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Old Mar 15 2019, 04:22 AM
CBL CBL is offline
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Please provide access and option to work posted facilities when we click on our neighbor's avatar below to go visit them. It would simply provide yet another means to easily find facility work and referrals. So, in addition to cleaning their farms after it's been hit by a tornado or overrun by weeds, we can also be working their facilities! The Farm Town Wall Request only shows work and referral postings from up to 6 hours ago (for me, anyway). Sometimes less since many are posting bonuses and ingredient requests, which push older postings off. Maybe have a separate wall for bonuses and ingredients.

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Old Mar 20 2019, 11:50 AM
ajmiz-827 ajmiz-827 is offline
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I've been playing now for a while and have multiple farms. I've noticed when I want to expand a particular farm, all the expansions have been on the lower two sides. This is sometimes inconvenient and I have to either move a lot of things around or I have to delete plots of plowed land to accommodate the expansion.

Would it be possible to select which sides the player would like the expansion to appear at -- the upper two sides, the two left sides or the two right sides? It could make the expansion more fun to work with.

Thanks for considering this.
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Old Yesterday, 11:18 AM
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Please consider modifying the facility manager. I would like to see only one of each facility listed with an option on the ones where more than one are owned to expand/collapse that facility to show all (just as they are now). I believe this would make the facility manager load more quickly and easier to manage, especially for those with multiples of many facilities.
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