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Old Jan 03 2018, 05:12 AM
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I play every day and enjoy it , my daughters got me started almost right at the beginning > they quit playing years ago .... Several years ago , I foresaw that if I kept on trying to buy all the FarmCash factories , that I would have to spend so much time , it would begin to seem like work .... I only buy the coin factory releases and save my FC for tools ... I grow Dragon Fruit on most of my farms - for high coin income .. the rest grow factory needs .... I haven't spent real money on Farmcash in a long time .... I admit I used to spend $9 every few months , but since I decided to stop buying the FC factories .... I'm more relaxed playing .... I manage to collect 1 - 2 FC from Both the quests most weeks , in spite of not having a lot of the factories .... I love the game because everyone can play differently and relax .... if you let pressure to play 'intensively' by your neighbors ruin the relaxing nature of the game .... you should think about getting more laid back neighbors ...
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Old Jan 04 2018, 11:51 PM
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Yes it was more fun before it became factory farming!!!!!! I would rather go back to fishing with the fishing pole than to spend so much time on facilities!
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