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Old Sep 19 2009, 03:17 PM
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Default September 19th Release

Hi All,

Last last night we deployed a new version of FarmTown. These are some of the changes included:
  • Greatly improved the crop/tree/item selection logic. We completly revamped this code, and it should be now close to pixel perfect. This was a big change, if you notice anything amiss, please report it.
  • When harvesting at your farm, added an option to remember your decision (Harvest and Sell vs. Harvest and Storage) for the rest of the session.
  • Changed the item/field highlight from a very light yellow to a stronger yellow, this makes highlighted items visiible even when zoomed out.
  • The game now defaults to 'Do not follow avatar'. You can still change the brhavior back in the 'Preferences' toolbox.
  • Improved the map scrolling when using the mouse (map drag and drop). In the previous versions the item menus could get in the way sometimes.
  • Minor change: Popup Menu position optimized based on mouse position.
  • Fixed issue where in some cases, after planting a large farm, some of the last fields would appear as not planted, or appear with a harvested field on top. We are still monitoring this issue.
  • Improved server failover. Now when the server you are connected fails, there is an instant failover that finds another healthy server. This should reduce the page reloads (Xlink errors, etc). We still have some ways to go here, but this should reduce these errors.

On a separate note, next Monday we will issuing the FarmCash credit I mentioned in a previous thread. This credit will be given to users who were playing FarmTown prior to the release of FarmCash and it will be calculated based on their current level.


[Quick Updates]
More land: We've implemented some features in this direction, but we are still assessing the impact of the increased load on our servers and infrastructure. It wouldn't do much good to launch all these features, and then have all our servers crash..

More Levels: We are still working on these. We wanted to tackle first the list of user experience improvements, bugs and glitches.
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