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Old Jul 10 2018, 06:07 PM
famer charlie famer charlie is offline
Join Date: May 01 2011
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Default co op quest

need a marketplace just for co op quest
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Old Aug 08 2018, 05:01 PM
mjl1960's Avatar
mjl1960 mjl1960 is offline
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Default Change color on text

When we are using Facility Chains Manager, it would be easier to see if the text on the popups that come up when we are sending receiving products would be some other color other than white. It is hard to read or even notice these messages, such as when we are told that there are no more products available for that facility. If this was in a red or blue color, it would sure help us see it easier.
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Old Aug 27 2018, 07:07 AM
FCM FCM is offline
Join Date: Jul 14 2012
Posts: 95

It would be nice to see IMPORT ALL and EXPORT ALL buttons for the Facility Chains.
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Old Aug 31 2018, 05:42 PM
Sqrl Sqrl is offline
Join Date: Jun 23 2010
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Why not a Switch lifeline for quests, enabling us to swap a My Quest for a Co-op Quest?
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Old Sep 04 2018, 02:06 PM
Karin Venables's Avatar
Karin Venables Karin Venables is offline
Join Date: Jun 30 2012
Posts: 92

I would like to see the ability to opt out of a quest that you can't complete. Some where way back when, when the whole idea of quests was proposed, we were told that we would never be assigned a quest that we couldn't complete because we didn't have a facility or service on our farm. We all know that is not true, and we often get long complicated quests we can't finish because we don't have the appropriate facility or service to finish it up.
I propose you allow us to decline a quest, but the replacement will still take the normal interval to turn up and replace it. That way some of our new players will not end up with their entire 5 quest limit clogged with quests they can't complete for days at a time because it can take up to 9 days for a quest to expire.
Life lines are of no help at all, if you don't have the facility needed for the final step.
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Old Sep 27 2018, 10:49 AM
RozeeS RozeeS is offline
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Join Date: Feb 14 2010
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Neighbourhood Chains Contest
I would like the ability to remove neighbours from the list who do not contribute to playing the contest. I constantly get neighbours who have not disabled the contest and have perhaps loaded a facility for a quest or deliberately load a few items in the contest to take part, but add nothing further over the week thus relying on their neighbours to do all the work for them and receive the appropriate reward. This is no help to me as they add nothing apart from the initial few goods at the beginning of the week and even when they have another coin facilities they do not load any goods into them. These people rarely have FC facilities.

At the moment I do not want to remove neighbours from my farm town as some of these people help in other ways but it seems the only way to stop people appearing on my neighbourhood chain list as part of my team is to remove them from farm town so they don't appear.
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Old Oct 15 2018, 09:19 PM
dleenorris dleenorris is offline
Join Date: Jun 09 2011
Posts: 40

On Facility Chains Manager - would like to see an Import/Export All instead of having to click on each one. All the imports now have to be clicked on to receive them. The Exports could be sorted as to what is available to export. I don't understand the FCM at all, but am doing it - I think I'm getting something LOL - thanks for allowing us to make suggestions.
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Old Oct 16 2018, 09:11 AM
SeaJay's Avatar
SeaJay SeaJay is offline
Join Date: Jul 30 2009
Location: Palm Springs, Florida
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I wish that we could 'start all' and 'load all' without it affecting the different quests.


The Gathering
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Old Oct 24 2018, 03:58 PM
susanc27 susanc27 is offline
Join Date: May 28 2010
Posts: 30

We really, really need some tools to help speed up the Chains. It wasn't too bad when you only had a few, but now I have almost 50 chains and it takes forever to process them. Most of my neighbors seem to have given up on it, so I have to check many times a day to find someone I can Export to. Very frustrating.
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Old Nov 02 2018, 02:48 AM
treehstn treehstn is offline
Join Date: Sep 06 2009
Posts: 22

Quests should absolutely NOT require any facilities that can only be bought with cash. Or if they do we should be able to close and cancel those requests and another should pop up. Then those quests could give out higher rewards as an incentive for buying the facilities. But those of us that can't afford to buy every facility that requires cash shouldn't be penalized for it.
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