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MaryinVA MaryinVA is offline
Join Date: May 31 2009
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In production: 6 hrs. Produce Deck Dealer Shoe: crude oil barrel, petrochemical barrel, plastic granules.

In production: 2 hrs. Produce Belly Buster Juice: bellpepper, cucumber, carrots, spinach,

Produce Chicken Cordon Bleu: cream, cow milk, mushrooms, whipped cream, ham, cheese, chicken.

Load Craps Dice Stick: pine log, pine lumber, craps dice stick.

Product Beet Borscht: rye, apples, rye flour, cow milk, cider barrel, rye bread, sour cream, apple cider vinegar, carrot, onions, cabbage, beets.
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BarbLH BarbLH is offline
Join Date: Aug 03 2009
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Here are my open Co-op quests:

PRODUCE BATHROOM AIR FRESHENER (closing in less than 4 hours): peach essential oil, peaches

PRODUCE BAMBOO FENCE GATE (closing later tonight): bamboo log pile, linen rope, flax

PRODUCE BEER STEIN: kaolin clay rock, quartz, aluminum sheet, blue ink, aluminum ore, soybean, blueberries

PRODUCE HAMPER SHELF: bamboo log pile, canvas textile roll, blue ink, cotton, soybean, blueberries

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