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Old Mar 03 2019, 03:43 PM
susanc27 susanc27 is offline
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Facility Chains are frustrating. It takes forever to Import/Export, and most of my neighbors don't have any room for me to Export products. Could you please increase the size of the Staging area? That might give more folks a chance to Export before the Staging area was full.
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Old Mar 19 2019, 10:29 PM
Legolas2 Legolas2 is offline
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When I purchase FC I know the amount each step costs. When the order is complete SlashKey is happy and I'm happy. Dust hands and go to work! Capitalism in motion is a truly beautiful thing. Once the quest is excepted and the "green check" mark turns on for each completed step, it should go without saying that those items are protected from ANY action in storage, or from inadvertently selling that "protected" quest ingredient amount in the Market.

Could you please address that issue? I know of several farmers who won't play the quests for that very reason.

EDIT: Or it may be even simpler for the fine developers at SlashKey to have a sub box for those completed ingredients at the very end of the harvests etc that simply asks the question..............ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO SELL THESE ITEMS USED FOR QUESTS. In that way, there's no need to write in a special storage with-in the quests operations at all. Just a few lines of code written into the existing storage. Thank you for your time..............and for the game itself.

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Old Yesterday, 10:19 PM
Legolas2 Legolas2 is offline
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I have a great idea about Quests. While no one is putting a gun to anyone's head and forcing them to play, it would seem reasonable to notify people that unless you are an upper level farmer the system (the Mayor) will work to make the quests nearly impossible.

Seeing that you never know what the quests will entail BEFORE accepting them, and then the "life lines" being a patently constructed waste of the energy it takes to click on it, that disclaimer that Quests should be performed only by upper level farmers, seems logical.

While the game itself is really good and fun..........Quests are worse than a buzz killer.
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Old Today, 05:33 AM
uma437 uma437 is offline
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Default Skip Quest Function

sometimes I can not fulfill the quest as I don't have the farm-cash-facility. Would it be possible to skip those quests so they don't block the release of a new quest?
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