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Old Sep 15 2019, 12:34 PM
ltlred1952@aol.com ltlred1952@aol.com is offline
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My idea doesn't have a thread and is for the trophy factory. GOLF TROPHY TO Golf pro shop/trophy shop. Baseball and Softball trophies to trophy shop. Billiard trophy to Billiard hall. Bowling trophy to bowling alley. Fishing trophy to fishing tackle shop.
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Old Sep 21 2019, 06:56 AM
harrywhitmore@comcast.net harrywhitmore@comcast.net is offline
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Suggestion ,if you are worried about space for facilities maybe you could use page 1 and page 2 , start a new column of 40 more farms ,i like that
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Old Sep 24 2019, 04:26 AM
FarmerWitch FarmerWitch is offline
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Please, please, please increase the amount of bait available, even trawling the free sites does not yield enough. I do realise that you perhaps never envisaged the huge amount of waters players would lay down to earn coins by farming fish, but it has happened and perhaps you could help us make this profitable for our coins
My suggestion is to add any or all the following

1. Increase the amount of bait that is created in the Fish Farming Plant by 1000%
2. New Fish Bait Ponds (that are laid like the ponds (freshwater bait) and seacoasts (seawater bait) that cultivate baits
3. A Bait Farm (a building or perhaps Tanks like the Fish Farming Plant) which makes two versions of each type of bait
3.1.1. The first type would be the same as the current bait, but production would be higher - filling it with coins would give 1500 units in 6 hours (the current rate in the Fish Farming Plant is 500 units in 6 hours)
3.1.2. The second type in the farm would mean feeding the baby fish with wasted crops made from a 6-hour crop to make a Liquid Fish Food. This would reduce the length of time that fish in the waters we already have would take to grow to full size
3.2.1. A worm farm with the same options as the that of the SEAWATER BAIT
3.3. This would need a new tool that sprays the Liquid Fish Food onto farms the same way the Manure spreader does for crops

Whilst there are many players that enjoy the new sideline Selling /Buying and Neighbourhood contest features you have added, there are also many of us who would like the game to go back to being the farming game it was and would love to see you develop the game in that area again. The above would assist the ‘old guard players’ to up their game of ploughing, planting, harvesting and filling their shops and factories

Many thanks
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Old Sep 26 2019, 05:02 AM
Palmarina Palmarina is offline
Join Date: Aug 15 2009
Location: Belgium
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Hi, please give us a new service facility to upload all the mead. They use good ingredients and they are in my storage taking place because I can't upload them in a service facility. Yes I know I can sell them. But I would like to upload them in a facility. Or maybe make a "Drinks Center" where we can upload all kind of drinks we make in our factories.
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Old Oct 01 2019, 03:25 PM
wolfman39531_2007 wolfman39531_2007 is offline
Join Date: Aug 30 2018
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i was pondering some ideas to add to the instant facilities category: powdered eggs, Tang, ovaltine, instant porridge i.e. farina (cream of wheat), oatmeal.

New items to farm; Chipotle, Gardenia, Zygo Cactus, Amaryllis, Mesquite.

New facilities: maybe a firepit, bbq grill, bbq utensils, and accessories to go with, using mesquite, pecan and hickory as wood chips for smoking.
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Old Oct 27 2019, 04:12 PM
KCJ KCJ is offline
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Location: California USA
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I would happily pay for a Super Fish farm, there are never enough baits even tho I have a fish farm on all 40 farms.
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Old Oct 29 2019, 10:01 AM
barbara nixon barbara nixon is offline
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when using the super facility ..to fill it would be nice to have a tab to fill it from there instead of going hunting for it on a farm..if there is a way to do it already i have not found it..
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Old Oct 30 2019, 01:19 PM
mattie van tonder mattie van tonder is offline
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New service facility needed or incorporate the mead into the Pool Bar or Beach Bar which already exist, otherwise we can just as well disable the Mead as it uses up great amounts of yeast and other ingredients and is useless as is. To sell it for coins - naw tell me another and perhaps I'll believe it, not even a consideration
Thank you

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Old Nov 05 2019, 01:44 AM
Palmarina Palmarina is offline
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Location: Belgium
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hi, re. the Seafood Restaurant, only 2 out of 8 items made in this restaurant can be uploaded in a service facility. They all use great ingredients. Please let us upload the other 6 too in a new or existing facility.
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Old Nov 07 2019, 08:55 AM
Santmyer Santmyer is offline
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Default Belts And Dans

It is way past time to release the belts and the dans for all the facilities that do not have them yet. Long overdue.

Farming Since July 25, 2009
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