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Old Aug 07 2010, 08:59 AM
crb crb is offline
Join Date: Dec 02 2009
Posts: 95

Mi avatar es carmen

Mis votos son:
Granja A nº 2 Escalera al cielo
Granja B nº 3 Urb. La señora
Granja C nº 2 Inspiracion Zen
Granja D nº 4 Relax
Old Aug 08 2010, 11:52 AM
UKborn's Avatar
UKborn UKborn is offline
Join Date: Oct 11 2009
Location: Both Boston US & Birmingham UK
Posts: 39

My Avatar is Ukborn

Grupo A Granja nº 1 - Las brujas M.A.M.E.
Grupo B Granja nº 3 - Urbanización la Señora
Grupo C Granja nº 2 - Inspiracion Zen
Grupo D Granja nº 4 - Relax
Village of Four Oaks Manor

Final Contest Results farms in March 2010
Artist category:
2nd place - with 40 votes: Village of Four Oaks Manor U.S. - avatar Ukborn
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