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Old Jul 16 2020, 02:45 PM
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Select All 50 friends showing in any filtered freinds list with one click.

Option to hide the seasonal and decorative gifts so it keeps the contest runners happy and those that are sick of the sight of them happy.

Show gifts by specific type: trees and flowers, products, animals, decor and seasonal.

Once a month change a couple of the products out for different ones.

Move the Ribbon trees and more of the store flowers to the store and give us some different decorative trees or flowers or decorations to replace those or more other products.
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Old Jul 17 2020, 11:17 AM
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Default Old

Could we get some new gifts? And stay current? Father's Day is still up, no holiday ones were offered. Some fresh new gifts would be nice. Or just different ones for sure that are more helpfuL?
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Old Jul 17 2020, 03:41 PM
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Could we do away with seasonal gift items and just put them in the store? Then replace those items with Yeast and other useable items as gifts.
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Old Jul 22 2020, 07:26 PM
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Can you please add Ostrich Feathers to the gift page. Keep up the good work.
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Old Aug 10 2020, 11:31 AM
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Default Suggestions for gifting screens

Hello, Just a thought for next upgrade, a button to click all within the Farm Friends tab and as we are restricted to 25 friends at a "send", go back to the gifting screen rather than resetting to start game. As you have already modified the gifting to have a tab to play, it will save time and memory to return to the gifting screen after sending gifts.
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Old Aug 15 2020, 02:25 PM
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up the freshwater and Seawater bait from 400 to 1000. Takes a lot.

Visit 's Farm

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Old Sep 18 2020, 08:31 AM
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Default Get rid of trees and flowers as gifts

Move all trees and flowers to the store. At the very least if you have no intentions of taking them out of gift options move them to the bottom of the list and keep the harvest items such as tomatoes, potatoes, blueberries, sunflowers, and such at the top. Scrolling down is repetitive.

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Old Nov 01 2020, 03:13 PM
luisvolky luisvolky is offline
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Pleases allow us to send us a gift everyday for people we want then to get our request to be our neighbour to be.

Last edited by Taz D; Nov 01 2020 at 06:43 PM. Reason: Removed suggestion about gift sites
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