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Old Oct 18 2022, 10:01 AM
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I have completed the farm pass with thirteen days to go. I know others have completed it days ago and that is with 7 days lost. I am hoping the Devs plan to expand the goals. I think 1000 points would work.

I had a thought about this... Completing the goals this early does allow me to enjoy all the acquired benefits for the 13 days. That is nothing to complain about. I do think 600 points is too low though.
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New Crop - Caraway!! I can't spell where the new restaurant is from, but it's European. LOL {apologies}

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Hi farmers

Thank you so much for your feedback on the August 24th New Release and the post release updates!

While we wait for next New Release please feel free to post any problems with the game in Help & Support, any feedback in General Feedback and your ideas for the game in our Suggestion section.

This thread is now closed.

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