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Old Jul 23 2010, 09:20 AM
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Arrow Receiving-sending-exchanging Gifts

This thread is for reporting problems concerning any problems with gifts. Please read the following information BEFORE posting in this thread. Thank you!

You can send gifts every 8 hours.
Your Gift Box will hold around 150 gifts and 130 Ingredients.
If you own the Gifting Machines you can send more often, increase gifts received and increase gift box capacity for gifts (not ingredients).

If you can't remember when you last sent gifts today you can open your tool box and click on the Show Times icon (clock). Look in the Gamewide section for Resend Gifts. If you have a green check mark next to that you can send gifts. If there is a time showing instead of a green check mark, that is how long you have to wait until you can send them again.

Check Out The Game Guide:

Everything you need to know about gifts is included in this chapter.

Experiencing Difficulties With Gifting?:

1. Clear you Browser's cache and Macromedia cache files. Then restart your browser.

Click HERE for instructions on clearing your browser's cache. Click HERE to clear your macromedia cache files.

2. Uninstall then re-download your Flashplayer. Rebooting your computer after the uninstall will remove any memory of the orignal Flashplayer.

Uninstall your Flashplayer HERE Download a new version HERE

3. Try using another browser.

4. When exchanging gifts, remember, you need to click on the 'exchange' button after choosing a new gift. Otherwise, you will receive the original gift that was sent to you.

We recommend you use the 'My Requests' tab from within the game to accept your gifts. This is used to accept, exchange and sending back to the person that sent you a gift.

When posting in this thread the moderation team may need to visit your farm so please include a link to your farm in your post. The Link your Account at the top of the forum plays up sometimes so you will need to do so manually.
Click HERE for instructions on how to get your Farm link.

If you are using Edge, IE, or Safari browsers please read the information in the following link before you post here:

Suggestion for Gifts post in Gifts on the gift page/gifting

This thread is for players to report problems only. Any off topic posts will be removed by a moderator without notice to the user.

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