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Old Sep 10 2019, 01:48 AM
dleenorris dleenorris is offline
Join Date: Jun 09 2011
Posts: 52
Default Facility chains

Please consider reducing the amount of clicks a person has to do with these chains! Is it possible to have a "send all" / "receive all"? Thanks.
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Old Sep 10 2019, 03:02 AM
Palmarina Palmarina is offline
Join Date: Aug 15 2009
Location: Belgium
Posts: 170

Please consider an 'import all' / 'export all' button for the chains quest.
It takes too much time to scroll through the whole list. And I have the impression a lot of my neighbours, who once started the chains, have abandoned. Could the slowness be the problem?
For the moment I rather would like to see improvements of existing functions, rather than creating new ones.
Thanks in advance for considering this.
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Old Sep 21 2019, 04:11 PM
NJones277 NJones277 is offline
Join Date: Aug 12 2009
Posts: 199

This is about the NCC. This week the first place team has about 200 more facilities than my team. I understand that we can buy facilities after rankings come out, but 200? And I'm pretty sure I'm on the first 4 teams, so am competing against myself.

I suggest giving a "handicap" for this situation, and/or rewarding the individual top scorers in the contest. I think everyone just wants an equal chance. Thanks.
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Old Oct 04 2019, 09:08 PM
christophercilley christophercilley is offline
Join Date: Nov 23 2009
Posts: 45

Is there a way we can eliminate quests (both co-op and personal) that we don't have a facility to complete the quest?
Or do we just have to wait until the time runs out on that particular quest?
If there isn't, I sure wish there was a way to remove it from the active quests..
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Old Oct 27 2019, 11:08 AM
jeannine_p's Avatar
jeannine_p jeannine_p is offline
Join Date: Jan 20 2016
Posts: 299

the facility chains are a great idea, and i'll add a new one every week, but the problem is the import/export. its very time consuming to click each one individually. and the exporting is really a hassle, as the list goes right back to the top, making it neccessary to scroll back down to find where you left off on exporting. this is why i dont import/export. make it possible to do it all in one click, like the factories. we desperatley need an import all/export all button.
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Old Oct 30 2019, 04:15 PM
Join Date: May 04 2009
Posts: 120

pleaae think about not taking a quest from us if we late getting the cash for doing quests we work hard trying to do them. and we have to sleep at night and go to the doctor. some people work .since i am almost 77 years old .i have to have sleep or get sicker.it feel like you begrudge us making the one little dollar .i buy cash almost every month sometimes 2 times a month.it not fair for you to take the one dollar after we have 8 and 13.i love playing farmtown.had to stop doing the chains and i do not try to do the neighborhood anymore because i am 8 or 9 no matter how much i try .God bless you Raul
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Old Dec 01 2019, 02:02 AM
anotherfarmer anotherfarmer is offline
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Join Date: Dec 23 2009
Posts: 83

First let me start by saying hello
I am not sure which thread to put this suggestion in sorry so I will put here and I am sure you will put in correct thread
I was just wondering if there is anyway you could somehow show who does quests when going to market as sometimes my friends do not have what I need and sometimes I go to market for help, anyhow as not sure who does quests have to click on each farmer 1 x 1 and thought it would be nice just to know by looking at avatar if they do quests, hope that makes sense...... lol
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Old Dec 16 2019, 09:45 PM
harfis01 harfis01 is offline
Join Date: Jul 31 2010
Posts: 16
Default Selecting multiple items from a facility for quests

In quests, it would be nice if you could select multiple items from, say the mines.
I just had a quest that required 4 items from the mineral mine and 3 from the open pit mine, which meant........open the mine, click the item, close the window, open the mine, click the item, close the window, open the mine, click the item, close the window, etc, etc, etc.
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Old Dec 26 2019, 03:12 AM
Dana1971 Dana1971 is offline
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Join Date: Nov 23 2014
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Default Quest/Co-Op Box

I think it would be nice if when working neighbors Fac's/Clients, If there is anything we could help them with, the Quest or Co-op Box would be a certain color.
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Old Dec 29 2019, 05:26 AM
Palmarina Palmarina is offline
Join Date: Aug 15 2009
Location: Belgium
Posts: 170

re. the Facility Chains Manager: can we have a browse button too please? To browse from one facility to the other? This would save us some time.
I have the impression that a lot of my neighbours who started with this feature now abandon because it is very time consuming when you have a lot of facilities turned into a chain, both factories and services.
Always busy with something.
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