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Start with the Stickies

Stickies are the threads that you will find on the 1st page located at the top of each forum with the prefix "Sticky:" and are updated by the moderators with information from the developers as issues and solutions occur. A "sticky" thread will always remain at the top of the list of threads in that section. A good place to start when looking for information on the forum, is with the links listed below.

This forum is made up of six main sections and their sub sections. Each section is listed as a link, clicking on the link will take you to that section of the forum. Then each section has sub sections, clicking those links will take you to the threads in that section.
New Forum Users - New Forum Users Start please start here. It has information on how to register on the forum, how to use the forum, and a few basic troubleshooting tips and the Game Guide where you can find out a lot of information about the game.
Troubleshooting - This where you will find common issues users may have like enabling flash player, finding your posts on the forum, getting your farm link, changes Facebook may make that may affect the game and is where any known issues are posted about the game.
Help and Support - This section is divided into two. One is where you go to post if you need help with the game. The other is where all the New Release Announcements are posted by the developers.
Feedback and Suggestions This where you can post feedback for Farm Town and make suggestions for the game.
Social Forums - This is where you can chat about the game and perhaps ask advice from other members. It has a thread where you can post to request friends and neighbours for the game and list your co-operative quests if you are doing them to help others.

Languages - This is where the the other forums are for other languages

How to Search the forum:

There are several ways to search the forum. you can do a general search of the forum:


To do a quick search, click on "search", located at the top of the forum, type in a few key words into the search box and choose “show threads” or “show posts” and click "Go".

Please note: If you find a subject that is part of what you searched for, but get an error message and can't see it, that is an archived post or thread and is old information. Please move on down your search list to try a different item.

Advanced Search

To filter even more use the advanced search option. This can be found by clicking on search and then clicking on the blue "Advanced Search" link from the drop down menu. Here you have several more options. You can search by keywords in the title only or in the entire thread, search by user name, search posts by date, filter by which sections you want to search. You can choose how you want your results sorted and if you want the results shown as threads or individual posts.

However, if you go to the main section you want, for example clicking on the Game Guide or Help and Support links listed at the top of this post, there are some more search tools you can use:

The "Search this Forum" Tool

Once you have located the section that most pertains to what you are searching for, click "Search This Forum", located at the top right hand side. Searching through individual sections will increase the efficiency of your search rather than searching through the entire forum.

The "Search this Thread" Tool

Now that you have the thread you want, you can go one step further and search within that thread for specific posts. Located at the top right hand corner of every thread you will see "Search this Thread".

Finding Your Own Posts or Threads
Many times you are looking for your own post to see if there is an answer to your query. To do this click your username at the top right of the page, choose "statistics" then "Find all posts by ....." or "Find all threads started by..."

The "Subscribe To Threads" Tool

When a new forum user has registered with the forum it is set that you will automatically be subscribed to every thread you post in. Meaning, you are notified by email every time someone responds to a thread you have posted in.
To change this default setting go to "User CP", top left, scroll down the list on the left to "Settings and Options", click on "Edit Options" and scroll down to the "Default Thread Subscription Mode" box. From the drop down menu within that box choose "do not subscribe" to stop the subscribing, "no email notification", to still subscribe but not be emailed or choose how often you would like to be emailed. Then at the very bottom of the page click "Save Changes". To view all threads that you have subscribed to go to "User CP" and then "List Subscriptions".

The default setting Once this has been changed you can manually subscribe to individual threads that you have posted in or are just interested in following. At the top left of every thread you will see "Thread Tools". Click on that, from the drop down menu click on "Subscribe to this Thread". From there you will have the option on how you would like to be notified. Click the "Add Subscription" button.

To cancel these subscriptions go to "User CP", top left, scroll down the list on the left to "List Subscriptions" on the far right above all your subscribed threads, check mark the box beside "Notification" to remove all threads or just the box beside a specific thread to remove the one and then scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Delete Subscription" from the drop down menu. Click the "Go" button.

Helpful Search Hints, Tips and Advice

Any words less than 4 letters will be ignored by the search engine. Include "wildcards" or "stemming" in your search (searching "facili*" will include facility facilities etc) Using specific words related to your topic will yield the best results. Describe what you need with as few terms as possible. Try using different words with identical or very similar meanings. Make the search function into your new best friend because it is an invaluable tool that will enhance your forum experience!

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