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Old Mar 25 2013, 08:27 PM
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Default Linking your farm to the Forum

These are instructions for linking your Facebook farm account where you are able to load your farm.

If you are unable to load your farm , or you only have one farm, scroll further down this post to the Alternative linking

Farm Selector Manager Linking

1. Load your farm, go to the "farm selector manager" in the yellow toolbox.

2. Click on "copy link", a brown chain icon will appear.

3. Click on the name of the farm you want to copy the link to, you will see a floating message that says "Farm Link copied to clipboard".

4. Then right click your mouse and "paste" the link into any post.

If you want to add your farm link to your signature, scroll down to "Putting your link in your Signature"

Alternative linking
These are instructions for linking your Facebook farm account where you only have one farm or are not able to load your farm.

I. Make sure you are logged on to your Facebook account.

II. Click Here . A new window will open titled "Diagnostic info".

III. At the top of the list you will see "User Id:" followed by a number. This number is your Farm Town ID. Make a note of it, you will need it to make your farm link.

IV. You can now create a link to your farm, here is the code you will need:

Just copy the code and replace 000000 with your Farm Town ID.

You now have your farm link which you can copy into any post.

Putting your link in your "Signature"

If you don't want your link to come up in every post you make you don't have to do this stage, if you do, keep on reading! Once you have your link you can just paste it into your post. If you'd rather it appear in every post automatically, do this final stage.

A. Click on "User CP" along the top of your screen.

B. Then click on "Edit Signature" which is down the left hand side of your screen.

C. Paste your link into the text box. (you found it in Step IV of Alternative linking or in Step 3 of Farm Selector Manager linking) and click "Save Signature".

You can now create links for more of your farms if you wish

Copy the same code you just made in Step IV of Alternative linking or in Step 3 of Farm Selector Manager linking and just change the "Y" at the end, after “&farm_ix= ” to...

”Y” for your default farm“0” for your 1st farm,
“1” for your 2nd farm, “2” for your 3rd farm,
“3” for your 4th farm,“4” for your 5th farm
and so on.

Please note that your signature cannot contain more than 500 characters.

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how to get my farm link

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