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Old Oct 18 2022, 08:05 PM
BelliBut10 BelliBut10 is offline
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Why isn't the Dev's answering this question - I think we are all getting the message and I did put my e-mail address --- Now I'm wondering if its a virus...
Old Oct 18 2022, 08:11 PM
tammyjo408 tammyjo408 is offline
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did you read the announcement. they did mention it.
Old Oct 18 2022, 08:16 PM
crafty chris crafty chris is offline
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thank you for the update and yet again proving you care for the game and most importantly your farmers i for one am eternally grateful
Old Oct 18 2022, 08:24 PM
Snookie Sue Snookie Sue is offline
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Red face Tortured.

As I am OCD (and burned out after our last outage) I really want to do this but my husband is very, very wary. Looking forward to the mods and devs weighing in. How soon might this happen? Will there be any proof of security?
Old Oct 18 2022, 08:26 PM
amanda1955 amanda1955 is offline
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thanks for the update just re gave you my email even though linked facebook is a pain and I commend you on all your hard work well done
Old Oct 18 2022, 08:28 PM
JohnAlbertini JohnAlbertini is offline
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So no new larger tools to work the larger farms? Extremely disappointing, FRUSTRATING!!! Guess I'll not be enlarging my farms.
Old Oct 18 2022, 08:33 PM
Debby817 Debby817 is offline
Join Date: May 24 2012
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Thumbs up Thank you for the update!

Thank you to the team who have worked so hard to keep us afloat, and to provide us with new and interesting adds to the game. I have been here since 2009, and I intend to remain faithful. Thank you Raul and team for all you do!
Old Oct 18 2022, 08:45 PM
marymarcel's Avatar
marymarcel marymarcel is offline
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Hi Farmers

Please read point 4 about Securing your access to your Farmtown account. The message we are all receiving is not scam and nobody is trying to hack your accounts.

4. Securing your access to your Farmtown account: Most of our time in the past month has been dedicated to comply with new Facebook security requirements, and still, Farmtown was deactivated by Facebook for 1 week.

We decided that Farmtown will continue to be accessed on Facebook, however, if Facebook requirements become too demanding in the future, we may have to move Farmtown to our own dedicated website.

In this case, the only way to access your current Facebook Farmtown account will be if you have it linked to your email.

The next time you load the game, you will see a screen allowing you to link your current Facebook Farmtown account to your email.

If you have multiple Facebook Farmtown accounts, you will have to link each one to a different email.

If for some reason you lose access to the linked email inbox, please remember to link your Facebook Farmtown account again to another email, otherwise, you will not be able to access your Facebook Farmtown farms on the new Farmtown website.

When the new Farmtown website is ready, we will send you an email to the linked email you provided with instructions on how to access your Facebook Farmtown farms in the new Farmtown website.
Old Oct 18 2022, 08:56 PM
NJones277 NJones277 is offline
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In case y'all missed it - I can't expand any of my farms. I get the message that I have all the available expansion. I haven't expanded any of them, but would really like to do 1-15. Everything else works fine.
Old Oct 18 2022, 08:57 PM
Aussie Rae Aussie Rae is offline
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Originally Posted by wilmaf1int View Post
I am not doing this either, you would think something about this would be on the Forum ???
so you have not bothered to read the details in this latest update... I cannot believe how many people are commenting on here asking if its correct or not when the simplest thing to do is actually read the details....
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