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Old Dec 15 2018, 02:37 AM
bogelmill bogelmill is offline
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i can't count how many times i have been hired to work multiple farms from one farmer...lets say 20 farms and have had no work on half of them...whether because the person they hired didnt finish or they were too lazy to see which farms needed to be worked and therefore just clicked "all" and waste my time going farm to farm...because unfortunately for me i won't leave a job unfinished so i click on every farm.i myself look at everyone of my farms that need to be worked and then hire accordingly.what i am asking is if there could be a way that when we get hired and if there is nothing to do on that particular farm...could that farm number be black or red or any color then brown or green...therefore letting us know not to even bother...because i tell you nothing is more fustrating than loading up a farm with a ton of stuff on it and it taking a minute to load and then seeing nothing is to be done
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Old Jan 04 2019, 09:59 AM
beatlesgirl beatlesgirl is offline
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When hired to do a farm, the crops should be the last thing completed.
Too many times I've hired someone to do all jobs on a farm and many many times the crops will get done but they'll leave the trees/fishing etc. Of course they don't receive the bonus when they do this but it's still aggravating that they grab the crops and leave the rest.
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Old Yesterday, 09:32 AM
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Default Ready to work color red and new blue flowers

Could you change the color from red to say light green for when people want to work? Like "green" for go, meaning work available. I have had so many ppl complain to me that they can't read names in the red color that we now have for ppl to work on other farms.

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