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Originally Posted by FarmersWife1965 View Post
Okay, this is an odd situation....all of my animals are in their respective buildings. For example, the cows are all in my dairy sheds, horses in the stables, etc....there were NO animals in my storage. I also convert all of the gifts my friends send me into tanks of fuel. So....why is it that when I went to my storage yesterday to look for a few pieces of fencing I had put there awhile back? I was SHOCKED to see there are a TON of animals in my storage! There were almost two thousand cows in my storage! I never put any of them there. Hmmm....are they breeding and having babies without my knowledge? LOL Seriously, are animals winding up in my storage when I have never put them there?
Hi FarmersWife1965,

If you have been boosting trains and your friends have the Long Cattle Car on their train, you will be getting some of those animals as a reward for accelerating the train.

If you have that car on your own trains you will be getting some that way as well.

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