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Old Sep 03 2016, 04:20 AM
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Default New Release -- September 3rd, 2016

See Known Issues, More Information and Post Release Updates at the end of this post. Last changes released on September 16th, 9:00PM.

Hi There,

We just released a new version of the game with the following new features and bug fixes: EN ESPAÑOL AQUI En français ici

1. 25 New Levels: 28 new items in the Buildings, Farming, Motion, Furniture, Fun and Others categories.

2. 7 New Flowers: Sandersonia, Chocolate Cosmos, Bromeliad, Queen of the Night, Sedum Autumn Joy, Chrysanthemums and Ranunculus. 13 more coming in the next release.

3. Last 5 expansions for Farm 30: See prices below:

34x34 - 16500000000 coins or 30 FarmCash
36x36 - 17000000000 coins or 30 FarmCash
38x38 - 17500000000 coins or 30 FarmCash
40x40 - 18000000000 coins or 30 FarmCash
42x42 - 20000000000 coins or 30 FarmCash

4. Recently started the development of a functionality that will introduce Ships as a transportation method to get ingredients, it will have a dynamic different to the trains.

5. Tree Shaker 20 x 20 (FC): This new Tree Shaker harvest up to 400 trees using a new faster method of harvesting. Basically, instead of highliting all the trees, this new tool just highlight a fixed squared section of the farm which works faster and with less manual mistakes.

It may take a few moments to get use to it but after that it performs very well, specially on the biggest farms.

6. Flower Harvester 20 x 20 (FC): This new Flower Harvester harvest up to 400 flowers using a new faster method of harvesting, see point 5) above.

7. Other Fixes and Improvements released on the past few weeks:

- Adjusted the amount of product rewards received with every 'Thanks' message in the Neighborhood Chains Contest.

a) For the 'Thanks' you receive when buying a Farmcash facility, the amount of product rewards have been increased by at least 10 times. In addition to this, it will increase even more based on the amount of Farmcash facilities you have participating in the contest.

b) For the 'Thanks' you receive when a neighbour finishes in the top 3 in her Neighborhood Chains Contest, the amount of product rewards have been increased by at least 50 times. In addition to this, it will increase even more based on how many points you contributed to her Neighborhood Chains compared to others.

- The Processing... phase of the Start All operation in the Facility Manager have been further optimized down to a few seconds, this will be specially noticeable for people with lot of facilities.

- The Saving... phase of the Start All operation in the Facility Manager have been further optimized down to a few seconds. The whole Start All/Load All operation should not take more than a few seconds (5-30 secs) even when you have thousands of facilities.

- The Ingredient Planner screen in the Facility Manager loads faster now and shows a 'Loading Help...' message when loading the ingredient Planner in the Facility Manager

8. New Watercress crop.

9. Appliance Service Center (FC): Provides Appliance Repair Services and can be stocked with products from the Appliance Parts Factory.

10. Restaurant Supplies Factory (Coins): Produces Restaurant Supplies.

Bread Basket
Dessert Plate Set
Food Box
Sign Board
Chef Clogs
Pepper Mill
Outdoor Table
High Chair

11. Vietnamese Restaurant (FC): Produces Vietnamese Food.

Pho Soup
Spring Rolls
Vietnamese Crepes
Sour Fish Soup
Banh Mi
Bun Cha
Shaking Beef

New products from other facilities:

Rice Flour in the Windmills
Rice Paper in the Bakery
Fish Sauce and Nuoc Cham Sauce in the Sauce and Condiments Factory.

12. Restaurant Supplies Shop (Coins): Provides Restaurant Supplies Retail Services and can be stocked with products from the Restaurant Supplies Factory.



Post-Release Updates - September 3rd, 7:00PM

- We just rebooted some servers that could have been causing the issues with the new facilities, please report here if you are still having issues.

- We will soon offer a switch mechanism somewhere for the new tools, so you can change back and forth between the new and old method, however, I can confirm that once you get a handle on them they will work much faster on any farm compared to the old tools.

It's true that at the beginning it can be confusing, because the highlight covers the trees by the trunk (where they are planted) not by the top of the trees but we have found it could be mastered eventually.

Post-Release Updates - September 6th, 4:50PM

- The new flowers are now showing up in storage after harvested.

Post-Release Updates - September 8th, 6:30PM

- When selecting the new 20x20 Tree Shaker and Flower Harvester, instead of the Eye in the bottom right you will see the current tool icon, when clicked, you will see a vertical toolbar with 2 buttons, the one in the top goes back to the old method of highlighting each individual item, the one in the bottom set the new method of highlighting only the perimeter of the area where the tool will operate.

Also, the tool will always operate as if the Eye was closed, meaning, the recently worked items will be hidden once the work on them is completed.

- Ingredient Planner is now reporting correct numbers, for instance, if you uncheck some products that consumes bread, then the amount of bread required to fill the facilities should go down.

Post-Release Updates - September 9th, 4:50PM

- The switch selection between old and new method is now remembered in session, meaning, you can navigate from farm to farm and select different tools and the last selection will be remembered. When you reload the game it will default back to the new method.

Post-Release Updates - September 9th, 4:50PM

- The new levels and the Vietnamese Restaurant will be released Tuesday next week.

Post-Release Updates - September 12th, 10:20PM

- Released the Vietnamese Restaurant.

Post-Release Updates - September 13th, 9:10PM

- Released 25 new levels.

Post-Release Updates - September 16th, 9:00PM

- Released changes to the Neighborhood Chains Contest so competing neighborhoods are more balanced in terms of the amount of participating facilities each neighborhood has in the contest.

Known Issues

- None

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