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Old Feb 26 2015, 04:01 PM
jr_country_boy jr_country_boy is offline
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When visiting or working for other farmers, their XP are displayed at the bottom left of the screen. It is fun to see what XP other players have achieved. If they have passed 100 Million, though, the display cannot show the entirety of their XP, so you dont see their actual XP, and cannot even tell if there are further digits not visible. Why not just abbreviate? (similar to what the game does now when seeing neighbor's XP by their name at the bottom left while on your own farm) Thus if a person has 115,000,000 XP, just show it as 115 M.
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Old Feb 28 2015, 10:41 PM
Shellgirlmtl Shellgirlmtl is offline
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Default Seasonal 'People'/People in General/Motion Items

Seasonal People - Ever since 'People' were introduced to the game I have always wondered why the Seasonal 'People' are considered Seasonal... Examples, Mother sitting on a bench with Baby in arms, Mother walking with little boy, Mother cat with kitties, Mother dog with puppies, etc. are only available during Mother's Day period; Dad on the stone bench with son, etc. only during Father's Day period; Bride & Groom, Young Couple walking, Old Couple walking, etc. only during Valentine period... I am sorry, but most of the 'People' items that are offered only during certain holiday periods should be year round... Why Bride & Groom only during Valentine's???, if you want to get specific, the month for weddings is June... The new Young Couple and Old Couple walking, introduced in the last release, should be available all the time... If they don't have a specific costume, they should be available in the store throughout the year... (I stocked up on the 'People' from this release... lol)
People in General - Would like to see 'People' in different colour of clothing... to make it simple, you can take an existing 'people' item and offer it in another colour also...
Motion Items - Same could be said for the cars, trucks, etc., they too can be offered in different colours... Also, would like to see some boats without the trailer...

Hope you will take my suggestions into consideration... I have a few other suggestions but this will do for now... I love this game; it's the only one I play and I do not post in the Forum often, only when I feel strongly about something... FT is my entertainment therefore, I spend over $100 CDN/month... I don't mind spending real cash on the game... I have all the necessary tools (for me) and the upgrades... was planning to buy the Transplanter but changed my mind, for now, when I realized I had to buy the 3 Multi Planters first... in my case, I don't need the Multi Planters, my farms are all set up and I don't plan to change them, but the Transplanter would come in handy to move existing flowers when I am revamping a farm... when the time comes, I will fork out the extra 150FC to get the Transplanter, but that's just me...

Thank you for such an enjoyable game... I dread the day (if ever) you decide to fold the FarmTown doors... I would be one unhappy Farmerette...

Farming since February 7, 2009
Level 875+
Farms 1-16, 19, 20, 33 & 34 @44x44
Farms 17,18, 21-32 @42x42
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Old Feb 28 2015, 11:26 PM
nancybl nancybl is offline
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I love this game,and have played for years now. But I have to say it's getting rather ridiculous to have to have 19 open pit mines and still don't have enough kaolin clay....I mean come on now, 19 and it's not enough????? This needs to be corrected! On the same note, I've had to plant literally 100's of coconut palm trees and can't seem to have enough coconuts!! You need to get the percentages corrected. I have to live with the fact I can't get enough potpourri and oyster pearls due to the fact that they are cash facilities and I, along with many other farmers, just don't have funds to put into the game. You just brought a condiment factory into the game and knowin it's goin to end up usin lots of this in the many many facilities that we have, you have chosen to make it a cash item. Please consider there are more that can't afford to use their personal cash than ones that can. Thanks.
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Old Mar 01 2015, 01:11 AM
craftyoldlady7 craftyoldlady7 is offline
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I have played since 2008 and really love the game! I have several suggestions similar to this one. Need more storage for harvests seems odd that sowing 2 large full farms of wheat and I can't fully fill 2 windmills. Also the coconuts and pine trees I have thousands of each and still don't have enough. Like this lady said you need to work on that. And then there is speed: since the last update the game has slowed considerably. I now spend on average of 10 to 12 hrs a day(night) just trying to keep up with what I need for my facilities. That leaves no time to help my neighbors or scroll facebook for bonuses. Many of us have jobs (lives) outside of FT and can't spend that kind of time on it as much as we really would like to. I think it would be a BIG help if we could harvest trees and flowers with one click per farm per type of flower or tree. By that I mean to harvest all the roses on 1 farm we just click one rose and all roses are done on that farm or click one tree to harvest or chop and all of that type (maple, apple etc) would be harvested. I would gladly pay real money to do this as my flowers and trees are scattered all over farms as decorations rather than in groups. For me that is the best part of the game. Thank you for a real fun game hope you continue!
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Old Mar 01 2015, 01:52 AM
harrywhitmore@comcast.net harrywhitmore@comcast.net is offline
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Question , i would like to see a special application to farmtown ,lets say i want to change my 3x3 to a 9x9 and i have facilities , trees , etc on that farm ,ok is it possible to have a renovation (mode) for a given amount of time to over ride every thing on the farm temporarily so i can up grade my fields , now when i am finished my upgrade i can return to my normal settings and have all my facilities etc back in place ,,I HAVE BIG FARMS AND NOT ENOUGH SPACE IN STORAGE FOR ALL MY EXTRAS , THANK YOU

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Old Mar 01 2015, 04:55 AM
jmfslots jmfslots is offline
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The new elevated train tracks need an underpass or an open road crossing section. This is why I have not used any elevated tracks yet.
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Old Mar 01 2015, 11:40 AM
DizzyMiss DizzyMiss is offline
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There are now 38 products requiring Oak Lumber - although I have more Oak logs than I can use I cannot produce sufficient lumber.
The sawmill only produces 18 units every 2 hours; could you look at either speeding the production up or increasing the volume produced - OR even BOTH?
Thank you
Frustrated "lumberjack" Dizzy
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Old Mar 02 2015, 01:08 AM
c.abell c.abell is offline
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Production needs to be increased for "Pearl Oyster Containers"; and, the "cane" in the Disability Supplies Factory. I have 16 Fish Farms and 2 Disability Supplies Factories and cannot keep up with the demand for either.
Easy Creek
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Old Mar 03 2015, 01:33 PM
nancybl nancybl is offline
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I have some suggestions regarding some products. 1. Prosciutto-used for italian sandwich only...sells in one facility only the sandwich shop, I own 2 smokehouse's yet not enough. Increase the production of prosciutto. 2. Pearl oysters-used to make women bracelet and variety necklace- sold only in handmade jewelry stall- I have one of each and 4 fish farming plants, so again, why isn't there enough pearls? Increase production of pearls oysters. 3. Kaolin Clay Rock-produced in open pit mines-currently used in 11 products, loaded into 7 facilities yet 19 open pit mines don't have enough to fill these facilities. The production of this needs to be increased to make that many products. 4. Coconuts-this also needs to be changed as they are used in numerous products and facilites. So the harvest time needs to be reduced so they can be harvested quicker.
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Old Mar 03 2015, 03:43 PM
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I have a suggestion about the coconuts--there are numerous ways to use the coconut, so make it where the coconut milk can be used in the nut milk factory, the shell used for the decorations, and the meat of the coconut used in the food production facilities. One coconut used 3 different ways.
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