in your staging areas ready to be imported to your storage.

d) 'Check Staging Areas' button at the top right of the Import window. This will show you the content of the staging area for each product used in that chain, including the staging area used space and free space.

6. Contemporary Pharmacy Store (FC): Provides Contemporary Pharmacy Services and can be stocked with all the products from the Pharmacy Supplies Factory, 4 products from the Personal Care Goods Factory and 2 new products from the Medical Supplies Factory.

New products from other facilities: Hot Water Bottle and Band-Aid in the Medical Supplies Factory.

7. Buddhist Supplies Factory (Coins): Produces Buddhist Supplies.

Sacred Om
Lotus Incense Burner
Prayer Beads
Buddha Head
Singing Bowl
Meditation Cushion
Prayer Flags
Zen Garden

8. French Creperie (FC): Produces Crepes and Galettes.

Crepes Suzette
Chestnut Puree Crepe
Nutella Royale Crepe
Caramelized Apple Crepe
Galette Complete
Vegetarian Galette
Chicken Galette
Smoked Salmon Galette

New products from other facilities: Salted Caramel in the Food Preserve Factory.

9. Buddha Shop: Provides Buddhist Supplies Retail Services and can be stocked with products from the Buddhist Supplies Factory and 1 new product from the Herbal Tea Factory.

New products from other facilities: The Calm Blend Herbal Tea in the Herbal Tea Factory.

Note: The Buddha Shop was an existing building available at level 713 that was converted into a service facility. In it's place we released the 'Narrow House' building decoration at level 713.

10. Taste of Ireland (FC): Provides Ireland Cultural Exchange and Food Tasting Services and can be stocked with products from the Irish Restaurant.

11. Taste of Australia (FC): Provides Australia Cultural Exchange and Food Tasting Services and can be stocked with products from the Australian Restaurant.



Post-Release Updates - January 24th, 7:30PM

- In the process of converting the old Buddha Shop into a service facility, all the old Buddha Shop decorations disappeared. We just released a fix that will show again those old Buddha Shop decorations, however, although they do look the same as the new one, they will not act as a facility, only as a decoration. In order to identify them better, when you mouse over the old Buddha Shop, instead of seeing the "Buddha Shop" text, you will see this text: "Item Error - Sell and Buy again".

In that later case, what you need to do is sell that building decoration and buy the new one which is located in the Facility category in the store. When you sell the old one you will get your 7,000,000 coins back.

Post-Release Updates - January 25th, 5:20AM

- Released Facility Chains Manager improvements b) and d), see above post for more details.

Post-Release Updates - January 25th, 4:30PM

BugFix: The 'Staging area free space' amount was incorrect in the 'Show Staging Area' screen.

Post-Release Updates - January 31st, 2:33PM

- Released old Valentine items and 8 new items, 6 at the top of the Valentine category in the store and 2 at the bottom.

- The Export button in the 2nd tab of the Facility Chains Manager can now be light blue. This means that you have products available in storage to Export to your neighbours and that your neighbours have the required chains to import those products, however none of your neighbours have enough room in their staging areas to import any more products. When the Export button turns green, it means that there is at least one neighbour with enough space in his staging area to import some of your products.

- When importing products, a Neighbour / Buddy / Friend / Non-Friend button will show up under the photo of the player that exported you those products, similar to what happens in the Ships or the NCC. If you see a player that you don't know or don't want to interact with him in the game you can click the button and you will navigate to that players farm, once there you can remove yourself from his neighbour list.

- Added the Facility Chain title to the screens where you Export and Import products so you have better context.

- BugFix: In the Export screen, the 'This neighbour can import' amount sometimes was higher than the 'Products ready to export' amount.

Post-Release Updates - February 1st, 5:15PM

- In the second tab of the Facility Chains Manager, next to the 'Export Products To' button, usually the picture of a facility is shown, however some factory chains can export products to multiple service chains, when this happens we will show a generic facility picture and when you mouse over it you will see a full list of service chains to which that factory chain can export products to. The same applies for service chains that can import products from multiple factory chains.

- There is a new checkbox in the confirmation message when you are about to export / import products so you can disable that message in the current session.

- Better feedback when you are importing products and not enough coins are available.

Post-Release Updates - February 1st, 9:00PM

- Sometimes the numbers in the Export screen did not match the numbers in the Check Products screen.

Post-Release Updates - February 7th, 1:00AM

- Bugfix: Messages like 'nothing to export/import' were showing up even when having products available to export/import.

- Bugfix: Products that could be exported to multiple service chains (ex: Farmerade) were sometimes not been exported correctly to each of those chains.

- In the past few days google finally fixed the mouse wheel when in full screen mode to zoom in or out your farm.

Known Problems:

- Game getting too slow or crashing when using the Show Work Info or Farm Stats functionality. However, after the February 7th, 1:00AM release we have not been able to reproduce this anymore. We also think that this issue was only happening to Windows 10 users. If you continue experiencing issues with the Show Work Info or Farm Stats please report it here along with the OS version you are using.

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