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Old Mar 25 2013, 08:27 PM
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Default Welcome to the Suggestions Section

Suggestion Section

Please note all suggestion made in the past up until Apr 15, 2020 have been reviewed by the developers and so have been removed from this section to a list for them.

Please do not repost previously posted suggestions. We are asking for new suggestions that have not been posted before.

Hi, welcome to the suggestion section. As the name suggests the purpose of this section is to allow everyone to suggest new things or changes to the game.

Posting Rules

Unlike other sections of the forum, you cannot start a new thread in this section. There are existing threads for most topics so please use them.

If you cannot find a specific thread thread for your suggestion then please post in the ' My idea doesn't have a thread' one.

Please try to avoid making multiple suggestions in one post , unless they are all related to the one topic.

Commenting on suggestions

To allow members to feel comfortable about posting suggestions we have decided not to allow comments on suggestions... all comments and quotes of other posts will be removed.

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