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Old Feb 01 2022, 11:57 AM
JAXDAW JAXDAW is offline
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Thanks for all your work during the migration and continuing to add functionality. My clam production was doing well until the Chilean Restaurant was added. Prior daily requirements was 48 with a 15 day requirement of 720. I own 8 Fish Plants and 2 Turbo Fish Plants which means supply daily is 672. When the Chilean Restaurant is added I need to basically double my productions meet demand of 84 daily and 1260 for 15 days forcing me to buy 8 more Fish plants at $28 Farm Cash and 2 more Turbo Fish plants at $84/per farm cash - Totals $392 Farm Cash - Seems excessive. Can you please increase clam production?
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Old Feb 04 2022, 09:47 AM
linda315 linda315 is offline
Join Date: Dec 29 2016
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Hi Folks,
Thank you for the Turbo Petro Chemical Factory. It has been on my wish list for awhile now.
Are there any plans for a Turbo Rubber Factory and Turbo Cinnamon Factory?
I have all the coin factories, with multiples of most of them. I also have all the client facilities, with multiple of some of them.
When I post for facility work I get cleaned out of necessary ingredients from the basic factories really fast. It would be really helpful to have the Turbo factories for the above mentioned.
Thank you for your consideration.
Linda (who has been playing this game and spending money to make improvements since 2009!)
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Old Feb 08 2022, 01:52 PM
Mr. Green Feet Mr. Green Feet is offline
Join Date: Mar 25 2009
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Default Trees

It would be nice to be able to lock some trees from getting cut, because some trees I use as decorations.

Last edited by Taz D; Feb 08 2022 at 02:27 PM. Reason: Removed question - replies are not allow here.
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Old Feb 12 2022, 03:21 PM
bbarksda bbarksda is offline
Join Date: Sep 10 2018
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When hovering over a farm in show work info, add information that shows amount of time until time crop/tree/flower/whatever is completed. Would help in knowing when time for work to be done. Thanks for your consideration.
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Old Mar 03 2022, 11:50 AM
JAXDAW JAXDAW is offline
Join Date: Jun 07 2010
Posts: 103
Default clam production

Please increase clam production!
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Old Mar 05 2022, 09:29 AM
Zany Clover Zany Clover is offline
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I'd love to see uses now for jasmine - leaves and flowers can both be used as fragrance for creams, lotions, & perfumes. Also as a flavor for candy, baked goods, beverages--most notably tea. Jasmine essential oil from the flowers has health benefits to treat depression, infections, or use as an aphrodisiac (hehe). Jasmine oil can increase alertness and energy but low concentrations can have a calming effect on moods and nerve activity. - I'd also love to see cala lilies used in a bouquet or pot. Would be wonderful to see a new flower or two as well. Thanks for all your continuing efforts to make this an interesting game - Shirley Hancock alias Zany Clover
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Old Mar 07 2022, 06:53 AM
Susan Canning Susan Canning is offline
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Why is there no toilet paper in the rest rooms. An american friend said it was too personal, but we all use it and many of our facilities could make it and the shop could sell it.
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Old Mar 15 2022, 09:14 PM
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Alexandra_J Alexandra_J is offline
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Would love to see Carbonated Dandelion and Burdock (British), like the American Root Beer, in the drinks factory. Or an alcoholic version too.
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Old Mar 18 2022, 06:39 PM
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please increase pork and yeast some .you added a lot more products to make with theses and never raised the amt we make of the yeast or the pork.please increase it some thanks for listening
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Old Mar 20 2022, 07:30 PM
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Sqrl Sqrl is offline
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Bring back the little games within the game!
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