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Old Dec 18 2018, 03:18 PM
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Default A Farm Town Christmas Carol.... the real story !

Coming soon to a farm near you....

The tale of Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" is familiar to most.....

but the real story is

A FARMTOWN Christmas Carol

The story premiered a number of years ago, and only the names of the characters have been changed to protect the guilty from previous editions.

This evening..... Chapter 1
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Old Dec 18 2018, 08:20 PM
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A FarmTown Christmas Carol,
Chapter 1 of 4

The avatar ghost, Barley, was dead… no doubt about it, wilted and wasted after 3 days. Stonescrooge knew that old cropper was gone for good. No “re-vives” on these farms, like that other silly place called Soilville. But now even the mention of his lost avatar friend or lost crops was a subject Stonescrooge refused to discuss.

Now all of his efforts and each of his goals were those of a greedy tightwad. Save pennies on fertilizer. Don’t over use the green or purple sprinkler. And, heaven forbid, don't leave a farm without staggered crops. Just keep accumulating the coin and ignore the neighbors, and hoard those crops.

Neighbors avoided Stonescrooge. No one would work his farms… he was too cheap and expected only one worker to do it all on every farm…… and work all day….without tools and unable to use his millions of fuel….of course. That day was only 20 hours, so the worker could enjoy 4 hours of sleep each day. What did Stonescrooge care. He liked to farm alone. He liked few neighbors, and the few he had must keep their distance.

While counting his coin one night, his nephew came to visit. Crafty Chris only had a few farms, but he was a happy sort of fellow…. all the more irritating to StoneScrooge. “Bah, hibiscus, nephew. You are poor, so why are you happy?”

“You are so rich, uncle, so why are you so grumpy? Let’s be real FB friends and FT neighbors who really help each other.” This was not the first time Crafty Chris tried to reach StoneScrooge, and when there was no response, Crafty Chris went back to his own farm, just as two moderators happened to come visiting.

The two, MaryMarcel and RobT, were concerned about the poor farmers without any farmcash. Although these avid farmers loved their farms, they had no way to enjoy the enhanced tools and facilities. MaryMarcel and RobT asked StoneScrooge “… would you consider sending a gift of $55 Farm Cash to a needy neighbor?”

StoneScrooge was irate! Asking him for precious farm cash was like taking the very air from his lungs, or worse – the copper sheets from his Metal Mill or Sheep Wool from his many sheds, or heaven forbid - petro barrels!!!

“Go away and leave me alone…..now! "It's not my business. It's enough for a man to understand his own business, and not to interfere with other people's. Mine occupies me constantly. Good afternoon, mods!" “ said the old curmudgeon as he refreshed his farm, hoping they would simply disappear. They did leave, to go about whatever other business mods go about….. when they are not busy mods, busy with mod business.

Now it should be noted that the StoneScrooge toolbox was a bit different from all others. Along with the usual icons that signaled special tasks, was one strange icon that resembled his dead avatar friend, Barley. Over the years this icon faded in and out….. but always seemed to appear clearly at each new release. StoneScrooge was fearful of clicking this icon. Perhaps his whole farm would crash, or his valuable buildings would disappear.

The icon of Barley remained undisturbed.....until now.

Tonight was different. Tonight was unlike all others. Tonight something would change for StoneScrooge. He clicked on the icon of Barley.

and then.........
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Old Dec 19 2018, 08:44 AM
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A Farm Town Christmas Carol,

Chapter 2 of 4

Stonescrooge opened the toolbox as he had done so many, many times before. Among the vast array of enhanced tools, the boats, the tree shakers, the plows and harvesters and fertilizers was the one he admired most…. The Facility Manager. Of them all, this icon opened the door to all his wealth, all his buildings and factories….. all his symbols of a greedy life as the site’s loneliest farmer. He counted his success by his Diversification Rank and the experience points he had amassed. Every Icon had been employed at times to build his empire. The Quests Icon had also become a source of pleasure and a means to acquire more cash; and the Social Lifeline was, to Stonescrooge, a despicable ploy to make him more social. Bah, hibiscus!!

As he sipped his nightly beverage, made from his own Distillery, Stonescrooge eyed the unused icon. It appeared to be more vibrant, and perhaps that was due to an impending New Release. It beckoned to him, again taunting him to right click, left click, just click. Perhaps by accident, perhaps by intent…..he clicked.

The farm did not crash. The buildings did not disappear. Far worse, the image of his long deceased avatar partner – Barley – slowly changed from a weak image to a cloudy image….to a full screen appearance of this friend from the past. Stonescrooge was frozen in astonishment … frozen as the animals on his farm…. frozen as the flowers he often suspended in their growth cycle.

"How now!" said Stonescrooge, caustic and cold as ever. "What do you want with me?"

"Much!" – yes, that was Barley's voice, no doubt about it.
"Who are you?" said the miser Stonescrooge.

"Ask me who I was."

"Who were you then?" said Stonescrooge, raising his voice.

"In life I was your partner, Avatar Barley."

Stonescrooge fell upon his knees, and hid his face with his hands. "Mercy!" he said. "Dreadful apparition, why do you trouble me?"

"Man of the worldly mind!" replied Barley, "I still race around your farm without pattern or reason. I would travel with you to visit your neighbors…if ya ever bothered to do that. But I am just doomed to be an unused icon chained in your toolbox."

“Why are you chained in my toolbox, old friend Barley?”

"A result of my own free will Stonescrooge. This is a game full of choices we alone can make. I was like you, wanting to be alone, a recluse. Now I am shackled to the tool box, alone for all time – the whole 20 hours every day. You too will one day be only an icon, less than a memory, for all the new players who join each day. They will ignore and forget.”

Stonescrooge trembled.

"At this time of a New Release," the apparition said "I suffer the most. Anticipation and anxiety and the will to kidnap a mod (which needs to happen more often as in the past) are strongest now. I spend my gaming time watching the forum, ignoring the help sites, even ignoring the moderators. Oh, poor me. Rich in life, and now poor in storage!"

"I am here now to warn you, that you have yet a chance and hope of escaping a similar tool box fate. You will be haunted," resumed Barley, by Three Avatar Farmer Spirits. The first will soon be here, just as your Gold Sundial (available for 1000coin) shows high noon. The others will follow, perhaps before the coming of the New Release."

Stonescrooge blinked… and Barley was gone. His laptop again looked normal, the keyboard waiting for a command to change farms, to harvest, to plant, to fish. But the old geezer just sat there, waiting for the visitor promised by Barley the Icon which now had come to life. Dare he go to the Market and look for this Farmer Spirit? Perhaps a worker there would actually be his salvation from the fate of the toolbox? No, he just sat and waited… so typical before a New Release….wait , then wait some more.

He touched his mouse, gently, hoping for something to happen. The clock on his computer showed that he had sat quietly for a whole day. Well, 20 hours anyway. And the sundial showed it was high noon. Nothing.

He touched the mouse again and jumped in his seat as the image of a farmer, in Random Look and original overalls appeared in the open field. “I am Qivis, the Spirit of Farmtown Past, your past. Come on, and walk erratic with me.”

They were quickly transported to a simple farm, small – no bigger than 24x24, and with no other farms adjoining. “What is this silly farm of no consequence,” asked Stonescrooge? Is this farmer so poor, yet he has a weird Red Mansion? The Spirit pointed to the farm owner… it was Stonescrooge himself, in a much younger day.

Around him happiness began to reign, for other farmers had come to harvest as many pineapples as possible, while others grappled for the points that came with plowing. So many farmers. And the owner smiled at the profits that might make his coin total reach two million. Wow. Such a wonderful time. And next to Stonescrooge stood his sister, also a farmer in her own right. The fond memories of his sibling quieted him and he thought of the days when they would farm together, each on a laptop, sometimes in the same room, sometimes in different cities. And then he thought of the nephew, her avatar son Crafty Chris, who often tried to be friends - to no avail.

“So little makes all these farmers happy,” said Qivis, the Spirit of Farmtown Past. Yet Stonescrooge saw himself just counting the coins, just demanding more work, just business and no happiness, even when the young pretty farmerette smiled at him. Oh my, the “work” that they could have enjoyed in his cheap red barn. Each time she visited, he ignored that happiness too. The developers had given him all he could need….but he wanted more. He had forgotten all those good times.

"No more!" cried Stonescrooge! "No more, I don't wish to see it! Show me no more!"

"I told you these were shadows of the things that have been," said the Spirit. "They are what they are, do not blame me!"

"Remove me, delete me if necessary!" Stonescrooge exclaimed, "I cannot bear it!"

The screen was automatically refreshed and Stonescrooge was again at his default farm, one of 38. The green dots of active neighbors shown bright. But they would not be visited this day, or any day if he had any say about it. The Gift Box? Empty as usual.

With a long slow sigh, Stonescrooge felt an uncomfortable relief of being alone again. But in moments he remembered, with some dread, the promise of Barley “You will be haunted by Three Avatar Farmer Spirits”
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A Farm Town Christmas Carol,

Chapter 3 of 4 ..........part 1

A deep sleep did not prevent Stonescrooge from reliving, again and again, the events brought to him by the Spirit Qivis. He was distressed, worse even than those few times when he could not find his giftcard to acquire more farm cash, and purchase multiple coin-yielding facilities.

As he awoke, he thought of the second impending visit. He felt prepared for anything after the Qivis trip to the years long ago. A glance at the Sundial told him it was time. Yet for another hour, nothing happened. No one appeared. Perhaps the first visit was only a dream… a vision or an image, not reality like Farmtown. Stonescrooge dismissed the whole previous day as if it did not exist. He grabbed his mouse, selected a farm, changed his appearance into appropriate plowing attire, and prepared to work in quiet…..until

The music icon sparkled and jumped as it came to a life of its own….a monotonous, never changing tune that can drive an avatar to jump into a lake… without a boat. It was both loud and incessant but was soon drowned out by a voice calling his name. “Stonescrooge…… Stonescrooge…. I am the Spirit of Farmtown Present. Look at me.”

Stonescrooge did, and he noticed the strange combination of robe, farmer boots, and a wide brimmed hat for shade….and a rusty well worn shovel which had probably dug up thousands of field stones. The robe was fur. It was the fur of the White Bengal Tiger. Thankfully it was not subject to Labor Day rules, and thus the Spirit, Grumpdad by name, was not committing a fatal fashion faux pas with fuzzy faux fur.

“Have you ever seen me before, or walked with my neighbors?” asked Grumpdad, The Spirit of Farmtown Present,

“I don’t think so” said Stonescrooge. “ Do you have many neighbors?”

“More than 200. The daily gifts are endless. And with each bonus, the number of products just keeps getting bigger and bigger. And I can easily store multiples of all the holiday items.”

Stonescrooge was impressed. But he knew the Spirit was not here to gloat, but to travel. Submissively, he said “Take me where you will. I think I learned a lesson last night. Maybe I shall learn another during my time with you.

“Touch my tiger,” said Grumpdad.

In a blink, they were off on the second adventure, and soon found themselves in the midst of a city, sprawling over an expanded 46x46 land mass. Houses, public buildings, restaurants, and even a hospital, church, and Movie Theatre lined asphalt roads decorated with a wide variety of trees and flowers. Trucks and cars stood still, but what the heck… the city theme worked regardless.



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Old Dec 20 2018, 08:51 AM
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.....part 2

Numerous avatars were making their way to the town Church as the workers in the Dinner Restaurant, the Latin American Restaurant and the assortment of fish eateries all prepared for the day’s customers. A particular group of farm laborers, not illegals we would hope, appeared to interest Grumpdad very much as Grumpy and Stonescrooge stood in the bakery doorway invisible to all who passed. They continued their journey and, as they walked the streets, they came to a Brown House (70K under buildings), simple, clean, and worth 701 exps.

With all these people in the city, Stonescrooge wondered who was working in this, the Farmtown present. “Are you responsible for all the farmers taking time away from necessary work? Have you taken it upon yourself to mod-ify what needs to be done?” asked the grumpy old man.

The White Tiger, Grumpdad, responded “I do not interfere with a farmer’s work. There are some upon this site who claim to know us, be of help to us, to even be us. They mod-ify their addiction through acts of kindness and support. But, to be sure, only the un-modified, the true Farmer Spirits know crucial things like development and release of any guarded secrets. We do our best and care deeply that all will be happy.”

It was a remarkable quality, thought Stonescrooge, even for someone in such a, well, different, attire.

They approached the Brown House and Grumpdad pointed to the name on the door. Beaver Duster. Old Stonescrooge was taken aback, and realized he had not even given a thought to where his office assistant lived….not a thought to a wife, and family….not a thought to how far his home was from the office in Stonescrooge’s drafty old Stone Barn. “Hmm, so Beaver Duster has a life outside the work I give him! I must remember to give him more work!! Next thing I know he will be organizing those anonymous addicts, perhaps even forming a union, or worse – a thread. Bah, hibiscus.”

Beaver Duster was not home yet from laborious hours at work for very few coins. His family joined in preparing their evening dinner, , Mrs Duster setting the table with help from daughters Maggiel and Helen, and son D-Dave carefully watching the pot, which somehow would not boil.

“Where ever could your father be.” said Mrs Duster. “And your brother Tiny Raul, and your sister Mags?”

But then, in walked Mags with her contribution to the dinner - a goose (available only as a gift). And soon the two young Dusters exclaimed in unison “father’s coming !” They all tried, in vain, to hide in the small house to surprise Beaver who came through the door in his threadbare clothes, with Tiny Raul upon his shoulder. For Tiny Raul used a crutch to support the glitches in his limbs.

The whole family was together….and happy in their simple life.

“How did Raul behave,” asked Mrs Duster

"As good as gold from the Mineral Mine," said Beaver, "and better. Somehow he gets thoughtful sitting by himself so much, and thinks the strangest things you ever heard. He told me, coming home, that he hoped the people saw him in the church because many have no idea where he is or what he looks like, because he is like a secluded developer."

Dinner was soon served. What a wonderful goose it was. And when the table was cleared, they all shared in fresh juices from the Juice Factory, shared in the activities of the day, and shared in their anticipation of a new Release which might bring them some comfort… and coin!

“Tiger, Spirit, tell me if Tiny Raul will be with us in years to come.” said Stonescrooge.

“I see a vacant cubicle,” replied the Spirit Grumpdad, in a glass building in Miami or somewhere. If glitches are not fixed, then Tiny Raul will be no more.”

“No, no,” said Stonescrooge, “Be kind, help him.”

“If the trains do not work, if the pop ups are not fixed, if the price of factories and tools is not addressed….and more importantly, if farmers do not help find and invite new and more players….Tiny Raul’s future may be in another virtual site.”

The somber moment was interrupted by Beaver as he exclaimed “Let us toast to the Founder of the Feast. I give you Mr Stonescrooge, my employer.”

"The Founder of the Feast indeed!" cried Mrs Duster, reddening. "I wish I had him here. I'd give him a piece of my mind to feast upon, and I hope he'd have a good appetite for it. But I will drink to his health. Sake’ for your sake. Happy New Release Day to all.”

They were not a rich family, or a famous family, nor a pompous family. They were simply a happy family, and Stonescrooge took it all in.

Without warning, he and the Spirit were now standing out in the mountains, bare and bleak, and scattered - not joined - after the disappearance of the dirt paths and before the green hand. Then on to open seas, then open spaces. Many, many farms left untended and abandoned, now falling apart without the attendance of their owners – now only good for 15 additional storage spots, and not much else.

Soon they came to rest in a bright well decorated room in a home available only to high levels with lots of coin. It was that of his nephew, Crafty Chris. (who now will have more lines…..).

"Ha, ha!" laughed Stonescrooge's nephew. "Ha, ha, ha!"

"Ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha, ha!"

"He said that Release Dates are Bah hibiscus, as I live!" cried Crafty Chris. "He believed it too."

"He's a comical old fellow," said Stonescrooge's nephew, "that's the truth: and not so pleasant as he might be. However, his offenses carry their own punishment, and I have nothing to say against him."

"I'm sure he is very rich, Crafty," hinted Mrs Chris. "At least you always tell me so."

"What of that, my dear?" said Crafty. "His wealth is of no use to him. He does not do any good with it. He is not comfortable, or happy with it. He hasn't the satisfaction of thinking -- ha, ha, ha! -- that he is ever going to share it with us or anyone."

“Uncle is so alone and perhaps he does dislike us. He won’t come to visit and to dine. And to think of the good food we get from the Gourmet Restaurant. I am not angry with him. I do feel sorry for him….all day on the farm….no outside life…..only his mouse and computer for companions. Sucks for him.”

They played music (instruments courtesy of the Musical Instruments Factory - $32 FC), and laughed all the more. Stonescrooge sort of kept beat with a tapping foot. They thought of playing a game, but certainly not one by zinger or zyngus or whatever.

It was great that so many avatars could gather and play without being overly competitive. The jovial music reminded Stonescrooge of all the happy things the Spirit had shown him. And he softened more and more, wishing he could have listened more when he was younger. Perhaps he would have become a better neighbor, and who knows….maybe even a forum contributor.

Stonescrooge watched it all. The music, the games of Round Down, Goofy Fruits, Wigs & Swigs, and even Fist ‘n Snips….and then the Quests. Oh my, the Quests. He could have done them all since he did own every facility and every factory, and every tool. So Stonescrooge played each game with the 20 avatars in that room. His voice made no sound. His gestures were unseen. Spirit Grumpdad was pleased at this mood, but could not allow him to play or to stay….. well he could stay for one game of Yes-and-No (kind of like our 20 questions – 24 if outside of Farmtown).

Crafty was first to think of something. The questions rained down as if coming from the SuperPooper Manure Spreader. Person, disagreeable, grunts, lives on a farm, rich, lonely….and Mrs Chris finally guessed it was Uncle Stonescrooge. And they toasted him, much as Crafty had done "A Happy New Release to the old man, where ever he is," said Crafty. "He wouldn't take it from me, but may he have it, nevertheless. Uncle Stonescrooge!"

Before he could thank them in the Chat, with words they would neither see nor hear, The Spirit took his hand and they were off again on their travels.

They visited other farms from so many other lands….even England and Australia (which I hear are actually part of Mother Earth). Each was cheerful regardless of size or number of assets. But time was running short and they now returned to the Stonescrooge farm. As they touched the ground, Stonescrooge noticed something protruding from the white fur robe of Spirit .

“Those do not appear to be yours, Spirit. What is that?”

The Spirit of Farmtown Present opened the fur robe and brought forth two ragged avatar children farmers. One boy, one girl. Stonescrooge tried to say they looked fine, but choked on the words.

“Are they your’s, Spirit?”

“No, they are from the game Soilville, and they have come here - wretched, ragged, frightful. The boy is Ignorance. The girl is Want. Beware them both.

“Is there no hope for these pitiful soiled Soilville sharecroppers?”

The Sundial had again returned to a position of high noon, marking the end of the journey. The Spirit was gone. The images he had seen were now memory. The travels were now history. The Spirit was now probably back on a forum.

But the words of Avatar Barley, the predictions, were clear and fresh as a newly H/P/P Combined field.

Stonescrooge looked up and beheld a shadowy figure, draped and hooded in black, coming slowly across the field in a small cloud of farm dust…..coming….coming…coming toward him. Oh how he hoped it would come slow, and take more time than he experiences between new releases.
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A Farm Town Christmas Carol,
Chapter 4 of 4 part 1

Perhaps this day would be less stressful on the old farmer. Perhaps the shadowy figure approaching would be friendly in spite of its ominous appearance. Perhaps Stonescrooge could now return to the quiet lonely life he had chosen and grown used to with only the occasional anxiety that preceded each Happy New Release Day. Perhaps now he could just tend to his 38 farms (and more) without a care for neighbors, both on FT and in real life. Perhaps….
or not.

It is difficult to think when there is a lot of noise around you. Stonescrooge now was experiencing the Spirit coming toward him in a total silence….and it was deafening. It clouded his memory of the last few days, the first two Spirits, the scenes of happy families – those of his assistant Beaver Duster, and his only nephew Crafty (who finally got more lines). The many happy, singing, jovial farmers in the market place, each with his own status message, actually made him smile. Scenes of abandoned farms were sad indeed, but we know that is real life. Not everyone is successful. Not everyone is able to have all the enhancements. Not everyone gets rich. Not everyone ends up lonely, sad, and distant…..like Stonescrooge. The only thought that survived the crush of silence was this: “I want to have fun again on my farms, to enjoy my neighbors, to post on the forum, to have enough sugar and chicken, ….and copper sheets.”

This new Spirit was now close, and Stonescrooge hid his face. The air around him was thick with mystery, the ground just Dark Brown Plain Land ($100coin). The creature was shrouded in black, its face hidden and only one hand reaching out from the garment to beckon for Stonescrooge to rise and come to him.

“Are you the Spirit of Farmtown Yet to Come?” asked Stonescrooge. “Will you show me images in the latest Flash of things that will happen in the future?”

The Spirit gave only a slight nod of the head.

In spite of his recent experience with Spirits, Stonescrooge feared this image which seemed to stare at him. This was worse than anticipating a computer crash, or an increase in the farm cash cost of new facilities.

“Oh Spirit of the Future Farmtown……I fear what you will show me, even if it is for my own gaming pleasure. I want to be different than what I was. I will go with you, but please speak to me. Turn up your volume or turn off your mute dude, or dudette”

The Spirit turned and moved away and Stonescrooge followed in his shadow, and in an instant they were in the midst of a city. He had seen the farmers there before, and they were gathered in groups deep in serious conversation. The Spirit and Stonescrooge stopped next to one group.

“I don’t know much”, said one farmer “except that he is gone, last night I think.”

“What happened? I thought he would be here forever” said another.

“Only the developers might know for sure” said many of the others.

“Maybe he was deleted by accident” “Maybe his timeline simply ran out.”

“Maybe he just ran out of Farm Cash.” “Maybe he did not pay his internet bill” The possible reasons ran on and on.

“I wonder what he did with his Farm Cash….sure didn’t leave it to me.” And they all laughed.
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Thank you so much for this story!
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Thank you I enjoyed it very much.
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I hope you know that this is the really, really, true telling of this Christmas tale.

all the copy cats fall short like crops that did not grow
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loved it!
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