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Old May 26 2020, 07:37 AM
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First let me start by saying hello
Sorry if there is a thread and I missed it, but I know you will move it where it belongs
I have made suggestions before and it happened so here is another.... and I hope I make sense - here goes...... lol
It is about working friends facilities, at the moment when first arrive on farm to help the farms that are workable are blue in colour and when worked they turn green but I have also notice some of my friends have heaps of farms and some have like 6 or more farms with only 1 facility so I have to keep going from one farm to another etc etc just to do just 1 facility, so my suggestion IF can is :- Is there any way that farms with only 1 facility can be a different colour as I find it time consuming and annoying at times doing so many farms when its 1 facility each I would rather know in advance which farms to do with more facilities and let the mayor do the others ......... I do the big work mayor can have the leftovers........ lol (like I said hope I made sense)........ thanks for reading

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