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Originally Posted by bbarksda View Post
It is taking exceptionally long times to load farms (up to a minute). Any Ideas? I have a gig connection, so it isn't bandwidth. It has only started happening since the past 2 updates. Thanks for your help.
Originally Posted by bbarksda View Post
Getting many connection errors in the console when switching farms and working farms. Please help. Can't effectively play game. Thanks for your help.
Hi bbarksda,

When an error shows in the FT console please try to copy the error so we can see exactly which one it is.

I have been on your farms and had no difficulty staying connected.

If you are still getting problems now then it's likely there is a problem in one or more of the many link your computer needs to go through to get to the game. That you would have to wait for whoever owns the link to see the problem and fix it.

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