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Old Mar 15 2022, 09:57 AM
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Default Posting issues and Wall Requests March 15, 2022

UPDATE 20:15 GMT - Posting and Wall Request Issues Resolved.

Please reload the game before you try to post if you have not done so already!!

Posting issues and Wall Requests

There is a recent issue with posting from the game to Facebook and also with them showing up in places like Facility Wall Requests and Other Wall Requests.

The developers are aware of the problem and are looking into it.
As posting from the game is tied to Facebook we may have to wait for them to fix this.

Even though when you post to Facebook the blue Post to Facebook button dims, your post will still make it to Facebook. It will not show up in any of the Wall Requests at this time so your friends will have to find them either from your profile or try setting their News Feed to Most recent to find the most recent game posts.

Once the Post to Facebook button has greyed out the posting box doesn't disappear as it should and show you your farm. So, while this issue is ongoing, you will have to reload the game after posting or after each each time you want to post to Facebook if you have a few to do.

There are several ways to do this: as long as you are not trying to post after working friends facilities by clicking the home icon to return home:

Before you post from the game:
  1. Load the game from either:

    • the Facebook bookmark at the left side of Facebook News Feed,

    • OR use a saved generic bookmark in your browser for either the game
      In case you need it here's the generic link for the game:

    • OR if you have saved your own farm link in your browser you can also use that to load the game before posting.

  2. THEN Post your Facility work Request and watch for the Post to Facebook button dimming.

  3. When It has dimmed, use one of these methods to reload the game tab:

    1. Use the keyboard shortcuts CTRL+R

    2. OR click on the refresh icon in your browser address bar, it's usually to the left or right of the address bar depending on the browser you are using.

    3. OR Use your saved bookmark for the game in your browser OR your saved farm link in your browser to reload.

    4. OR use the right click method:
      If your browser is allowing you to see part of your farm greyed out, make sure you move your mouse to a clear spot away from the game screen or any ads you may see from Facebook.
      Then right click your mouse and select Reload OR you may see Refresh from the menu

      Example of where to right click, area by the red arrow:

    There are many different browsers, so you will have to see which one of those will work for you.

    Important: If you were to try this method after clicking the home icon after working a friends facilities, it won't send you to your own farm, it will reload the facility request you just worked.

NOTES ABOUT Facebooks Newsfeed

The Most Recent icon that you can click on for filtering your Facebook News Feed to the most recent posts (all posts not just Farm Town posts) is over on the left side of Facebook New Feed.

If you are a member of any groups created for Farm Town, when you look in News Feed for your friends Farm Town Facility work request posts, make sure that the post is from one of your friends and not from a non-friend that may have posted to a group that you are also a member of because you can only work your friends facility requests, not those that you are not friends with.

There is no way to know if you have already worked a particular friends posts already.
You can like the post you see so that when if you come across it later on you will know that you have done it BUT this does not mark all that friends post should they post Facility work Requests again or more bonuses or ingredient requests.

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