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Default Facebook changes to newsfeed

Finding Farm Town Posts

Finding Farm Town Posts
For anyone struggling to find Farm Town posts, work requests etc from neighbours if you click on the My Request tab at the top of the game screen there is also a link to show Farm Town posts.

Blocked farm Town Posts
To check if Farm Town posts are blocked/hidden and to unblock them :-

On your Facebook wall , on the left side, hover the mouse pointer over 'News feed' click on the 3 dots to the right and select Edit preferences. Then look for "Apps hidden from News Feed". If you don't see it listed straight away, click the 3 threes dots next to See more options. If you see Farm Town listed, click the "Show" to the right.

You need to have posts from Farm Town 'Allowed on Timeline' for them to appear on your wall and timeline.

To check that farm Town is allowed on your time line, go to your profile/timeline and click on Activity log... Find one of your own posts from Farm Town and hover the mouse pointer over the icon to the right of the post. If it doesn't say 'Public' or "Friends" or " 'Allowed on timeline" then click on the icon to change the setting.

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Facebook changes November 2016 - Finding the Farm Town bookmark in the Left Pane of Facebook

Due to recent changes to Facebook, some of you may be having diffculty in finding Farm Town in the Left Pane of Facebook News Feed. You may no longer have it in "Favourites" or listed under "Shortcuts".

Facebook are now telling you to look for "Games" in the Left Pane (under the Explore heading). Click on that then, when the next window opens, up top click on "Your Games" (or it might show as "Your Apps").

Alternatively you can use the Play FarmTown button located at the top of the forum

OR use this link https://apps.facebook.com/farmtown/play.

Once you have loaded the game using any of the above steps mentioned, you can then bookmark the link in your browser and it won't matter what Facebook does with their bookmark, you will always be able to access it in your browser.
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