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Old Jun 14 2017, 03:57 PM
DeniseDJ DeniseDJ is offline
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Smile best cash value

I have limited real money to spend on the game. I have struggled with how to get the most for the limited money I have. Years ago I managed to get one train with ten cars. I decided to get the second train with ten cars. Good decision It makes working the neighbors facilities soooo much easier.

If you can't spend much how do you spend on Farm Town? If you spend as much as you like I am envious!
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Old Nov 12 2017, 09:26 AM
alyceclover alyceclover is offline
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I like Ships better than train cars.

My mistake was not getting the turbo tools ~ I truly did not know how to use Facility Manager ~ those tools make it so much easier to load/cash out referrals facilities.

Various harvesting tools also help. It depends upon what you have ~ I stopped upgrading the fishing boat because I do not have layered ponds, etc. I will upgrade flower harvester when I have more spare change.

The way I decided what to buy was only buy cash facilities that produced stuff I needed to fill referral facilities. Still a long way to go on that. Alternately would buy a cash referral building if I already had lots of product to fill it (rather than sell excess stuff at Market.)

Hope that helps or someone else gives better advice.
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Old Nov 12 2017, 09:50 PM
Eradani Eradani is offline
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the turbo tools for the facilities are a blessing. i have them on my main farm. on my other farm i'm buying the 2 Forklifts for Store ALL, the Armored Truck for Cash Out ALL, and the 2 tools for loading service facilities (Express Checkout and Manual Lift) and their turbos for the Load ALL button. that's 3/4 of the top button in the facility manager and far less carpal tunnel bother

oh, and the Loader for some of the regular facilities because it does all those mines and oil pumps i have on every farm.

then you need an Oil refinery to run all those things.
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