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Old Aug 02 2017, 06:09 PM
pljones pljones is offline
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Default bonus levels

i so wish the bonus levels would raise from 7 to 14 or at least higher..we could really use it in the old factorys such as sawmill etc. i hope you consider it.
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Old Aug 03 2017, 03:23 PM
makytaja makytaja is offline
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I have 33 farms, most all tools and super neighbor for 3 neighbors. When fuel is gone for the day, I go work for my neighbors. Most days, work on my farms will take two days. I go to forum for fuel threads and find numerous farmers with the same problem; insufficient fuel to work all farms. I've read all threads about fuel. When all tools, facilities,etc use fuel, common sense tells me that refueling once a day will not let me work efficiently. It takes fuel to make fuel. I suggest that twice a day fueling be implemented as soon as possible. Hope suggestion will be considered. Thanks
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Old Aug 04 2017, 08:53 AM
leighwj1960 leighwj1960 is offline
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I would like it if we could EARN bonus products instead of just having the Mayor provide the products used to fill the facilities. For example instead of receiving the batches when we empty a facility we would receive 150% or maybe even 200% of the normal products

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Old Aug 05 2017, 03:34 PM
Mel-Caledonia Mel-Caledonia is offline
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Default Deli

I noticed on some of the new Deli sandwiches, they have the mustard plant instead of the condiment mustard being used. Just wondering why that was or if it could be changed to use the mustard from the Sauce and Condiment factory.

Just never seen a sandwich use a mustard plant (leaves).


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Old Aug 06 2017, 02:38 PM
mrtip200@yahoo.com mrtip200@yahoo.com is offline
Join Date: Jul 02 2017
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Default Not enough bait

Have the Fish Farming Plant produce more bait. 500 in 6 hours is not enough. Have it so Neighbors can work them.
Could have bait ponds like the fish ponds that produce bait and have different types of bait per freshwater and different types for saltwater.
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Old Aug 08 2017, 12:34 PM
Peyana's Avatar
Peyana Peyana is offline
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Brussell Sprouts are an underappreciated crop that I think would be wonderful as a side dish in the steak restaurant. Roasted Brussell Sprouts, Sauted Brussel Sprouts, shaved raw Brussell Sprouts for salads---yummy! Please consider these wonderful little veggies for your next adventure!
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Old Aug 09 2017, 04:44 PM
mcdaddie mcdaddie is offline
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I would like to see a switch put in the facility manager that allows us to turn ON or OFF ALL facilities at once. I know that each individual facility has a switch like that, but is not a tool that can be used to create special list of facs to post out for help. Somehow people are doing that, but I can't imagine turning on and off each of nearly 1800 facilities. If we had such a tool ( a check box to turn on/off all facilities) we could turn the all off, then manually turn on just the NCC facs and a few other facs that we would like to have more production without compromising other facs that can't handle more production for fear of running out of ingredients. Then when it is time to turn on all of them to post out entire fac inventory, it would be just one check placed in the "turn ON all" box. Thanks for your consideration.
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Old Aug 12 2017, 11:12 PM
mehansen mehansen is offline
Join Date: Aug 21 2009
Posts: 21

I would like to see the number of animals in our sheds etc increased. I have 32 Hen Coops and 1 Super Hen Coop and now running out of eggs daily. They are needed in so many products and trying to have farm worked and stay competitive in the Neighborhood Chain Contest the number we have isn't realistic. Please consider this request.
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Old Aug 14 2017, 08:01 AM
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pythonis pythonis is offline
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Would be nice if we could just pay a flat fee to skip all of the tools of a certain type to get "caught up".

Also is there any way possible to "scan" our inventories and tell us which facilities we would benefit from purchasing based upon those products?

Also, I like the unlock feature however it doesnt work unless you have farmcash to buy stuff. How am i supposed to find out how much FC i need to buy or save for if it wont let me use this feature?
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Old Aug 14 2017, 02:22 PM
eme eme is offline
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Default Message Bubbles/Squares

When I'm working the Request Wall, I open several tabs at a time, and I like to leave messages for the farmers; however, the Old Farmer's message box is in the way, and I have to wait until he has finished before leaving the message. It's not a BIG deal, but it is annoying when I'm in a hurry. Is there any way to move the old guy's message box to the right or somewhere out of the way? It would also help with booting ships on their way and loading my ship while working the Wall! Thanks for your consideration.
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