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Old May 13 2019, 07:23 AM
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Need more Hammocks and Tuna
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Old May 16 2019, 08:32 PM
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Hi, didn't know where to put this.

I do a lot of designing for a neighbour of mine. What I find annoying is that;

1 I can't hide specific groups of trees etc
2 that I can't use items from my storage or her storage.
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Old May 16 2019, 08:47 PM
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I don't usually pay attention to how much product a facility produces unless I run out of it...until this week. I have the open pit mine for my super facility. I have one on almost every farm. In a 12 hour period they produced less than 1,000 of the amber; which is used in 13 other products. However, they produced over 100,000 aluminum ore; which is used in only 3 other products. Maybe the amounts could be averaged so we could get more amber. Thanks
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