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Old Jan 22 2019, 10:23 PM
juvielwa juvielwa is offline
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Good evening, it would not be possible to streamline the export and import system with a button that allows you to do everything in one click .. that is, import everything, in one click and export as much as possible in one click. More and more facilities are added to the chain and it becomes slow. Thank you
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Old Jan 24 2019, 12:08 AM
guess who guess who is offline
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Sitting back here and watching as neighbor after neighbor wins farm cash either first or second from the chain quests After filling and placing my facilities up twice a day and doing all my neighbors facilities twice a day the highest I get is the amazing tenth. Certainly think there is a fault with the scoring system. But then I came to a conclusion.A big big fault with the scoring system, The system needs, not xp points for when you fill your facilities it should be xp points when you do other neighbors facilities.
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Old Jan 24 2019, 02:40 PM
earlgray earlgray is offline
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Some of the co-op quests call for ingredients that are so rarely used that it's almost impossible to complete them unless you find somebody with the identical quest. It would be nice if the number of sticky notes could be adjusted based on how commonly the ingredients needed were used. So quests that called for uncommon ingredients could have sticky notes for more than half the ingredients.
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Old Feb 03 2019, 03:03 AM
barbaraelwart barbaraelwart is offline
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Default Facility Chains Manager

When you go to the Facility Chains Manager to Import and Export, if you have a long list of people to Export to would it be possible for the side bar not to go back to the top after every one that you do ? I spend so much time dragging the bar down to get to the people at the bottom of the list

I know you have sorted this problem in other parts of the game and would be very happy if it could be done there.

Thank you
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Old Feb 11 2019, 12:45 PM
SirMatthew KC SirMatthew KC is offline
Join Date: Oct 22 2018
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I think FC facilities SHOULD NOT BE USED for quests/coop quests! Not all of us are rolling in FT cash, hence the need to complete quests/coops!! At the very least, could a quest/coop quest that requires a FC facility be IDENTIFIED at one so I don't waste my time chasing after ingredients only to discover when I'm more than 3/4 done and can actually SEE the facility name and find out it is a FC one. I find that extremely frustrating.
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Old Feb 13 2019, 05:09 PM
JAXDAW JAXDAW is offline
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The Tinajon is a wasted Co-op. The flowers are only used in this item and another farmer must have it. There are not enough tags to request from neighbors. Either increase the number of tags, increase the frequency of this co-op, or remove it.
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Old Feb 14 2019, 08:59 PM
jeannine_p's Avatar
jeannine_p jeannine_p is offline
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please streamline the import/export. the exporting takes so long because we have to keep scrolling thru the list of people to export to, after exporting to one person. the import at least gets rid of the person i just imported from, and then moves onto the next person. a tool that would allow me to export all at one click, and import all in one click would be excellent. its too time consuming now.
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Old Feb 19 2019, 01:58 PM
Karlene Karlene is offline
Join Date: Aug 05 2009
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Hi. My suggestion is for the facility chains. I would like a choice in the drop down menu in the market that would allow us to view only those items we have imported. This would cut down on the time it takes to scroll through all the items to sell the surplus items imported to the service chains. There is no way I could ever use all of the items. It would also be nice to see how many of the items actually were imported to the service chains. Thank you for your time.

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