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Old Jan 19 2020, 04:21 PM
jillybbb jillybbb is offline
Join Date: Mar 01 2010
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Default Need to buy Leather Longhorn Craft

Ques:t :Load 20 x Leather Longhorn Craft in a service facility Expires in 1.3 days

Art Galllery

Load Leather Longhorn Craft

Buy Leather Longhorn Craft

Leather Roll


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Old Jan 19 2020, 05:22 PM
MaryinVA MaryinVA is offline
Join Date: May 31 2009
Posts: 29

Expires in 1.5 hrs. Load Evaporator Coil: copper ore, aluminum ore, copper sheet, aluminum sheet, evaporator coil.

Produce Fried Eggs Breakfast: wheat, flour, bread, potatoes, ham, hen eggs.

Load Sign Board: walnuts, soybean, arabic gum, cedar log pile, pine log pile, black ink, plywood sheet, pine lumber pile, sign board.

Produce Price Tag Rolls: blueberries, bets, sunflowers, soybean, pile log pile, blue ink, red ink, yellow ink, paper roll.

Load Hard Candy Jar: sugarcane, sugar, lemons, oranges, strawberries, hard candy jar.

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Old Jan 19 2020, 06:05 PM
nascaholic nascaholic is offline
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Join Date: Oct 31 2014
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Produce Bleachers
4.4 Days
aluminum sheet, aluminum ore.

Produce Fire Mead
3 Hrs: No End Facility
honey jar, oranges, clove, pepper, black tea bag, yeast, tea.

Produce Tortoise Playpen
1.1 Days:
pine lumber pile, aluminum sheet, pine log pile, aluminum ore.

Produce Signal Mirror
3.4 Days:
mirror glass sheet, flat glass sheet, aluminum sheet, quartz rock, soda crystals, aluminum ore.

Produce Hook Set
4 Days:
stainless steel; sheet, iron ore, chromite ore.


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Old Jan 19 2020, 06:17 PM
BabsLeb BabsLeb is offline
Join Date: Nov 16 2010
Posts: 5

Produce Network Cable, 1.6 days: crude oil barrel, blueberries, soybean, petrochemical barrel, copper ore, turpentine, latex, blue ink, plastic granules, copper sheet, rubber sheet.

Load Cola, 2 days: sugarcane, coffee, cinnamon log pile, sugar, caffeine, cinnamon bundle, vanilla, carbonated water, cola.

Load Egg Rolls, 3 days: olives, wheat, olive oil, meat, cabbage, hen eggs, flour, egg rolls.

Load Porthole, 4.3 days: crude oil barrel, petrochemical barrel, walnuts, soybean, quartz rock, soda crystals, copper ore, black ink, plastic granules, flat glass sheet, copper sheet, porthole.

Load Marine Stretcher, 4.9 days: blueberries, soybean, cotton, aluminum ore, blue ink, canvas textile roll, aluminum sheet, marine stretcher.

Happy shopping!

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Old Jan 19 2020, 06:20 PM
dnreynolds dnreynolds is offline
Join Date: Jul 27 2016
Location: Gettysburg, PA
Posts: 26

CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY COFFEE: cocoas, coffee, raspberries, chocolate liquor, ground coffee, chocolate raspberry coffee

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Old Yesterday, 04:15 AM
g-reg2's Avatar
g-reg2 g-reg2 is offline
Join Date: May 12 2013
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new quests coming soon

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Old Yesterday, 05:03 PM
Cathalina Cathalina is offline
Join Date: Apr 29 2015
Location: Central Coast, California
Posts: 10

Please let me know if you find something you can use as I may need it too! Also let me know if I'm out of something and I'll restock. Items in red are things I'm searching for. Thanks

PLATE LUNCH: 5.7 days
Rice / Macaroni Salad / Pork / Hen Eggs / Bread / Olive Oil / Macaroni / Mayonnaise / Onions / Carrot / Celery / Flour / Olives / Apple Cider Vinegar / Mustard Seeds / Wheat / Cider Barrel / Mustard / Apples
in production

Mussel Container / RIce / Onions / Pine Nuts / Allspice / Cinnamon Bundle / Lemons / Pine Cones / Pimento Berries / Cinnamon Log Pile


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Old Yesterday, 10:00 PM
LizaLee LizaLee is offline
Join Date: May 21 2010
Posts: 36

Canndied Yams --- white grapes, cinnamon logs, white wine barrel, cow milk, sugarcane, brandy, ginger, cinnamon bundle, oranges, butter, sugar, sweet potatoes, candied yams. 5.5 days

Hokkien Mee --- wheat, corn, soybeans, eggs, flour, cabbage, soy sauce, corn starch, shrimp container, garlic, pork, egg noodles. 20.9 hours NO FINAL FACILITY

Birdhouse Trap --- carrots, pine logs, chromite ore, iron ore, orange pigment, stainless steel sheet, pine lumber. 21.9 hours days NO FINAL FACILITY

Bacon Wrapped Trout --- oak logs, salt, pork, rosemary, trout, bacon, bacon wrapped trout. 1.9days NO FINAL FACILITY

Belly-Buster Juice --- spinach, cucumber, bell pepper, carrots. 3.5 days

Usually have enough for others to get ingredients needed from my quest. Please let me know if you get anything as I may still need the same item. Thank you.
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Old Today, 05:16 AM
Hayseed C Hayseed C is offline
Join Date: Sep 04 2009
Location: UK
Posts: 31

Knife Set - stainless sheet, plastic granules, black pigment, pine lumber pile, iron ore, chromite ore, petrochemical barrel, walnuts, pine log pile, crude oil barrel ((ends soon))

Folding hand fan - bamboo log pile, silk textile roll, linen yarn, yellow ink, red ink, black ink, silk worms, flax, soybean, sunflowers, beets, walnuts

White Pizza - goat milk, wheat, basil, garlic, goat cheese, flour

Tom kha gai - coconut milk, chicken, mushrooms, lemongrass, lemons, coriander, coconuts

If you buy anything please leave a note on my farm as I might need the same

If I've run out of something let me know and I'll try to re-stock
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co-op ingredients

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