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Old Sep 16 2015, 04:46 PM
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Default How do I post a picture for the Contest?

How do I post a picture for the Contest?

1. Go to your farm and open your yellow tool box, then click on the camera icon. Select "Farm" rather than "Window", to show the entire farm. Then choose Small size, never Medium or Large as they are too big for the forum. You can also select the Background, green or white. After that, just click in "Next". The picture is automatically sent to your Facebook photo album titled "Farm Town Photos".

2. To locate that album within your profile you go to your profile, click on "Photos" and then on "Albums". Look for the album called "Farm Town Photos" and click on it to open it. You then need to click on the photo you would like to submit into the contest to view the single image of it. Once you've done that, "Right-click" your mouse on the photo and choose:

.- For Google Chrome: "Copy image address"
.- For Firefox: “Copy image location”
.- For Internet Explorer: “Copy”
.- For Opera: “Copy image address”
.- For Safari: “Copy image address”

3. Come back to the Contest thread, select "Post Reply" and select the "Insert Image" icon at the top of your post, (yellow square with grayish mountains or hills on it). Right click on the box with the 'http' in it and select "paste". Click OK. If you would like to view how your picture will appear within your post select the "Preview post" option included in the bottom of your post. And finally, click "Submit Reply".

IMPORTANT: Please remember that your photo must be set to "Public".



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