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Old Oct 17 2015, 08:33 PM
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ellenaussiefarm ellenaussiefarm is offline
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i am not sure if my suggestion would fit in to any of the other threads so i am putting it here how about when allowing super neighbours to store or sell you allow them to store all sell all instead of jsut storing selling one at a time it is a veyr long process to do one at a time thanks
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Old Dec 24 2015, 01:07 PM
peggyannvt peggyannvt is offline
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Thank you. I love begin able to go to storage and sell "non-ingredients for me".

Could we go to "ingredients from Facilities" and be able to sell the extra from what we need for 3 months or 6 months or a year?

That would be a delightful present from you folks
Happy Holidays on December 24, 2015
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Old Dec 24 2015, 04:17 PM
dorissau dorissau is offline
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And I am again pleading for a link in storage "non-ingredients for me" that allows us to sell HALF OF SELECTED.
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Old Dec 31 2015, 04:43 PM
max_river max_river is offline
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we need more storage space with all holliday stuff we run outof space
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Old Dec 31 2015, 05:52 PM
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More questions, than suggestions:

1. Please explain to me why the cost of farm size increases isn't consistent.
I upgraded Farms 7,15 to 26x26 it costs 30FC

To upgrade Farm 22 to 26x26 it costs 25FC or 4.5B coin
Farm 25 to 26x26 it costs 25FC or 10.5B coin
Why are these less to upgrade to same size than the two I upgraded?

Farm 23 to 24x24 it costs 25FC or 11B coin
Farm 24 to 24x24 it costs 25FC or 8B coin
Farm 28 to 24x24 it costs 25FC or 12B coin
Farm 26 to 22x22 it costs 25FC or 8.5B coin

There is no consistency in your costs. These farms should cost the same for ea increase. Between Farm 22 and 25 for the same upgrade 26x26 the coin cost is 6B.

Why is Farm 23 cost more to upgrade to 24x24 than Farm 24, and Farm 28 is even more for the same upgrade.
In fairness to all players, the cost of upgrades should be the same across the board.
In other words, all upgrades (regardless of which farm should be ex. 25 FC or 4B coin
It just jumps around so much!

Not sure what the answer is, but I think you owe a lot of us refunds on our FC.. we've overpaid on our upgrades to our farms due to your inconsistancy

2. We can't increase our storage if we can't increase our neighbors. The more farms we get the less storage we have to use to move stuff around etc.
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Old Feb 02 2016, 06:47 AM
leighwj1960 leighwj1960 is offline
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Since there seems to be no way to increase the storage capacity how about selling storage containers to store excess. The containers would work like the animal sheds and stored on the farms to free up space in storage.
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Old Feb 02 2016, 07:48 AM
Jean's Farm Jean's Farm is offline
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And Can I expand on this....could we use the storage containers to store all one catagory....seasonal, winter, farm, fun, etc??? Or be able to store all our equipment we bought like combines, plows etc and still have them work on any farm. And some way so we know which container holds what.

Like maybe buy the original one for FC but then be able to expand the storage in it with coins.

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Old Feb 04 2016, 10:48 PM
anotherfarmer anotherfarmer is offline
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I would love the storage to be easier to find things as in holidays etc...... so if want christmas, easter, valentines day etc etc they all in one area, as now some are named hearts and some valentine hearts and it makes it so hard just to get all 1 holiday items without scrolling the entire storage to get them.........
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Old Feb 21 2016, 02:25 PM
Dulcinea Dulcinea is offline
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I think this is the correct thread. It would be so, so helpful if I could search my storage in the Marketplace. There's a search option for the storage while I'm on my farm, but when I go into the Marketplace, that option disappears. It would be really useful if I could search through my ingredients as I'm selling them, for when I only want to sell certain items or when I want to be sure I'm not accidentally selling items I want to hold onto. Thanks for reading.
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Old Mar 14 2016, 08:37 AM
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FarmerMcLashwood FarmerMcLashwood is offline
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Now we have the option to buy the Super Storage threads... would it possible now for the seasonal items to be broken down into seasons, ie winter, easter etc., Its great we now able to put all our seasonal items in storage but it would make so much easier when we want to put seasonal items out onto the farm to be able to go to a particular season in storage.
Thanks for listening and if this is posted in the wrong place please remove and place in the proper place.
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