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Old Mar 15 2012, 11:17 AM
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Default How do i produce faster?

The "Produce Faster" button, which is located in the "What's pending" section of each facilities, allows your friends to help you produce quicker.
  • You click on the "Produce faster" button and you post a help status on the wall of your networking site to get your friends to get help. ***NOTE**** You only have to click produce faster once, not on all facilities.

  • When a friend clicks on the application (link or image) to go to your farm they can work in one of your facilities and it can help produce up to 20% faster.

  • You gain 3XP for each product that your friends work towards.
  • They mayor will compensate your friends with farm products as a way of saying thank you - These products do not come from your facilities or your storage so it's a free way of saying thanks!
  • Your friends gain 3XP for each product on which he/she works.
  • When a friend arrives at your farm through the link which you've published on your wall, they can work in any of your facilities.
  • Your friends can come to your farm to work in your facilities once a day. The exception to this rule is explained below.

Reworking Neighbors Facilities: This is to explain the time between working a friends facilities before you can rework that same friend's post again. To simplify the answer it was originally stated that you had to wait a day.

Notice that if you spend at least 8 straight hours in a day without playing farmtown (when you sleep, eat breakfast, etc, most people will fall in this category) then you will in fact be able to work your friends facilities at least once per day. If you want to work them say twice per day, you will have to work them all say in the morning, 9AM, and then do not work anymore facilities until after 5 PM, after that time you will be able to work them all again. The key point is that you will be able to work ALL your friends facilities after 8 hours has passed since the LAST facilities you worked. Basically what this is saying is that after you have worked a neighbours facility there must be a gap of 8 hours, where you do not work any facilities, before you can work the friends facility again.

There is a countdown timer that resets to 8hours each time you work facilities. You can see this timer in the Show Times (Clock), Gamewide section of the tool box. When you have a green check mark for Rework Facilites and Rework Service Facilties you can then, and only then, go rework the facilites you did prior to the 8hour gap.

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Old Mar 15 2012, 11:19 AM
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Default I don't want to send my facilities requests to everyone. How can I do this?

1. When you get the first pop-up that asks you "Do you want to ask your friends for help?" BEFORE you click the green check mark, remove the check mark from "Show on Farmtown Wall Request" that will prevent the request from showing on Wall requests wehre all your friends can see it. When you have done that, click the green check mark to bring up the posting box.

2. If you want to select certain friends to send the facility requests to, click on the audience selector to the left of the "Cancel" button. In this image it show it is set to "Public":

Once you have selected your friends or friends list, click on "Post to Facebook" and your post will only be seen by the friends you chose.

Please note: the "Post to Facebook" button changes every now and then you may have "Share" or "Submit" instead of "Post to Facebook"

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Old Mar 15 2012, 11:20 AM
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Default Facility Manager

The Facility Manager is a tool in your Yellow Toolbox to make it easier to navigate and manage your facilities.

At the top right of the Facility Manger you will see several icons. These help you with your facilites and how you wish to view them in the Facility Manager.

The Ingredient planner when you click on it will open a new window. From there you can see what you need to supply your facilities and what is missing according to the filters you choose. To set it for one full run select "15days" in the middle filter. You can change the various filters according to what you want to see.

The Search icon will let you search for a specific facilty and will place it in the viewing area. Use the arrows to scroll up or down if you have a few that meet your search criteria.

The Funnel icon will bring up the Facility Filter

Here you can choose which type of facilites the Facility Manager will show you and which farms.
The drop down arrow for regular facilities will let you choose from "All", "Non-Workable by Friends" and "Part of a Chain".
The drop down arrow for Services" will let you choose from "All" or "Part of a Chain"

The A-Z icon will allow you to sort your facilites
Alphabetically : Alphabetical order
Production Chain : will sort the facilities in such a way that will allow you to work continuously from top to bottom, as facilities with primary ingredients are on top, when you get to the complex facilities at the bottom you will have stored all the primary ingredients already required for these complex facilities.
Done : will sort to the facilites that have finished products.
Utilization : will sort the facilities with the most in production first down to the least. This is useful if you wish to see any facilites not at 100% production. You can scroll down to the bottom of the list and see what is not at 100%.
Custom Order : will allow you to view your facilites in the order you choose. Select that option and you will see a new icon appear top right of the Facility Manager
Click on it and it will bring up a new window showing you all your facilites. Click on a facility and drag it to the new position to view your facilites in the order you choose. Click the green check mark to save.

The Five Blue Buttons located at the top of the Facilty manager require tools to use them.

Harvest All : Allows you to harvest all animals in all farms related to the tool you own, with one click. The tools required to harvest ALL animals are Milking Station, Shearing and Cutting set, Egg Collector, Manure Collector (Note: you cannot harvest manure from pigs until you own a manure spreader as the manure harvested from pigs gets stored with the manure spreader.).

Store All : Allows you to store all products in all facilites for the tools that you own, with one click. The Tool required for ALL facilites is the Purple Forklift.

Start All : Allows you to start all productions in all facilites related to the tools you own, with one click. The tools required to start ALL facilities are Turbo bottling machine, Turbo drive thru system, Turbo tables and chairs, Turbo mixer, Turbo belt dryer, Turbo loader, Turbo conveyors, Turbo packaging machine, Turbo workbenches, Turbo mobile utility carts, Turbo Ordering Station.

Cash Out All : Allows you to cash out ALL service facilites for the tools you own, with one click. The tool to Cash Out ALL of the facilites is the Armored Truck.

To find out which tools work with which facilites check out the Game Guide Chapter 21: Tools For the turbo tools look for the regular tool and the turbo tool will be listed in the same post. So for "Turbo bottling machine" look in the "bottling machine" post.

The check boxes located in each box for each facility only appear if you own the relevant tool to start or load all for that facility. Removing the check mark, as shown in the Windmill, will prevent any products in that facility from starting/loading using the blue buttons. The added check mark allows all products to be started /loaded provided that when you open the facility you also have a check mark in the box for each product you want to produce/load.

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Old Mar 15 2012, 11:21 AM
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Default Service Facilities

These are a new type of facilities that will not produce any tangible goods but instead will allow you to make coins by providing a service. It works similar to the current facilities, the difference is that you don't start any production on them, but rather load them with products so they can provide a service.

You can check the "What's in Stock" tab and see what is still in stock, what has been used and to Cash Out the coins you have made for whatever have been used so far. You will make about 50% more profit by loading the products into the service facilities and then Cashing Out later, compared to just selling the products in the market.

Please note to Cash Out from the service facilities requires that you have fuel to do so.

You can now ask friends to 'refer clients', which basically is allowing your friends to work the service facilities. Click 'what's in stock' and click 'get clients" and send out a request. To work on a service facilitiy click 'refer clients':

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Old Sep 07 2012, 10:38 AM
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Default Which facilities have a switch view?

Which facilities have a switch view?

- Chocolate Factory

- Dairy Processing Plant

- Food Preserves Factory

- Ice Cream Factory

- Ice Cream Shop

- Juice Factory

- Oil Factory

- Oil Refinery

- Sandwich Restaurant

- Snack Factory

- Stables

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