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Old Mar 05 2019, 03:52 PM
KCJ KCJ is offline
Join Date: Dec 26 2010
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I would happily buy a new tool to load an entire ship with one click. At the start of the day, I often find 20 or more ships in port and if most are fully loaded, that's 200 or more clicks.
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Old Mar 20 2019, 12:47 AM
SirMatthew KC SirMatthew KC is offline
Join Date: Oct 22 2018
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I REALLLLLLLY think that when you go to buy a 2nd ship of the SAME color, you should get a warning that you cannot use more than one ship of the same color. I did not find out until after I shelled out the 100,000,000 coins for the ship, and to sell it back, is practically NOTHING. The warning does pop up when you buy the FIRST ship but who remembers six months later? The facs give us warnings if we try to place a 2nd one on the same farm. I'd think it would be quite easy to put a warning on the ship purchases if we already own one, or at the VERY least, make sure that is clearly stated in the cargo ships section of the game guide.
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Old Yesterday, 07:53 AM
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NiMo1960 NiMo1960 is offline
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Any chance of a tool that lets you empty a ship in your port with just one click ?
Currently it is one click to open it and then 10 clicks to empty it.
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