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Here is a list of products from facilities that are used in Service facilities

Products starting with letters M and N

Macadamia Grouper - Taste of Australia
Macaroni and Cheese - Kids Breakfast Club
Macaroni Salad - Taste of Hawaii
Macaroni-Beef Veggies - Day Care
Mackerel Run Down - Taste of Jamaica
Magazine Box - Library
Magician Hat - Circus
Mailbox Rentals - Post Office
Malaysian Coconut Rice - Taste of Malaysia
Malaysian Fruit Salad - Taste of Malaysia
Male Swimwear - Summer Store
Mallet - Log Cabin Supplies Store
Man Hole - Water Plant
Man Straw Hat - Straw Market
Manchego - Artisan Cheese Store
Manti - Taste of Turkey
Manti - Turkish Restaurant
Manual Can Opener - Disaster Protection Shop
Manual Resuscitator - Ambulance
Manual Seeder - Farmart
Maple Mead - Meadery
Maple Plank Set - Tile Outlet
Maracas - Music Conservatory
Marble Tile Set - Tile Outlet
Marbles Run Set - Kids Discovery Academy
Marimba and Mallets - Music Conservatory
Marine Stretcher - Seaquarium
Marker Flags - Irrigation Supplies Shop
Marshmallows - Candy Store
Martial Arts Belts - Martial Arts School
Martini Glass - Bar Supplies Shop
Mascara - Beauty Salon
Masking Tape - Paint Shop
Massage Brush - Day Spa
Matambre a la Pizza - Taste of Argentina
Matcha Ice Cream - Taste of Japan
Material Mixer Bowl - Dental Clinic
Mattress Protector - Household Linens Store
Mayonnaise - Culinary School
Meal Prep Container - Soup Kitchen
Measuring Spoon Set - Cheese- Butter Crafters World
Measuring Stick - Cattle Show
Measuring Tape - Log Cabin Supplies Store
Meat Pie - Taste of Australia
Meat Sambusas - Taste of Ethiopia
Meatballs - Taste of Scandinavia
Mechanical Shark - Movie Studio
Medicine Cabinet - Home Depot Store
Meditation Cushion - Buddha Shop
Men Bracelet - Handmade Jewelry Stall
Mermelada de Guayaba - Taste of Latin America
Merry Go Round - Playground
Metal Mix Earrings - Handmade Jewelry Stall
Microwave Turntable - Appliance Service Center
Milanesa and Mash - Taste of Argentina
Milk Caramels - Candy Store
Milk Carton - Bottling Plant
Milk Thermometer - Cheese- Butter Crafters World
Milk with Coffee - Bed and Breakfast
Milking Station - Farmart
Mince Meat Kebab - Taste of Iran
Minced Meat Rolls - Taste Of Romania
Minced Pork Rice - Taste of Tiawan
Mini Hurdle- Kids Sports Store
Minion Mascot - Balloon Bust Booth
Mint Herbal Tea - Tea House
Minted Lamb Cutlets - Cruise Ship, Taste of Australia
Missile Fireworks - Fireworks Shop
Mix-Fruits Energy Bar - Nutritional Supplement Store
Moccasins - Indian Trading Post
Model Locomotive - Hobby Shop
Model Track Switch - Hobby Shop
Mofongo - Taste of Puerto Rico
Moisturizer - Day Spa
Mojito - Casino
Monitoring Panel - Cruise Ship
Monkey Food - Zoo Park
Monument Sign - Signworks Shop
Moqueca - Taste of Brazil
Mosaic Frame - Framing Shop
Mosquito Net - Explorer Shop
Motor Hair Clipper - Barber Shop
Mouthpiece - Jazz Music Band
Mouthwash- Contemporary Pharmacy Store
Movie Trophy - Trophy Shop
Mozzarella - Artisan Cheese Store
Mugo Pine Bonsai - Garden Center
Multi Frame - Framing Shop
Multicolor Roses Bouquet - Banquet Hall
Multiflowers Bouquet - Event Catering Services
Multi-purpose Scaffold - House Building Company
Mushroom Burger - Pub
Mushroom Pizza - Mobile Catering Trailer
Music Memory Game - Kids Discovery Academy
Music Sheet Notebook - Classical Music Band
Music Stand - Classical Music Band
Mussels with Fry - Taste of Belgium

Nachos - Movie Theater
Nail Cleaning Brush - Nail Salon
Nail Clipper - Contemporary Pharmacy Store
Nail Drill - Nail Salon
Nail Nipper - Nail Salon
Nail Polish - Beauty Salon
Nanaimo Bar - Taste of Canada
Nasal Aspirator - Day Care
Nasi Goreng - Taste of Indonesia
Native Indian Shack - Natural History Museum
Nautical Block - Boat Yard
Navajo Tacos - Taste of Native America
Neck Duster - Barber Shop
Neck Sweat - Cattle Show
Necklace - Bridal Shop
Nemo Mascot - Balloon Bust Booth
Net Gun - Wildlife Removal Services
Network Cable - Data Center
Network Patch Tool - Data Center
Network Wall Plate - Data Center
Network Wire Tester - Data Center
New Eng Clam Bake - Taste of New England
New Home Card - Realtor Shop
Nicoise Salad - Taste of France
Nightgown - Lingerie Store
Nipple Waterer - Pig Show Facility
No Smoking Sign - Fireworks Shop
Noodle Kugel - Taste of Jewish Culture
Nopalitos Salad - Taste of Mexico
Nordic Breakfast - Taste of Scandinavia
Nunchaku - Martial Arts School
Nut Wire Connectors - Electrician Shop
Nuts Energy Bar - Nutritional Supplement Store

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Here is a list of products from facilities that are used in Service facilities

Products starting with letters O and P

Oats And Corn Flakes - Supermarket
Ocarinas - Music Conservatory
Ocean Pie - Taste of Britain
Octopus A La Gallega - Taste of Spain
Octopus Balls - Taste of Japan
Octopus Couscous - Taste of Africa
Oil Paint - Paint Shop
Oil Paper Umbrella - Straw Market
Okonomiyaki - Taste of Japan
Old Man Sculpture - Art Gallery
Olympic Mascot - Balloon Bust Booth
Onion Pizza - Hippodrome
Open Sandwich - Taste of Scandinavia
Optical Toolkit - Eye Clinic
Orange Blossom Herbal Tea - Tea House
Orange Freeze Pop - Snack Machine
Orange Juice - Supermarket
Orange Marmalade - Fruit Stand
Orange Soda - Sports Arena
Orange Water - Beach Motel
Oriental Doll Mascot - Balloon Bust Booth
Ossobuco Milanese - Taste of Italy
Outdoor Table - Restaurant Supplies Shop
Outlet Baffle - Farm Town Septic Services
Overall - Mini Mall
Oxtail Stew - Taste of Jamaica
Oxygen Mask - Airline Terminal
Oxygen Outlet - Ambulance
Oxygen Tank - Beach Gear Rental
Oyster Omelette - - Taste of Tiawan
Oyster Vermicelli - Taste of Tiawan

Pabellon a Caballo - Taste of Venezuela
Pad Thai - Taste of Thailand
Padded Bra- Lingerie Store
Paddle Churn - Cheese- Butter Crafters World
Page Nibs - Library
Paint Brush - Paint Shop
Paint Chips - Paint Shop
Paint Scraper - Paint Shop
Pall - Funeral Home
Pallet - Post Office
Palmassager - Day Spa
Pan Fried Walleye - Taste of Midwest America
Pancakes and Bacon - Lunch Truck
Pancit - Taste of The Philippines
Panpipe - Music Conservatory
Panties - Lingerie Store
Paper Mat - Car Dealer
Paper Towel - FarmTown Janitorial Services
Paperweight - Gift Shop
Parallel Walking Bars - Rehabilitation Center
Parking Blocks Set - Multi Level Parking
Parking Bollard - Multi Level Parking
Parking Pass - Multi Level Parking
Parking Sign - Multi Level Parking
Parmesan - Artisan Cheese Store
Parrot Climbing Tree - Bird Shop
Parrot Treat - Bird Shop
Party Invitation - Party Shop
Passion Herbal Tea Lemonade - Tea House
Paste Wax - Car Wash
Pasteles - Taste of Puerto Rico
Pastelon - Taste of Puerto Rico
Patacones with Hogao - Taste of Colombia
Patagonian Lamb - Taste of Argentina
Patio Lamp - Lamp Shop
Pavement Marker - Public Transport Office
Pavlova - Taste of Australia
Peace Pipe - Indian Trading Post
Peace Trophy - Trophy Shop
Peach Jam - Jams Palace
Peach Slices - Fruit Stand
Peacock Hat - Hat Shop
Peanut Butter Energy Bar - Nutritional Supplement Store
Peanut Snack - Gas Station
Pear Slices - Event Catering Services
Pecan Coffee - Coffee World
Pecan Pralines - Taste of New Orleans
Pedal - Bike World
Pediatric Gait Trainer - Rehabilitation Center
Pediatric Table Paper - Pediatric Clinic
Pedicure Bowl - Nail Salon
Peeled Log Pile - Log Cabin Supplies Store
Pempek - Taste of Indonesia
Pen Divider Gate - Pig Show Facility
Pen Set - Modern School
Pencil Set - Modern School
Pendant - Handmade Jewelry Stall
Penthouse Lease Contract - Luxury Apartments Building
Pepper Mill - Restaurant Supplies Shop
Pepperoni Pizza - Movie Theater
Perfume - Beauty Salon, Mini Mall
Perico with Arepa - Taste of Venezuela
Perogies - Taste of Poland
Persian Herb Omelette - Taste of Iran
Persian Herb Stew - Taste of Iran
Persian Ice Cream - Taste of Iran
Pesto - Culinary School
Pet Lint Roller - Pet Shop
Pho Soup - Taste of Vietnam
Phone Armband - Mobile Carrier Store
Phone Stand - Mobile Carrier Store
Photo Album - Photography Studio
Photo Frame - Funeral Home
Photo Prop Hat - Photography Studio
Pica Chicken - Taste of Dominican Republic
Picada - Taste of Argentina
Pickled Herring - Taste of Germany
Pig Feeder - Pig Show Facility
Pig Pellets - Animal Feed Store
Pigs in Blankets - Taste of Britain
Pike Dumplings - Taste of Germany
Pilates Ladder-Barrel - Gym
Pillowcase - Household Linens Store
Pilot Ranks - Airline Terminal
Pin Cushion - Haberdashery Store
Pin Set - Office Depot
Pina Colada - Cruise Ship
Pinata - Party Shop
Pineapple Ice Cream - Fair Food Stand
Pineapple Mint Water - Beach Motel
Pinewood Derby Kit - Hobby Shop
Ping Pong Racket - Sports Arena
Pink Food Color - Fancy Food Show
Pinocchio Mascot - Balloon Bust Booth
Pipe Cutter - Plumbing Shop
Pipe Wrench - Plumbing Shop
Pirate Flag - Movie Studio
Pirozhki - Taste of Russia
Pisca Andina - Taste of Venezuela
Pistachios Snack - Explorer Shop
Pizza Box - Soup Kitchen
Pizza Capricciosa - Taste of Italy
Pizza Capricciosa - Taste of Italy
PJ Set - Lingerie Store
Plant Decor - Home Decor Store
Plantain Chips - Snack Machine
Plantain Empanadas - Taste of El Salvador
Plate Lunch - Taste of Hawaii
Plate Set - Party Shop
Playing Cards - Casino
Plum Jam - Jams Palace
Plumb Bob - Log Cabin Supplies Store
Plumbing Toolbox - Plumbing Shop
Plunge Churn - Cheese- Butter Crafters World
Plunger - Public Restrooms
Po Boy Sandwich - Taste of New Orleans
Poke Salad - Taste of Hawaii
Poker Chips Tray - Casino
Poker Table - Casino
Pole Pruner - Orchard Supplies Shop
Pole-mount Transformer - Power Plant
Police Dog Harness - K9 Training Facility
Polisher - Car Wash
Pollen Trap - Beekeeping Shop
Pollo a la Brasa - Taste of Latin America
Polynesian Canoe - Natural History Museum
Pomegranate Walnut Stew - Taste of Iran
Pool Cleaner - Pool Shop
Pool Cue Set - Pub
Pool Eyeballs - Pool Shop
Pool Hoop Game - Summer Store
Pool Ladder - Pool Shop
Pool Table Brush - Pub
Pool Table - Billiard Hall
Popcorn Machine - Indoor Playground
Popsicle Stick Set - Hospital
Porcelain Dish - Banquet Hall
Porcelain Golden Cup - Tea House
Porcelain Tile Set - Home Depot Store
Porcupine Hairbrush - Barber Shop
Pork a Alentejana - Taste of Portugal
Pork Adobo - Taste of The Philippines
Pork Bavarian - Taste of Germany
Pork Belly WrapTaste of Korea
Pork Breaded Cutlet - Taste of Poland
Pork Cashew Nuts - Taste of Thailand
Pork Knuckle - Taste of Germany
Pork Locrio - Taste of Dominican Republic
Pork Ribs Tea - Taste of Malaysia
Pork Sancocho - Taste of Colombia
Pork Scallopini - Luxury Hotel
Pork Tenderloin Sandwich - Taste of Midwest America
Porkolt - Taste of Hungary
Portable Bar - Event Catering Services
Portable Display Ramps - Car Dealer
Portable Shower Stall - Personal Aid Shop
Portable Suction Unit - Ambulance
Portfolio - Office Depot
Porthole - Boat Yard
Portuguese Steak - Taste of Portugal
Postcard - Gift Shop
Potato Chips - Movie Theater
Potato Salad - Taste of Germany
Potpourri - Luxury Hotel, Townmart
Poultry Mix - Animal Feed Store
Poutine - Taste of Canada
Power Bank - Mobile Carrier Store
Prayer Beads - Buddha Shop
Prayer Flags - Buddha Shop
Premium Cat Food - Pet Shop
Premium Dog Food - Pet Shop
Premium Fish Food - Pet Shop
Press - Cheese- Butter Crafters World
Pressure Gauge - Irrigation Supplies Shop
Price Tag Rolls - Mini Mall
Prie Dieu - Funeral Home
Printer Ink Cartridge - Office Depot
Professional Lens - Photography Studio
Propeller - Airline Terminal
Protective Chaps - Lumberjack Shop
Protein Bites - Nutritional Supplement Store
Protein Shake - Nutritional Supplement Store
Pub Table - Pub
Pulled Pork Sandwich - Soup Kitchen
Pulpit - Funeral Home
Pumpkin Custard - Taste of Thailand
Pumpkin Pie - Gas Station
Pumpkin Spice Coffee - Coffee World
Punch Bowl - Event Catering Services
Punching Bag - Gym
Punk Igniters - Fireworks Shop
Pupil Distance Ruler - Eye Clinic
Puppet - Theater
Pupusas - Taste of El Salvador
Purple Food Color - Fancy Food Show
Pushers and Puck - Arcade Game Center
Puzzle Floor Tiles - Indoor Playground

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Here is a list of products from facilities that are used in Service facilities

Products starting with letters Q and R

Queen Catcher - Beekeeping Shop
Quesillo - Taste of Venezuela
Quilt - Household Linens Store
Quoits Set - Lawn Games Shop

Rabbit Fleece Slippers - Mini Mall
Rabbit Hutch - Farm Depot
Radio - Electronics Store
Rain Chain - Gutter Repair Services
Rain Gauge - Weather Station
Rain Sensor - Irrigation Supplies Shop
Rainbow Rolls - China Buffet
Raisins - Snack Machine
Ramen - Taste of Japan
Ranch Dressing - Culinary School
Raspber n Rhubarb Jelly - Jam and Jelly Factory
Raspber n Rhubarb Jelly - Jams Palace
Raspberry Mate Herbal Tea - Tea House
Raspberry Yogurt - Modern School, Kids Breakfast Club
Rawhide Mallet - Furniture Repair Shop
Reacher - Personal Aid Shop
Reading Magnifier - Library
Reading Pen - Bookstore
Reading Support Pillow - Bookstore
Realtor Girl Shirt - Realtor Shop
Realtor Pin - Realtor Shop
Rear-View Mirror - Car Repair Shop
Rectangular Bucket - Window Cleaning Services
Red Berry Pudding - Taste of Scandinavia
Red Curry - Taste of Thailand
Red Flower Painting - Art Gallery
Red Food Color - Fancy Food Show
Red Roses Bouquet - Bridal Shop
Red Wine Aged 4yr - Banquet Hall
Reed Cheese Mat - Cheese- Butter Crafters World
Reflector - Photography Studio
Reflex Hammer - Pediatric Clinic
Refrigeration Pipes - Ice Rink
Rein - Tack Shop
Remote Control Car - Hobby Shop
Remote Control Transmitter - Hobby Shop
Reptile Tree - Zoo Park
Rescue Hook - Pool Shop
Rescue Whistle - Explorer Shop
Reserve Parking Barrier - Multi Level Parking
Retro Bowling Poster - Bowling Alley
Reusable Shopping Bag - Mini Mall
Revolver - Police Station
Reward Ticket Dispenser - Arcade Game Center
Rhubarb Crumble - Taste of Britain
Rhubarb Pie - Gas Station
Ribbed Septic Tank - Farm Town Septic Services
Rice n Pigeon Peas - Taste of Puerto Rico
Rice Pudding - Taste of Peru
Riding Helmet - Rodeo
Rigid Hand Fan - Straw Market
Ring Pillow - Bridal Shop
Ring - Bridal Shop
Roast Lamb - Taste of New Zealand
Roasted Chestnuts - Nut Shop
Roasted Chicken - Mobile Catering Trailer
Roasted Eggplant Dip - Taste of Egypt
Roasted Mixed Nuts - Nut Shop
Roasted Pork - Taste of Cuba
Robot Building Set - Kids Discovery Academy
Rocker - Day Care
Rocking Horse - Day Care
Rodent Paste Bait - Wildlife Removal Services
Rola Bola - Circus
Rolling Ladder - Library
Roman Head - Natural History Museum
Romanian Cabbage Rolls - Taste Of Romania
Romanian Chicken Salad - Taste Of Romania
Romanian Doughnuts - Taste Of Romania
Romanian Polenta - Taste Of Romania
Roof Ladder Hook - Wildlife Removal Services
Roof Panel - Roof Repair Services
Roof Tiles - Roof Repair Services
Roof Vent - House Building Company
Room Decal Kit - Pediatric Clinic
Room Divider - Home Decor Store
Room Service Table - Hotel
Ropa Vieja- Taste of Latin America
Rope Halter - Tack Shop
Rope Jungle Gym - Playground
Rope Leash - K9 Training Facility
Rope Wire Brush - Rodeo
Roping Dummy - Rodeo
Rose Hips Soup - Taste of Scandinavia
Rose Petal Candle - Candle Palace
Roto Brush - Sheep Show Facility
Rotor Sprinkler - Irrigation Supplies Shop
Roulette Wheel - Casino
Rounded Log Gate - Fencing Store
Rubber Boots - Fishing Tackle Shop
Rubber Duckie - Baby Store, Pet Shop
Rubber Gloves - FarmTown Janitorial Services
Rubber Tile Set - Tile Outlet
Rudder - Boat Yard
Rugelach - Taste of Jewish Culture
Rum Cashews - Nut Shop
Russian Salad - Taste of Russia
Rustic Wall Shelf - Shelf Gennie

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Here is a list of products from facilities that are used in Service facilities

Products starting with letter S

Sachertorte - Taste of Austria
Sacred Om - Buddha Shop
Saddle Bag - Bar Supplies Shop
Saddle Blanket - Tack Shop
Safety Belt - Power Plant
Safety Vest - Uniform Outlet
Sail with Mast - Boat Yard
Sake Shots - Hibachi Japanese Restaurant, Taste of Japan
Salesman Uniform - Uniform Outlet
Salvadoran Breakfast - Taste of El Salvador
Salvadorian Quesadilla - Taste of El Salvador
Samosas W/Chutney - Taste of India
Sancocho - Taste of Latin America
Sandbag - Disaster Protection Shop
Sandblasted Sign - Signworks Shop
Sandpaper - Hardware Shop
Sandwich Supreme - Gas Station
Sandwich with Veggies - Modern School
Sandwich - Gas Station
Santa Sock - Holiday Shop
Satin Gloves - Cabaret
Sauerbraten - Taste of Germany
Sausage and Chips - Taste of Britain
Sauteed Lomo Steak - Taste of Peru
Sax Cleaning Swab - Jazz Music Band
Scallion Pancakes - Taste of Tiawan
Scarecrow - Farmart
Scent Blocks - Craft Store
Scented Candles - Banquet Hall, Townmart
Science Trophy - Trophy Shop
Scooter - Townmart
Scotch Eggs - Taste of Britain
Scottish Oat Cakes - Taste of Scotland
Scottish Stovies - Taste of Scotland
Scout Badge - Scout Shop
Scout Neckerchief - Scout Shop
Scout Signal Flags - Scout Shop
Scrabble - Nursing Home
Scrambled Eggs Breakfast - Bed and Breakfast, Kids Breakfast Club
Scrapbook - Craft Store
Scrubber - FarmTown Janitorial Services
Seafood Feijoada - Taste of Portugal
Seafood Linguine - Cruise Ship
Seafood Paella - Taste of Spain
Seafood PancakeTaste of Korea
Seal Food - Seaquarium
Seasame Chicken - Event Catering Services, Taste of China
Seasoned Nuts - Nut Shop
Seat Belt - Airline Terminal
Seawater Bait - Fishing Tackle Shop
Sedimentation Tank - Water Plant
Selfie Stick - Mobile Carrier Store
Seminole Hominy - Taste of Native America
Semolina Cake - Taste of Egypt
Sensitive Skin Cream - Honey Shop
Sensory Swing - Special Needs School
Septic Distribution Box - Farm Town Septic Services
Septic Tank Filter - Farm Town Septic Services
Septic Tank Riser - Farm Town Septic Services
Septic Tank - House Building Company
Server Rack - Data Center
Sesame Chicken - Event Catering Services, Taste of China
Sewer Hose - Water Plant
Sewing Machine - Haberdashery Store
Sewing Thread - Haberdashery Store
Sewing Tracing Wheel - Haberdashery Store
Shaking Beef - Taste of Vietnam
Shape Learning Kit - Kids Discovery Academy
Shashlik - Taste of Russia
Shawarma Wraps - Taste of Egypt
Sheep Halter - Sheep Show Facility
Sheep Tube - Sheep Show Facility
Shelf Clock Movement - Clock Shop
Shepherds Pie - Taste of Britain
Shingle Remover - Roof Repair Services
Ship Bell - Cruise Ship
Ship in Bottle - Gift Shop
Ship Wheel - Boat Yard
Shiro Wot - Taste of Ethiopia
Shirt - Mini Mall
Shoe Covers - Realtor Shop
Shoe Cubbies - Indoor Playground
Shoe Last - Cobbler Shop
Shoe Rasp - Cobbler Shop
Shoe Stretcher - Cobbler Shop
Shopping Cart - Supermarket
Shoulder Wheel - Rehabilitation Center
Show Barn Fan - Sheep Show Facility
Show Box - Sheep Show Facility
Show Rail - Sheep Show Facility
Shower Curtain - Household Linens Store
Shower Drain - Plumbing Shop
Shower Frame - Home Depot Store
Shower Seat - Personal Aid Shop
Shrimp Madras - Taste of India
Shrimp Stuffed Tomatoes - Taste of Belgium
Sign Board - Restaurant Supplies Shop
Signal Mirror - Explorer Shop
Silage - Animal Feed Store
Silver Beaver Medal - Scout Shop
Silver Frame - Framing Shop
Singing Bowl - Buddha Shop
Sink Trap - Plumbing Shop
Siren - Electronics Store
Skate Guards - Ice Rink
Ski Poles - Winter Sports Supplies
Skidding Tongs - Lumberjack Shop
Skimmer Basket - Pool Shop
Skis - Winter Sports Supplies
Skylight Dome - Roof Repair Services
Sleep Mask - Travel and Luggage Store
Sleeping Cushion - Airline Terminal
Sleeping Pillow - Household Linens Store
Sliced Pancake Soup - Taste of Austria
Slide - Playground
Smartwatch Lux Strap - Mobile Carrier Store
Smoke Bush Bonsai - Garden Center
Smoked Salmon n Chips - Rodeo
Snake Folding Puzzle - Kids Discovery Academy
Snake Plant Pot - Garden Center
Sneakers - Mini Mall
Snorkel - Beach Gear Rental
Snow Pusher - Ice Rink
Snowball Launcher - Winter Sports Supplies
Snowboard - Winter Sports Supplies
Soaker Hose - Orchard Supplies Shop
Soap - Public Restrooms
Soba Noodles - Taste of Japan
Soccer Trophy - Trophy Shop
Sofa Cushion - Home Decor Store
Soft Cervical Collar - Ambulance
Soft Tofu StewTaste of Korea
Solyanka - Taste of Russia
Sombrero - Hat Shop
Somloi Galuska - Taste of Hungary
Sorting Panel - Pig Show Facility
Sorting Rattle Paddle - Pig Show Facility
Soto Ayam - Taste of Indonesia
Soup Bowl - Soup Kitchen
Soup Can - Bottling Plant
Sour Fish Soup - Taste of Vietnam
Sour Herring - Taste of Scandinavia
Sour Herring - Taste of Scandinavia
Sour Rye Soup - Taste of Poland
Soused Herring - Taste of The Netherlands
Southland Cheese Roll - Taste of New Zealand
Space Shuttle Kit - Hobby Shop
Spaghetti On Toast - Taste of New Zealand
Spaghetti Puttanesca - Taste of Italy
Spaghetti w/ Meatballs - Mobile Catering Trailer
Spanish Tortilla - Hotel, Taste of Spain
Spark Plug - Car Repair Shop
Spearfishing Fins - Spearfishing Shop
Spearfishing Mask - Spearfishing Shop
Spearfishing Wetsuit - Spearfishing Shop
Speargun - Spearfishing Shop
Special Needs Steamroller - Special Needs School
Speed Bump - Public Transport Office
Spice Herbal Tea - Tea House
Spiced Gouda - Artisan Cheese Store
Spiced Pear Jam - Jam and Jelly Factory
Spiced Pear Jam - Jams Palace
Spiced Pumpkin Candle - Candle Palace
Spicy Peanuts - Nut Shop
Spill Mat - Bar Supplies Shop
Spinal Board - Ambulance
Spirit Bottle - Bottling Plant
Spit Bowl - Dental Clinic
Splash Block - Gutter Repair Services
Split Pea Soup - Nursing Home
Spray Boom - Ice Rink
Sprayer Gun - Paint Shop
Spring Drain Cleaner - Plumbing Shop
Spring Rolls - Taste of Vietnam
Sprinkler Head Wrench - Irrigation Supplies Shop
Spurs - Rodeo
Square - Hardware Shop
Squash Blossom Nklace - Indian Trading Post
Squeegee Holster - Window Cleaning Services
Stained Glass Window - Windows and Doors Shop
Stamp Magnifying Glass - Hobby Shop
Standard Frame - Framing Shop
Standing Spray - Funeral Home
Staple Gun - Furniture Repair Shop
Stapler - Office Depot
Steak Sauce - Culinary School
Steak TV Dinner - Hospital
Steel Bike Frame - Bike World
Steel Roller - Roof Repair Services
Steering Wheel Cover - Car Repair Shop
Stethoscope Cover - Pediatric Clinic
Stethoscope - Hospital
Stewed Okra - Taste of Cuba
Stick Mask - Theater
Stilts - Circus
Stir Sticks - Paint Shop
Stirrups - Bar Supplies Shop
Stitching Awl - Cobbler Shop
Stoemp with Sausage - Taste of Belgium
Stone Age Knife - Natural History Museum
Store Rack - Mini Mall
Storm Shutter Panel - Disaster Protection Shop
Straw Bag - Straw Market
Straw Horse - Straw Market
Straw - Animal Feed Store
Strawb Herbal Tea Lemonade - Tea House
Strawb Shredded Wheat - Kids Breakfast Club
Strawb-Banana Crepes - Luxury Hotel
Strawberry Donut - Police Station
Strawberry Yogurt - Modern School
Strawberry-Choco Bar - Fair Food Stand, Supermarket
Stroopwafel - Taste of The Netherlands
Studio Stool - Photography Studio
Stuffed Bread - Taste of El Salvador
Stuffed Cabbage Rolls - Taste of Poland
Stuffed Eggplant - Taste of India
Stuffed Eggplant - Taste of Turkey
Stuffed Eggplant - Turkish Restaurant
Stuffed Grape Leaves - Taste of Mediterranea
Stuffed Malaysian Flatbread - Taste of Malaysia
Stuffed Mussels - Taste of Turkey
Stuffed Mussels - Turkish Restaurant
Stuffed Peppers - Taste of Jewish Culture
Stuffed Plantain Cups - Taste of Puerto Rico
Stuffed Potato Causa - Taste of Peru
Suction Cup Grabber - Window Cleaning Services
Suggestion Box - Car Dealer
Sun and Moon Craft - Art Gallery
Sun Wall Decor - Tanning Salon
Sunblock- Contemporary Pharmacy Store
Sunflower Seeds - Snack Machine
Sunflower Wreath - Funeral Home
Sunglasses - Summer Store
Sunhat - Hat Shop
Sunny Panckaes - Food Art Show
Supreme Hamburger - Pub
Supreme Seafood Mix - Cruise Ship
Surf and Turf - Event Catering Services
Surgical Gloves - Hospital
Sushi Combo - Hibachi Japanese Restaurant
Sushi Combo - Taste of Japan
Suspenders and Bow Tie - Cabaret
Suya - Taste of Africa
Sweater - Winter Store
Sweet Beans Cream - Taste of Dominican Republic
Sweet Potato Gnocchi - Taste of New Zealand
Sweet Potato Puree - Baby Store
Swim Fins - Beach Gear Rental
Swing Door - Windows and Doors Shop
Swing - Modern School (wooden)
Swiss Knife - Explorer Shop
Swordfish Succotash - Taste of New England

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Here is a list of products from facilities that are used in Service facilities

Products starting with letter T and U

Table Cover Sign - Signworks Shop
Table Decor - Holiday Shop
Table Lamp - Lamp Shop
Table Top - Party Shop
Table with Stools - Home Depot Store
Tablet Holder - Library
Tack Lifter - Furniture Repair Shop
Tacking Strip - Furniture Repair Shop
Tacos al Pastor - Taste of Mexico
Tahdig Rice Crust - Taste of Iran
Taiwanese Hamburger - Taste of Tiawan
Taiwanese Shaved Snow - Taste of Tiawan
Talcum Powder - Contemporary Pharmacy Store
Tamales - Taste of Latin America
Tambourine - Circus, Music Conservatory
Taming Platform - Circus
Taming Whip - Circus
Tandoori Chicken - Taste of India
Tanning Bed Pillow - Tanning Salon
Tanning Cap - Tanning Salon
Tanning Goggles - Tanning Salon
Tapioca Pudding - Taste of Brazil
Target - Police Station
Tarp - Disaster Protection Shop
Tartiflette - Taste of France
Tea Kettle - Bed and Breakfast, Explorer Shop
Tea Spoon Collection - Tea House
Teddy Bear - Baby Store, Townmart
Teeter Totter - Playground
Teflon Tape - Plumbing Shop
Teriyaki Sauce - Culinary School
Terrazo Tile Set - Tile Outlet
Theater Chair - Theater
Thermometer - Weather Station
Thermostat - Electronics Store
Thimble - Haberdashery Store
Three Hits Mangu - Taste of Dominican Republic
Three Sisiters Stew - Taste of Native America
Throwdown Base Set- Kids Sports Store
Tibs - Taste of Ethiopia
Ticket Booth - Theater
Ticket Dispenser - Supermarket
Tie Set - Bridal Shop, Mini Mall
Tiffany Touch Lamp - Lamp Shop
Tire - Bike World
Toasts with Butter - Bed and Breakfast
Toboggan - Winter Sports Supplies
Toddler Swing - Playground (metal)
Toe Separator - Nail Salon
Toilet Cubicle - Public Restrooms
Toilet Float Ball - Public Restrooms
Toilet Seat Cover - Public Restrooms
Toilet Seat Covers - Airline Terminal
Tom Kha Gai - Taste of Thailand
Tomahawk - Indian Trading Post
Tomato Juice - Modern School
Tomato Soup - Soup Kitchen
Tool Belt - Hardware Shop
Tool Set - Home Depot Store
Tool Shed - Farm Depot
Tooth Paste - Contemporary Pharmacy Store
Tortoise Playpen - Zoo Park
Tourtiere - Taste of Canada
Towel Set - Beach Gear Rental
Traction Motor - Train Depot
Tractor Keychain - Gift Shop
Traffic Barrier - Public Transport Office
Traffic Cone - Public Transport Office
Train Coupler - Train Depot
Train Folding Table - Train Depot
Train Luggage Rack - Train Depot
Train Pneumatic Horns - Train Depot
Train Radiator - Train Depot
Train Wheel - Train Depot
Train - Playground
Training Bib- Kids Sports Store
Training Treats - K9 Training Facility
Trampoline - Playground
Trapper Hat - Winter Store
Travel Ticket - Airline Terminal
Treat Pouch - K9 Training Facility
Treat Reward Container - Seaquarium
Tree Branch Support - Orchard Supplies Shop
Tree Decor - Holiday Shop
Tree Guard - Orchard Supplies Shop
Tree Ornaments - Holiday Shop
Tree Ring - Orchard Supplies Shop
Trial Lens Frame - Eye Clinic
Tribe Mini Drum - Gift Shop
Trilby Hat - Hat Shop
Tripe Soup - Taste Of Romania
Tropical Fruit Cup - Hotel
Trumpet Mute - Jazz Music Band
T-Shirt - Mini Mall
Tube Fridge Condenser - Appliance Service Center
Tuna Sandwich - Modern School
Turkish Pizza - Taste of Turkey
Turkish Pizza - Turkish Restaurant
Twin Towers Decor - Theater
Two Man Saw - Lumberjack Shop
Tzatziki Dip - Taste of Greece

Umbrella Stroller - Baby Store
Umbrella - Travel and Luggage Store
Uncapping Fork - Beekeeping Shop
Underwater Helmet - Seaquarium
Unicycle - Circus
Upholstery Tacks - Furniture Repair Shop
Urn - Funeral Home
Utility Pole - Power Plant

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Here is a list of products from facilities that are used in Service facilities

Products starting with letters V to Z

Vacuum Hose Reel - Farm Town Septic Services
Vacuum Nozzle - FarmTown Janitorial Services
Vanilla Chamomile Mead - Meadery
Vanilla Coffee - Coffee World
Vanilla Extract - Fancy Food Show
Vanilla Frosted Donut - Police Station
Vanilla Ice Cream - Supermarket
Vanilla Jasmine Candle - Candle Palace
Vanity with Mirror - Home Depot Store
Variety Necklace - Handmade Jewelry Stall
Veal a la Llanera - Taste of Colombia
Vegan Bar - Vegan Market
Vegan Burgers - Vegan Market
Vegan Butter - Vegan Market
Vegan Cheese - Vegan Market
Vegan Icecream - Vegan Market
Vegan Instant Food - Vegan Market
Vegan Instant Noodles - Vegan Market
Veggie Mix Puree - Baby Store
Veggie Owl - Food Art Show
Veggie Snack - Explorer Shop
Velvet Rope - Car Dealer
Venezuelan Lasagna - Taste of Venezuela
Vent Pipe Flashing - Roof Repair Services
Vietnamese Crepes - Taste of Vietnam
Viewing Binoculars - Zoo Park
Viking Armour - Movie Studio
Vinaigrette Dressing - Culinary School
Vinyl Plank Set - Tile Outlet
Violin and Bow - Music Conservatory
Violin Case - Classical Music Band
Violin Shoulder Rest - Classical Music Band
Volleyball Net - Beach Gear Rental
Volleyball - Beach Gear Rental

Waffle Cone Set - Fair Food Stand
Waitress Dress - Uniform Outlet
Walking Balance Trainer - Special Needs School
Walking Equipment - Gym
Wall Bars - Gym
Wall Hung Toilet - Public Restrooms
Wall Mirror - Public Restrooms
Wall Sand Bag - Martial Arts School
Wallpaper - Home Depot Store
Walnut Rolls - Taste of Poland
Walnut Snack - Explorer Shop
Warning Lightbar - Ambulance
Washer Drain Pump - Appliance Service Center
Washer Sleeve - Window Cleaning Services
Washer Toss Set - Lawn Games Shop
Watch Hand Remover - Clock Shop
Watch Loupe - Clock Shop
Watch Movement Holder - Clock Shop
Watch Repair Tray - Clock Shop
Water Bottle - Bottling Plant
Water Container - Blacksmith Shop
Water Faucet - Public Restrooms
Water Fed Brush - Window Cleaning Services
Water Filter - Water Plant
Water Meter - Water Plant
Water Pipe - Water Plant
Water Tank - Water Plant
Water Trough - Farmart
Water Valve - Seaquarium
Watercolor Paint Set - Indoor Playground
Watering Can - Home Depot Store
Watermellon Popsicle - Lunch Truck
Watermelon Water - Beach Motel
Waterzooi - Taste of Belgium
Wavemaker - Seaquarium
Weather Balloon - Weather Station
Weather Instrument Shelter - Weather Station
Webbing Stretcher - Furniture Repair Shop
Wedding Arch - Bridal Shop
Wedding Centerpiece - Bridal Shop
Wedding Dress - Bridal Shop
Wedding Napkins - Bridal Shop
Wedding Sparklers - Fireworks Shop
Weed Mats - Orchard Supplies Shop
Weighing Sling - Sheep Show Facility
Weight Belt - Spearfishing Shop
Western Boots - Bar Supplies Shop
Western Cart - Movie Studio
Wet Floor Sign - FarmTown Janitorial Services
Whac-A-mole Mallet - Arcade Game Center
Wheel Brush - Car Wash
Wheel Chair - Hospital
Wheel Rim - Car Repair Shop
Wheelbarrow - Home Depot Store
Wheelchair Accessible Desk - Special Needs School
Wheelchair Accessible Swing - Special Needs School
Wheelchair Ramp - Personal Aid Shop
Whiskey - Dance Club
White Bean Soup - Taste of Greece
White Pizza - Lunch Truck
White Roses Bouquet - Bridal Shop
White Tea Blend - Tea House
Whole Coffee Beans - Hotel
Wiener Schnitzel - Taste of Austria
Wig - Theater
Wild Berry Herbal Tea - Tea House
Wild Rice Soup - Taste of Midwest America
Wind Chime - Art Gallery
Wind Vane - Farmart
Windscreen Squeegee - Car Wash
Windshield Wipers - Car Repair Shop
Windshield - Car Repair Shop
Wine Bottle - Bottling Plant
Wine Cabinet - Shelf Gennie
Wine Cooler Door - Appliance Service Center
Wine Opener - Bar Supplies Shop
Winter Earmuffs - Winter Store
Winter Gloves - Winter Store
Winter Hat - Winter Store
Winter Socks - Winter Store
Winter Underwear - Winter Store
Wire Stripper - Electrician Shop
Wojapi - Taste of Native America
Woman Straw Hat - Straw Market
Womans Fringe Jacket - Bar Supplies Shop
Womans Wallet - Bar Supplies Shop
Women Bracelet - Handmade Jewelry Stall
Wooden Dummy - Martial Arts School
Wooden Lamp - Lamp Shop
Wood-Stone Fence - Fencing Store
World Globe - Modern School
Writer Trophy - Trophy Shop
Writing Bird - Personal Aid Shop
Wye Valve - Fire Station

Yakitori - Taste of Japan
Yarn Pompoms - Craft Store
Yellow Food Color - Fancy Food Show
Yellow Lilies Bouquet - Funeral Home
Yellow Mustard - Culinary School
Yellow Rice - Taste of Cuba
Yellowtail Sushi - Event Catering Services
Yin Yang Sign - Martial Arts School
Yoga Block - Gym
Yogurt Cup - Bottling Plant
Yuca w/ Pork Belly - Taste of El Salvador
Yuca with Mojo - Taste of Cuba

Zaalouk Salad- Taste of Morocco
Zen Garden - Buddha Shop
Zipper - Haberdashery Store
Zori Sandals - Straw Market

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The following products currently have no use in facilities and can be sold at the market - (facility produced in)

Products A to K

Acai Juice - (Healthy Juice Stand)
Apple Pie A La Mode - (Ice Cream Shop)
Avocado BLT Sandwich - (Deli)

Bacon Stuffed Pork Chops - (Gourmet Restaurant)
Baked Tilapia - (Seafood Restaurant)
Ballet shoes - (Shoe Factory)
Banana Blended Shake - (Tropical Shakes Stand)
Banana Nut Bread - (Bread Factory)
Banana Split - (Dinner Restaurant)
Basil Oil - (Natural Remedy Shop)
Beans and Ham - (Grandmas Country Kitchen)
Beef Brisket And Slaw - (BBQ Restaurant)
Bellini - (Pool Bar)
Belly Buster Juice - (Healthy Juice Stand)
Blueberry Pancakes - (House of Pancakes)
Boots - (Knitting and Knotting Mill)
Bourbon Highball - (Pool Bar)
Bread Pudding - (Grandmas Country Kitchen)
Breeze Rainbow - (Shaved Ice Cart)
Buckwheat Pancakes - (House of Pancakes)
Butter Pie - (British Pie Shop)

Capital Stocks - (Bank)
Caribbean Lemonade - (Fair Food Building)
Carp Sushi - (Sushi Restaurant)
Catfish Cakes - (Fish and Chips)
CD Account - (Bank)
Checking Account - (Bank)
Cheese French Fries - (Dinner Restaurant)
Cherry Snowcone - (Shaved Ice Cart)
Chess - (Board Games Factory)
Chest - (Furniture Factory)
Chicken and Dumplings - (Grandmas Country Kitchen)
Chicken And Sweet Pot - (BBQ Restaurant)
Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo - (Pasta Restaurant)
Chicken Fried Steak - (Grandmas Country Kitchen)
Chicken Kebab - (Fair Food Building)
Chicken Mushrooms Pie - (British Pie Shop)
Chicken Wings - (Dinner Restaurant)
Choco Covered Banana - (Fair Food Building)
Chocolate Mint Shake - (Ice Cream Shop)
Chocolate Mousse - (Vegetarian Restaurant)
Chocolate Pancakes - (House of Pancakes)
Cinnamon Raisin Bread - (Bread Factory)
Club Sandwich - (Deli)
Coconut Shake - (Tropical Shakes Stand)
Cola Float - (Ice Cream Shop)
Copper Sauce Pot - (Cookware Factory)
Corporate Bonds - (Bank)
Cosmopolitan - (Beach Bar)
Cotton Candy - (Fair Food Building)
Crispy Rice - (Cereal Factory)
Cuba Libre - (Beach Bar)
Cupcake Pancakes - (House of Pancakes)

Deodorant - (Personal Care Goods Factory)
Dirty Martini - (Beach Bar)
Doctor Detox Juice - (Healthy Juice Stand)
Dried Figs - (Drying Facility)
Dried Mushrooms - (Drying Facility)
Dried Pears - (Drying Facility)

Egg Carton - (Printing - Packaging Factory)
Egg Salad - (Deli)
Eggplant Parmesan - (Pasta Restaurant)
Elephant Ear w/Apples - (Fair Food Building)

FarmTown T-Shirt - (Printing - Packaging Factory)
Fatigue Fighter Juice - (Healthy Juice Stand)
Flower Cutter - (Gardening Tools Factory)
Four Berry Parfait - (Dessert Factory)
Fried Green Tomatoes - (Grandmas Country Kitchen)
Fried Pork Chop - (Grandmas Country Kitchen)
Frozen Mango Pulp - (Frozen Food Factory)
Frozen Pasta - (Frozen Food Factory)
Fruit Gelatin - (Dessert Factory)
Fruit Picker - (Farming Tools Factory)

Garden Shovel - (Gardening Tools Factory)
Ginger Reboot Juice - (Healthy Juice Stand)
Ginseng Roots - (Natural Remedy Shop)
Government Bonds - (Bank)
Grain Nuts Pancakes - (House of Pancakes)
Grapefruit Juice - (Healthy Juice Stand)
Grilled Mahi Mahi - (Seafood Restaurant)
Grilled Swordfish - (Seafood Restaurant)

Guacamole - (Taco Restaurant)
Guava Shake - (Tropical Shakes Stand)

Hay Net - (Knitting and Knotting Mill)
Heart Beet Juice - (Healthy Juice Stand)
Honeydew Blend Shake - (Tropical Shakes Stand)*
Horse Rug - (Sewing Mill)
Hot Fudge Sundae - (Ice Cream Shop)
Hula Rainbow - (Shaved Ice Cart)
Hyacinth Marigold Pot - (Flower Shop)

Incense Sticks - (Air Fresheners Factory)
Instant Coffee - (Instant Food Factory)

Jewelry Box - (Jewelry Factory)
John Collins - (Beach Bar)

Kale Me Juice - (Healthy Juice Stand)
Kneeling Pad - (Gardening Tools Factory)

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The following products currently have no use in facilities and can be sold at the market - (facility produced in)

Products L to Z

Lace Dress - (Knitting and Knotting Mill)
Lamb Gyros - (Fair Food Building)
Lava Rainbow - (Shaved Ice Cart)
Lemon Blueberry Bread - (Bread Factory)
Lemon Lime Gelatin - (Dessert Factory)
Lobster Soup - (Soup Restaurant)
Long Island Iced Tea - (Beach Bar)

Mamey Shake - (Tropical Shakes Stand)
Mancala - (Board Games Factory)
Mango Blended Shake - (Tropical Shakes Stand)
Margarita - (Beach Bar)

Mimosa - (Beach Bar)
Minced Beef Pie - (British Pie Shop)
Money Market Account - (Bank)
Municipal Bonds - (Bank)

Oat Milk - (Plant Milk Factory)
Oyster Shooters - (Seafood Restaurant)

Panna Cotta Shot - (Dessert Factory)
Papaya Shake - (Tropical Shakes Stand)
Paradise Poppy Pot - (Flower Shop)
Pastrami on Rye - (Deli)
Peach Pancakes - (House of Pancakes)
Peanut Butter And J Sandwich - (Sandwich Restaurant)
Peanut Milk - (Plant Milk Factory)
Pistachio Pudding - (Dessert Factory)
Pitch Fork - (Farming Tools Factory)

Pomegranate Juice Pdr - (Instant Food Factory)
Pork Pie - (British Pie Shop)
Pumpkin Bread - (Bread Factory)

Quiche Pie -(British Pie Shop)

Ratatouille - (Vegetarian Restaurant)
Reed Diffuser - (Air Fresheners Factory)
Reuben Sandwich - (Deli)
Rice Milk - (Plant Milk Factory)
Roast Beef Sandwich - (Deli)
Rockin Rainbow - (Shaved Ice Cart)
Rosemary Focaccia Bread - (Bread Factory)
Royal Jelly - (Bee Farm)
Rubbed Sage - (Natural Remedy Shop)

Salami Omelette - (Deli)
Salmon Wellington - (British Pie Shop)
Sangria - (Pool Bar)
Savings Account - (Bank)
Scalpel - (Medical Supplies Factory)
Scarf - (Knitting and Knotting Mill)
Scotch Pie - (British Pie Shop)
Scythe - (Farming Tools Factory)
Seafood Gumbo - (Grandmas Country Kitchen)
Seafood Mix - (Seafood Restaurant)
Seafood Seasoning - (Spice Factory)
Seared Scallops N Slaw - (Fish and Chips)
Sex On the Beach - (Pool Bar)
Shampoo - (Personal Care Goods Factory)
Shrimp And Chips - (Fish and Chips)
Shuttlecock - (Sports Accessories Factory)
Silver Cutlery Set - (Cookware Factory)
Skateboard - (Toy Factory)
Snow Cap - (Knitting and Knotting Mill)
Soda Bread - (Bread Factory)
Somloi Galuska - (Hungarian Restaurant)
Sour Rainbow - (Shaved Ice Cart)
Sourdough Bread - (Bread Factory)
Spiced Pancakes - (House of Pancakes)
Steak and Ale Pie - (British Pie Shop)
Strawb Banana Pancakes - (House of Pancakes)
Strawb Shredded Wheat - (Cereal Factory)
Strawberry Snowcone - (Shaved Ice Cart)
Sunflower Seed Milk - (Plant Milk Factory)*
Super Blended Shake - (Tropical Shakes Stand)
Supreme Pizza - (Pizza Restaurant)
Swimming Goggles - (Sports Accessories Factory)

Tequila Sunrise - (Beach Bar)
Tiramisu - (Dessert Factory)
Tropical Rainbow - (Shaved Ice Cart)
Tuna Salad - (Deli)
Turnip and Greens - (Grandmas Country Kitchen)
TV Cabinet - (Furniture Factory)
Two Fruit Gelatin - (Dessert Factory)

Watch - (Jewelry Factory)
Wool Hat - (Sewing Mill)
Wool Shears - (Animal Accessories Factory)

Zucchini Bread - (Bread Factory)
Zucchini Wrap Grouper - (Seafood Restaurant)

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