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Old Jan 17 2021, 03:19 PM
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Originally Posted by rockcandymountain View Post
I totally understand how the irrigating works. What I am saying here is that the farm does not have the I after the crop. Which tells me that it is not irrigated.

But when I go to the sprinkler, then multi farms tab, the farm(s) are greyed out telling me they cant be irrigated.

There is a conflict of information being shown
Hi rockcandymountain,
If a farm is greyed out in there then its 20 hours between irrigation is not up. Even if the I is not after the crop you previously planted or is that does not tell you if you can irrigate again. The only thing that shows is in that chart.

For example if you planted a 4 hour crop and irrigated it, then when it was ready you planted another 4 hour crop. When you look at the first crop before harvesting it may show the I, but the 2nd crop would not because it wasn't irrigated. However, you still would not be able to irrigate the next crop because your 20 hours are not up.
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