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Old Nov 12 2017, 12:07 PM
Dakotapainthorse Dakotapainthorse is offline
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Default Facilities and Production

Never enough Royal Jelly, Ebony Lumber Pile, Rubber Sheets, Crude and Sugar. In order to produce more, the other products are filling up our storage with thousands of unneeded products. No to mention having to buy FC facilities to produce more of other products, but not enough of just one of the products in each facility. My farms are filled up with support factories...When posting my facilities, I feel I owe my neighbors working them something for their effort...not facilities half loaded because I can not produce enough of certain items. I will no longer buy a facility that uses Ebony Lumber, Royal Jelly until I can produce more in the facilities I have. The new culture FC facilities, require 2 restaurants each to supply them FC. I know this is just a game, but I have a lot of money involved too.
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Old Nov 13 2017, 07:17 AM
NJones277 NJones277 is offline
Join Date: Aug 12 2009
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Would it be possible for the devs to think about making all four "factories" selected for the NCC to be worked at once? People pick and choose and just do the facilities. This week is especially bad since we have three client services and just one facility. Thanks.
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Old Nov 13 2017, 10:19 AM
Moose Mob Moose Mob is offline
Join Date: Jul 08 2010
Location: Vegas, Baby!
Posts: 33

Can we have the option for number of columns in the farm selector? Based on my design, it would be very handy to have 5 columns and that could become 6 or 4 based on how the game grows in the future.
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Old Nov 23 2017, 11:05 AM
Eradani Eradani is offline
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Join Date: Aug 21 2009
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Default red squares when hiding graphic groups

i'm wondering if it wouldn't work better for both workers and decorators if the red squares could go back to working the way they used to with the following addition:
- a checkbox option (on the wrench menu) to totally turn them off

when working in market, i don't need them at all - i don't even want them. there's quite a few 40x40 and larger farms and if you accidentally have some extra graphics enabled when you get hired, it takes a long time to render them before the hire tool kicks in (i sometimes have flash complain a bit and even had the game just reboot a couple of times). then if you (for instance hired for crops) panic and disable the trees, you have all these red squares lagging you out as you try to drag the farm around the screen.

when decorating, i like to emulate nature and mix things up on my tree farms. this leads to many 1x1 empty squares that i can't tell are empty. what i used to do is turn the trees on/off a few times until i was left with a shaded square whereever there actually was a tree and i could more easily fill in the blanks.
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Old Dec 01 2017, 05:24 PM
grannyjan grannyjan is offline
Join Date: May 06 2009
Posts: 8

I have posted this suggestion before but thought I would try again. It would be wonderful if super neighbors could see the "full" extra farm information so one doesn't have to click on 20 plus farms if only two need harvesting, watering, chopping etc. Thanks for your consideration.
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Old Dec 03 2017, 02:32 PM
ftjill ftjill is offline
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Join Date: Sep 25 2010
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Default Increase output for Acacia Trees (Arabic Gum)

Please increase the output for acacia trees.

I have acacias on nearly every farm but cannot keep up enough arabic gum production.

Suggestions: increase output from trees, add to a train car, add to a shipping container.
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Old Dec 04 2017, 04:12 PM
AnnaWalls AnnaWalls is offline
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Join Date: Sep 13 2009
Posts: 53

Can we make everything on the dashboard clickable? Currently everything on the dash is to be clicked on EXCEPT the tool bag, which is a mouse-over. And yet every time I go to use the tool bag, I click on it, which, with my lag, closes it. Very annoying. At least it is for me, though I'm sure I'm very much in the minority.
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Old Dec 05 2017, 01:58 PM
user007 user007 is offline
Join Date: Jan 19 2012
Posts: 21

i waited for the across the board increases and there was no increase in the kevlar. i have 34 semi's still cant produce enough kevlar , still out of yeast, dont have enough leather, and thats just from the semi's. I have 34 open pit mines still not enough marble or clay blocks. I have 34 mineral mines and still short on copper ore,diamonds, silver, and gold. All these items still need more output.
Why should I buy anymore facilities if there is no way to load them ?

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Old Dec 05 2017, 05:52 PM
Sqrl Sqrl is offline
Join Date: Jun 23 2010
Posts: 79

Give the donkey more actions .
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Old Dec 13 2017, 01:20 AM
Palmarina Palmarina is offline
Join Date: Aug 15 2009
Location: Belgium
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When you click on the ? to see in what facility a certain product or crop is used you can only see the production facilities IN CASE that particular product can also be loaded up in a service facility.
Example= watermellons: if you click on the ? you can see what to make with it, but not that they can be loaded up in the China Buffet.
The same for the green tea bag: you click on the ? and you see the teablends + cup of green tea you can make with it. There is no way to see that the green tea bags can be loaded up in the China Buffet too.
Is it possible to show both (production factories and services)? I know this has been asked before by other farmers. So it is not just me.
Please, can you redraw this?
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