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Originally Posted by JNelson View Post
Q - will the overhead crane load and dispatch all ships in my port (i get over 150 of them a day) , and load and dispatch my own ship? or just the ships sitting in my port to send on
Hi JNelson,

You will have to wait for Raul to release any details on the New Release items.

What we know so far is the following:

They do not prepare the containers on your own ships for you, you still have to prepare them yourself and dispatch your own ships.

They enable a Load All button in the Seaport Manager to automatically load the products on the ships that showing in your port, at that time, with one click, and send them on their way. If you own all of the Overhead Cranes and have put them into storage you can send all ships on, that are in your port with one click of the Load All button and will have chances to load products yourself on your own ships that may get stuck at a port.

Each Overhead Crane works on a specific colour of ship and has a specified amount of self loads and a specified time you have to wait until you can self load.