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Old Oct 12 2018, 04:20 PM
Tink1954 Tink1954 is offline
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Just a suggestion... Hi there is there any way the fuel set up could be changed? It really is hard when you run out, can only refill once a day especially on a big job? Why cant it be automatically filled as long as you have fuel in storage? just throwing it out there?
thank guys
by the way..fantastic job you all are doing with the game!
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Old Oct 18 2018, 07:57 AM
mhope23 mhope23 is offline
Join Date: Jun 20 2009
Location: Idaho USA
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First of all, I have to say I love the new Purple hand. But we are never satisfied Ha Ha, It would be great if we could use it along with the multi planter and transplanter. Or if that is too hard. Sell us a ground cover that does the same thing as the dirt path. Paying a one time 10 FC would not be a problem, I did it for the grid if I remember correctly. THNX for all your hard work.
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Old Oct 18 2018, 08:09 AM
mhope23 mhope23 is offline
Join Date: Jun 20 2009
Location: Idaho USA
Posts: 42

My other idea has been mentioned before, but I thought I might explain why I want it. I have 3 quest farms with a 5 X5 checkerboard of many different crops just waiting to be needed for a quest and I harvest no more than three of these patches for a quest a day. Now my SN comes along later and harvest and replants the crops that are soon going to waste. If I have irrigated she can't. So I don't and she may not get there until after my planting has already wasted. You see what I mean. If we could include irrigating with the planting then only what is planted at that time is irrigated but still let us keep the full farm tool to irrigate the entire farm as needed. So either a new tool that comes in different sizes for all the different size plots and or a new set of tools that adds irrigation to the planter and or combine. several ways for you to make money here Ka-Ching.
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Old Oct 18 2018, 05:24 PM
lburn11's Avatar
lburn11 lburn11 is offline
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I have an open pit mine on all 37 farms and I still can't produce enough clay blocks to produce the items required for my facilities. It needs to be increased substantially, like 100% or more.
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Old Today, 06:54 AM
Dana1971 Dana1971 is offline
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Default FT Request Wall

I love that it turns pink when you've worked someone, but we need a "Like" on it so people know we worked them. I am leaving notes on everyone's farms and they don't like the notes. Is there a way to block the notes without blocking the person????
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Old Today, 08:37 AM
deehallam deehallam is offline
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When watering flowers, the game hangs a long time. My request is for a tool that moves water in bulk, so when we enlarge our farms, the waters along the edges won't need be moved one at a time.
Also, when receiving animals in gift box, we now have to unload them one at a time, then add to storage. The game use to allow us to add the animals to storage even if our animal houses are full.
Thanks for the updates and all the help!
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