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Old Apr 30 2010, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by christophercilley View Post
Professor, I have a neighbor who lives in Weavind Park, South Africa, and in our conversations she told me that the language there is a mix of German, Dutch, and English! LOL
Got to be a interesting place to live! LOL
South Africa I guess one of their official language there is Afrikaans derived from Dutch. since those tow(dutch and afrikaans) are mutually tangible, uw may hear them speaking like dutch. hehehe.

I also notice if I change the language option in facebook, then I opened FT, for example.. Espanol(Lat.America) all of the people (esp in marketplace) came from latin america if I change the language to espanol(españa)people on the marketplace came mostly in spain or neighboring spanish speaking people in europe. I haven't tested any language.. just curious.. what about inverted english? do people also in FT(marketplace) speak inverted english? just wondering.. hahaha!!
Old Sep 06 2010, 05:59 PM
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my game has changed to spanish and i cant get it back to English again can anyone help me

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