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Old Apr 17 2018, 01:27 PM
jmarie62 jmarie62 is offline
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Thumbs down Returning Player-Observations

I have returned to the game a few months ago after being absent for a few years. I was excited to return tho a bit bummed I had lost my previous farms.

With that said, I was also shocked that ALL of the reasons I quit the game were still major issues for me, including many NEW reasons that would have made me quit the game. People play FT for many reasons. For myself, it is about the laid-back, ease of the game that doesn't FORCE you to quest or have neighbors (unless you want to), and the decorating of different farms. The game is stress-free ...

However, I am really upset at what I've seen so far after returning.

1. The developers seem hell-bent on concentrating on facility after facility after facility. Every single update has to do with new facilities. This is a good area of the game, but without other needed and necessary updates as well, getting more and more facilities is NOT what I want to do.

2. There has been NO updates on avatars, looks, clothing, perhaps hands out of the pockets, African-American avatars still look like something out of an old Al Jolsen "black-face" sketch with NO realistic hair!

3. There has been little to no new decorations (minus the **** for whatever holiday is coming up, which, incidentally stays in gifting for months). Some people like to "theme" decorate such as Italy, Paris, Asian, Indian, etc. and there is nothing new!

4. Loading times have only gotten worse. Server crashes have only gotten worse. Disconnections have only gotten worse. A returning player would assume these are critical areas that should be fixed and worked on prior to providing a thousand facilities...#justmy2cents

5. Questing and Co-Op...these are new areas since I have returned and I must say they leave a LOT to be desired. For the amount of work and real time put into them, they pay out nothing worth it! So, I don't do them!

6. Trains/Ships...WAY too hard, time consuming, and real-dollar expensive for any type of benefit, in my opinion.

7. Hiring/Working Observation: I think it would be helpful to fix this area. Players should be able to see the level of person hiring you, and also the level of the person doing the hiring. I think it should be fixed that NO person should be able to hire someone on farms where there is NO work available. I also feel that players need to see if it is solo work or multiple hires BEFORE we accept a job.

8. About Neighbors: Why is it that when you work for a neighbor you get NO bonus??? When you have neighbors, that should be the ones that give the BEST bonus! Otherwise, why have neighbors? For a 10 fuel? NOT good folks! We should be able to give and get the VERY BEST in the game from our neighbors!

Rant over! I had hopes that the game would have been really updated by now. Thanks to all for reading. Happy Farming (if you can)
Old Apr 17 2018, 02:08 PM
Auntie Al Auntie Al is offline
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When you work for a neighbor using the Farmtowwn wall request, you get xp and a percentage of the items you help produce. You can use those items in your facilities or sell them at the market for coins. Those earnings can be significant.
Old Apr 21 2018, 08:02 AM
jmn120176 jmn120176 is offline
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I could excuse all the unnecessary updates and facilities if they'd concentrate on THE OBVIOUS GAMEPLAY AND LAGGING ISSUES. I don't know how many times I have to say it before they do something about it.

Hey guys, how about fixing the performance lag instead of focusing on adding new stuff to a game that isn't working right? Can you do that? Can you fix the overwhelmingly annoying gameplay issue? Can somebody work on that? Do you think you can maybe take a look at it and address it instead of just adding a bunch of new stuff for people to spend money on?

Not sure how much clearer I can make myself.
Old Apr 21 2018, 09:01 PM
notaparagod notaparagod is offline
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As far as ships go...the first few days, load one container. It only takes a few clicks. After the first week, you can have every container loaded in about an hour. It goes fast and you end up with a decent amount of products.
Old Aug 08 2018, 05:12 PM
Farmer Tony Farmer Tony is offline
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I have huge farms and NEVER have lagging issues.

And loading times have only DECREASED over the years since I've been playing.

I'm pretty sure it is more related to your internet connection/provider more so than the game. Could also be computer related, malware related and etc.

Keep up the great work Farmtown!!
"Time is Short" - King

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