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Old Oct 30 2013, 07:03 AM
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Default Gifts on the gift page/gifting

Hello Everyone, the Developers would like to thank everyone for the suggestions in the past , they have made a note of all the current requests and have asked us to reset all the top posts and start afresh. All previous requests have been archived.

Please continue to post NEW suggestions.

In another effort to streamline these threads and to make all members feel comfortable with posting suggestions, comments or replying to suggestions is not allowed and will be removed.

Please use this thread for ideas for the gift page. These would be items that are already a part of the game you would like to see on the gift page. Remember if you have an idea for a new item place it in the appropriate thread.
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Old Jun 02 2020, 05:12 AM
clarecheetham clarecheetham is offline
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Can you please put more vegetables and herbs on the gift page. Its dreadful when you get a guest and you ask for a lifeline and you get gift as so few items are available to be gifted
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Old Jun 02 2020, 11:27 PM
rodkay1@bigpond.com rodkay1@bigpond.com is offline
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Would be great if people who buy the gifting machines could have a one click button per page to send to people. I bought them thinking that that would happen but I still have to click on every single person so a one click per page would be worth it. I should have asked people first as after purchasing I was told it didn't save time but allowed you to get more goods etc. Time saving was what I was after. So far the new tools have been fantastic as they save people time so hope that the gifting is next in line....thank you
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Old Jun 07 2020, 09:33 PM
chucke.catz chucke.catz is offline
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Please can you rotate the ingredients/animals that are gift-able. From a coding point of view it's not difficult. It would make gifting interesting instead of something that long term players avoid.
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Old Jun 11 2020, 09:18 AM
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Hi it would be great if you can send gifts to 50 players at a time instead of to click on each and everyone. It takes to much time to send gifts. Please can you change that.
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Old Jun 12 2020, 07:37 PM
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Default More semi gifts, bee farms, fish farms

Could we get honey jars, beeswax, crawfish containers, shrimp containers, leather rolls, yeast, baking soda and the others in the mines and semi's, bee farms, fish farms as gifts? We sure could use more of these items since all of our facilities lack these items.
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Old Jun 14 2020, 05:35 PM
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Add a Surprise Gift to the gift page. You can't exchange it for something else but you can exchange something else for it. And who knows what you'll get?
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Old Jun 20 2020, 07:45 AM
rodkay1@bigpond.com rodkay1@bigpond.com is offline
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A lot of my farmer friends say it is too hard to catch up and so have given the game away. May I suggest that we can gift them either coin to enlarge their farms or send them coin facilities. I am sure this would give them incentive to stay with the game. Thank you

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Old Jul 03 2020, 03:01 AM
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Please, please, please make all of the gift trees also available for purchase in the store. Please! All, but one, of the gift flowers can be purchase, why not the trees? Please.

Thank you!
GiGi's Front Porch
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Old Jul 08 2020, 08:52 AM
Santmyer Santmyer is offline
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Default Gladiolus

Gladiolus need to be added to all flowers available to be purchased through the store

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