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Old Jan 11 2019, 12:26 PM
Autumn06 Autumn06 is offline
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This is really hard to explain. After I have hired someone to work on my farms, say I hired him/her to fish, when I go to plant seeds on my crops (doesn't matter if we are on the same farm or not, but I always work on a different farm than my employee), my cursor to plant will not click on the crops if it hits the area on the screen that shows the message that person is working. I have to continue to move my screen around so that my cursor isn't any where near that space and even if I have it in full view. It's quite annoying. Can you fix it so that if my cursor hits the space on the screen that shows that message I will still be able to plant?

Same problem exists if I am working on someone else's farm
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Old Jan 12 2019, 11:12 AM
Autumn06 Autumn06 is offline
Join Date: Jul 24 2017
Posts: 65

Just like all the other tools; harvest/plow, flower tool, harvest tree tool, chop tool and turbo, that becomes available after loading a farm to work on and after completing a job on the farm, it would be very helpful if you could make the GREY mobile sprinkler tool available after loading a farm or after finishing another job that we were hired to do on our employers farm. (For those farms that have DEAD flowers or ONE DROP of water left). A lot of people don't water their own flowers and when given a large multi farm job with flowers and/or other job tasks, we have to do several steps before we can even start harvesting the flowers. The steps are 1. hover over tools, 2. click on mobile sprinkler, 3. click on farm to water, 4. click the green guy, 5. hover over tools, 6. click on flower tool. There are only a few people like myself who water their own flowers. It just takes too much time to do all 6 steps for say if I have 30+ farms to do. I love doing flowers, but it takes the fun out of it when we have to do the 6 steps before we can even begin to harvest the flowers. Most people have the grey mobile sprinkler tool so if ever hired to work on someone’s farm, either the employee or employer will have this tool already in their list of tools. I would be very much appreciated if you can make this possible and I am sure others will too ��

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Old Jan 16 2019, 11:37 AM
minxie63's Avatar
minxie63 minxie63 is offline
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not sure if this should go in this topic or another one... it would be awesome if there was a mouse-over in the store on the trees and flowers that would show the exact number of each one that we already have planted on our farms!
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Old Jan 16 2019, 03:54 PM
RoseArienh RoseArienh is offline
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I would really appreciate, and I'm sure I wouldn't be alone, if production of tambourines in the Musical Instruments Factory could be doubled. The facility costs FC and is supplying two other facilities, one FC, one coins. I'd love to fully supply both end facilities, but I draw the line at buying a second FC facility in order to fully supply one product.

Thanks, and please consider.
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Old Jan 24 2019, 09:04 AM
JohnAlbertini JohnAlbertini is offline
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Default Need ACTIVE neighbors and no FB friends are!

We really need to be able to add neighbors who are not our FB friends. ALL my FB friends who used to play stopped long ago when it became a HUGE time waster, LOL. So I have neighbors who never play! I need ACTIVE neighbors and don't have ANY!!!
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Old Jan 25 2019, 08:47 PM
ehrfarm ehrfarm is offline
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please you have not used anything that i have suggested but listen to this one . we have more products made with olive oil , can you please make veggie oil and peanut oil or any other cooking oil and use them instead of olive oil and please put these in a coin building please
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Old Jan 27 2019, 09:24 AM
machamo machamo is offline
Join Date: Aug 20 2011
Posts: 15

I have set up my farms to be pretty much self sufficient, but as the game moves forward it is getting harder to maintain my inventories and every time a fix is made to assist, it involves having to get neighbors and friends involved and a lot of extra time. Why not make all the coin start facs and tools to be worked by neighbors as I have 4.3 trillion coin and can't spend them. this would give more incentive to make coin. I am getting really frustrated with not being able to use my coins. PS: I also have 8 million of all crops in storage because there is no reason to sell them.
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Old Jan 28 2019, 03:41 AM
Dana1971 Dana1971 is offline
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Default FT Request Wall

Will you PLEASE put a LIKE Button beside the user's name so we can click it and they will know we've worked their farm....this leaving notes is for the birds!
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Old Jan 28 2019, 04:29 AM
RozeeS RozeeS is offline
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Join Date: Feb 14 2010
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In the Facility Manager could we please have a drop down box (for the regular facilities) to show Farm Cash facilities only. There are 9 other options in there, some I do not use, some I find useful, but I would find it so much better to see all my Farm Cash facilities together, so I can start them all, instead of having to trawl through all my facilities to find those ones. Thank you
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Old Jan 28 2019, 09:55 AM
PersimmonsChickens PersimmonsChickens is offline
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Default Incentive for long time players.

Maybe a couple times a year offer 1/2 price Farm cash items for long time players who have reached level 1000. There's quite a few FC things I need like tools and facilities, that will take a long time for me to get. Give people fair warning that a sale is coming, and to take advantage or lose out. I've worked at plenty farms where people have mega farms and terrible tools, I'm sure they'd jump on the opportunity to get better tools.
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